Best Wedding Bouquet Holder for Artificial Flowers

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1. Seek4comfortable Bouquet Collar Wedding Decoration

Seek4comfortable Bouquet Collar Wedding Decoration

Are you looking for the perfect floral foam base or floral supplies? It can match any bouquet of flowers. floral foam can be used to create stunning centerpiece, bouquets, topiaries and more. This water absorbent foam acts as a support to hold the flowers in place and as aPreservative to prolong the life of the flowers. They are made of high quality plastic and cloth. The lace diameter is 9.05 in. White is the color. There is a decoration. The lace flower looks good and holds your arrangement. The meaning of happiness is that lace flowers looks more succinct and good lookin. The package includes a lace bouquet holder, which you can use at the wedding.

Brand: Seek4comfortable

👤I bought them for my daughter's wedding. I recommend these because they are beautiful.

👤Not what I was expecting. I thought it came with the handle when I read the description. Without the handle it's useless for me.

👤My April unity celebration was where I made my bouquets. I will update my review with pictures if possible.

👤I liked the bouquet. The bottom lace was not as long as the top lace. The bouquets held up well. If I need more, I would buy them again.

👤I made my own wedding bouquet. I wore 2 collars.

👤I loved the lace. I made some bouquets for the first time and they were great. I had to iron them to get them more sturdy for the bouquet.

2. Hawesome Artificial Arrangement Decoration Centerpieces

Hawesome Artificial Arrangement Decoration Centerpieces

This item is made of plastic. Are you looking for the perfect floral foam base or floral supplies? You will find what you need in their large selection. It can match any bouquet of flowers. floral foam can be used to create stunning centerpiece, bouquets, topiaries and more. This water absorbent foam acts as a support to hold the flowers in place and as aPreservative to prolong the life of the flowers. The material is silk fabric. The look of fresh roses is given by advanced technology. 3 Bunches come in a pack. There are 9 flower buds in each bunch. The length is 15.4 inches. The bud is 2 inch. You could mix the bouquets with other roses which are fully opened. The flowers can last a long time. If you love flowers in the house, but don't want to replace them, then you should not. These will be the best choice. The stem has a thin wire inside. You can bend, cut, or pull out different displays. It's perfect for Christmas Decoraiton,Birthday party,Wedding Baby shower, and any occasion.

Brand: Hawesome

👤I decided to purchase this product even though it had mixed reviews. The color is nice and the product would have been exactly what I needed, but they are crammed into a much to small package and completely smashed, making them useless. I tried rolling the flowers in my hands to get them straight and left them out for a few days to see if they puffed back up. But not true. I had to return to get something usable. The product had a strong smell.

👤The roses were wrinkled and smashed. I couldn't get the rose buds back on when I pulled out the bag. They tried to steam them, but nothing helped.

👤We have to return all of the packages we bought for the wedding. The packaging was terrible. Three bunches of flowers were smashed into a small bag and completely useless. There is a piece of foam in the middle that won't come out of the ground. We gave a 2 star because the colors were nice and the size we wanted, but we just can't use them like this. The reviews seem to indicate that packaging is a problem. How can a company survive like this? Will return for a refund. So disappointed!

👤The flowers were bent in half to fit in the bag. The flowers were falling off the stem because they were supposed to go where they were supposed to go.

👤They don't look like they are realistic in the advertising image. The package was not good as it was folded and half. I was not expecting it to be packaged that way.

👤The roses arrived on time. There is a They are still flat from the packaging. I put them in a vase hoping they would look better and fluff up, but nothing happened. They have the potential to be pretty, but they are not.

👤The flowers are pretty. We made up our daughter's wedding bouquet with all three bunches. It looked very real after we added some other dried flowers. She had a small intimate wedding with real flowers, but we got these for the bigger reception so she could have flowers in her wedding pictures with her bridal party. They were perfect! We could have saved a lot of money if we had done this from the beginning.

👤I wanted the flowers to be beautiful for a few days, and then look real. I had to use artificial flowers whenever I placed real flowers at my daughter's grave because they wouldn't show up within a day or two. I thought these would be pretty. They are. I will be ordering more from them. They will work for what I'm using them for. When I switch them out, I'll update with how they hold up.

👤Me hubiera gustado ms el tallo largo.

3. AUSOGO Artificial Bridesmaid Valentines Anniversary

AUSOGO Artificial Bridesmaid Valentines Anniversary

As a wedding bouquet, or as a home deco flower in vases or pots. Wherever you want a fall style fast and easy. The bouquet flower for bridemaid is important at your wedding ceremony and can enhance value to your wedding. The bridal bouquet is very beautiful, Noble and perfect, such as bridal bouquets, wedding flower decoration, weddings, bouquets for churches and parties. There are purposeMULTI applications. There are artificial flowers that fit for wedding bridal bouquets, wedding celebrations, parties, dances, outdoor activities, photography and wedding photos. It can be used as a romantic gift. The people at the wedding are protected from the disease by the wedding bouquet. The value of life. You can enjoy poetic home life in your kitchen, windowsill, living room, dining table, bedroom, front porch, garden, veranda and balcony with fake flowers. There areARM tips. Artificial flowers can be squeezed and altered in transit, but they will be recovered with a slight adjustment after being displayed. You can use a hair dryer with cold wind to dry the flowers, or you can use boiled water to smoke the flowers and get rid of the smell. If you have any questions, please contact them at first time. You can separate the bouquet and make your own flower group. Plastic flowers are UV resistant and can be put anywhere. The cold weather kills fresh flowers, but this artificial bouquet of flowers always bloom, vibrant and alive with you. 100% risk-free. Buy risk-free artificial flowers. They want to provide a superior customer experience. If there is any squeezing of the product during transportation, please contact them in time and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Brand: Ausogo

👤The bouquet that I ordered for my wife and I wedding was wrinkled and smooshed. The second one was the same as the first one, but not bad. They weren't as nice as the site had shown, even after they sat out and tried to unmoosh the bouquet. If you don't mind that, I would recommend a different fake assortment. Good luck if this is for your wedding!

👤The bouquet will be enjoyed by any bride.

👤The bouquet arrived well packaged and seems very durable. The design, decoration and weight were all good. This bouquet will be a great gift for the occasion.

👤The materials used felt cheap, but they were stunning.

👤It looked like it in the picture.

👤There is a piece in the front of the bouquet that fell off. Frustrating.

👤There is a great selection of flower heads. I am making wedding bouquets and this one was great. The flowers look real and are not all the same color. They look great together, they are off white and cream. They are in a box that helps them not get crushed. They have a variety of flowers that go well with each other. They are a little pricey, but worked great for what I needed.

4. Lings Moment Centerpieces Sweetheart Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Sweetheart Decorations

There is a warm notice. It's normal that the leaves may smell, so please place them in aventilated environment for a while. Set of 3 is budget-friendly. These floral arrangements can be used for a variety of occasions. French Country Design: The combination of dusty rose flower and wood make your wedding event look vintage, cozy and breathtaking. The holders are made of high-quality gold. The flower arrangement was made of a dusty rose, marsala rose and peony, with little pink flower and rose leaves. The centerpiece are ready to use. Artificial flowers can be ordered months in advance. The candle holder is 1.5 inches in diameter. The big ring has a diameter of 11 inches. The wooden holders are small and large.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤It was pretty, there was some damage to some of the flowers, it was decent for what it is, but for the price, you'd want it to be at least in one piece.

👤The wedding decor is perfect. The hoops will be used for my tables. The colors look great in photos.

👤My daughter is very happy with the quality and beauty of these products. Thank you so much!

👤They look exactly as advertised.

5. Wisteria Garland Artificial Flowers Vine

Wisteria Garland Artificial Flowers Vine

Semi-sheer fabric is versatile and can be used for any ceremony party theme. It's perfect for wedding stage, party stage, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, photo backdrop and more. Each wisteria contains 5 flower stems, and each flower stem is 15 inches in length. The material is Silk Fabric and Plastic. The stems and flowers are made of plastic and silk cloth, which is easy to clean. The artificial wisteria hanging vine stem is very durable and can be bent easily, and can be hung anywhere you want. Artificial wisteria vine silk flowers are suitable for outdoor wedding ceremony decor, wedding hanging flowers decoration, spaces enough for decorating items you want to adorn life. The symbol of love and happiness is wisteria. They add color to wisteria vine arrangements by creating flower arches and garlands.

Brand: Slanc

👤I bought it for my wedding. I knew it wasn't going to work when I saw it in the plastic bag and it had a horrible smell. I was going to try because I didn't have much time. It worked fine if it sat out in its group to get rid of the smell. I am an idiot. The wedding day is near. 3 hours before my wedding, stand in at the arch and try to untangle the garlands. This little piece fell into my foot. I panicked and untangled as fast as I could while trying not to cry. The strand was cut. I put it all back in the box and cried for 3 seconds, then sent someone to the hobby lobby to get the real thing. If it wasn't cut in an odd spot, it would have been ok. It wasn't cut in half. It was like a third. If my arch had not been cut, it would have been enough to cover it all. It happens and it is not a big deal. They would have replaced it if I had more time. It is pretty. If you want it to look as good as the pictures, you need to order more than one pack. I'm returning an item since I don't need it anymore.

👤Don't spend your money on this. As soon as you open the bag, leaves and flowers begin to fall, it is weak and looks cheap. It smells like death. There are five wisteria on the garlands.

👤Every 4 feet there is a string of petals. To get it to look like they have pictured, you would have to buy at least 100. Not accurately reflected. I will not purchase from this seller again.

👤You will not be happy with the price. These garlands are worth a dollar each from the dollar store.

👤Terrible, cheap, sparse, ugly, disaster.

👤It's nothing like pictured! If I saw them in person, I wouldn't buy them. I wouldn't have paid more than $7. Why are there five separate vines? I could have doubled them up to make them look a bit bigger.

👤The final product looked nothing like the pictures. It was barely covered with flowers. I bought this for my wedding decorations. I couldn't use it in a major decoration.

👤It was in strands when I received it. I was hoping it would look like the picture. All ready to hang. I tried to do it myself and it looked okay.

👤Malsimo tienes super delgado nada.

6. Bouquet Holders Arrangement Decoration Corsages

Bouquet Holders Arrangement Decoration Corsages

There is packaging. The wrist elastics are wrapped in a cello bag and displayed on a Royal Imports branded card. You will get a 4 piece Bride Flower bouquet holder, a wedding flower foam bouquet holder without flowers, and plastic diamond pieces. The flower bouquet holder has a white handle, the flower mud is green, and the grid is white. The bouquet holder is small, light and easy to carry, and the flower pins are about 8 x 52mm. This floral foam base and floral supply is made of plastic and flower mud, it's suitable for your project, wedding or event, and it can match any style bouquet of flowers. You can put water on the foam before using it. The flower foam will not be easy to fall off, so this will make it easier to arrange flowers. The flower pins come with a clear box to store 50 pins safely, and you can attach them to flowers in the flower foam bouquet holder. The foam flower mud may become dry after a long time of transportation. After a few minutes, wet the foam flower clay with water and start using it. The foam flower mud will be stronger, cleaner and easier to use because of this.

Brand: Boao

👤These things are hard to find. They are cheap, so be advised. I wanted to buy 3 for the same price. They're the same.

👤I recently made a bridal bouquet using this product. It made my work easy to do. The BRIDE was so blessed that it shaved hours off my process. I was afraid after not working with flowers for a long time. No need! It was perfect!

👤It turned out perfect. The holder did not have instructions on how to prepare it. Place it in the water.

👤When it arrived, I was a little hesitant. Don't let that fool you! I made a large wedding bouquet for myself and a cascading one for someone else. It all held up.

👤The flowers wouldn't hold dry and brittle. I had to hot glue them in.

👤We used this at the shower. It came out great. The bride used it at the dinner.

👤This did not come with the pins that were described. I could have saved 5 bucks if I had bought pins on Amazon. The bag is covered in green dust and the foam is in horrible condition.

👤It was great to make my daughter a bride. Product.

👤Very fast delivery. Well packaged. It's my fault that it's smaller than anticipated. I want it to do what I want it to do.

👤Vous trompez pas de piquage.

7. DearHouse Artificial Wisteria Hanging 6PCS Large

DearHouse Artificial Wisteria Hanging 6PCS Large

Artificial flowers vines are about 3.75 feet in length and have 23inch strings. The artificial hanging flowers vine can be hung on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors and anywhere you want to enjoy it. Natural-looking flowers, Full and soft petals,vivid realistic and realistic,looks more natural and beautiful, is suitable for wedding decoration,table arrangement or elegant home decoration. The wisteria flowers look and feel like real flowers, and are easy to wash and keep clean. The flowers were easy to set up and bend for hanging, used for weddings, hotels, parties as well as other ceremonies, best decoration for home, hotel and park, etc. It's the best photo tool. The flowers were easy to set up and bend for hanging, used for weddings, hotels, parties as well as other ceremonies, best decoration for home, hotel and park, etc. It's the best photo tool.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤I bought 5 of these wisteria for the gazebo at my wedding and they looked beautiful.

👤I used them to make a photo backdrop. Each strand is very thin and one package wasn't enough. They don't look as full as they do in the photo, so be weary of how much you need. I thought these were pretty, but pricey if you need a lot. I ordered two packages so I could show you an accurate depiction of size and quantity.

👤I ordered these flowers along with other kinds for a variety of color and flower choices to hang from my tree in my backyard. I wanted a look with flowers and lights. I was very pleased with how the flowers came together. Although I have blended these flowers with others in my pictures and videos, I tried to take video in day and night so you can see how these flowers look in different lighting and different types of flowers. I would recommend these if they looked real.

👤I really liked the flowers. I made a backdrop for the bridal shower. I used a total of 3 packages for the backdrop, which is 36 pieces. I was happy with how full it was. I bought 3 packs. The quality of one of the packages I purchased was not as good as the other two, and the flowers were not as full. It was only noticeable from a distance. They were easy to hang and really pretty, so I thought they were perfect for what I used them for. I would buy these again.

👤I was obsessed with how the wisterias came out for my daughter's first birthday. This look was used for three orders.

👤My daughter's first birthday was a great time to use these for party decor. I only used half of it.

👤Poor quality. The pieces are falling apart. Basically useless. See the pictures.

👤A lot of petals fell off the package, which was dirty on the outside. Sometimes fake flowers have weird stains or glue on them, but a few of the petals have no stains at all. I was able to complete the job and it looks good. The stems were being sold for 1.50 at daiso. I needed a lot of them and they were overpriced. If you need to make a wisteria Garland, it will look good.

👤The same as shown in the pictures.

👤Product was great, but not enough for the money spent. It's meant for packaging to look beautiful from distant. I would suggest anyone to buy it. You can use it to remove a few flowers.

👤The product was awful. It is totally different from the picture shown. Not worth it.

👤Hello people. The quality is fine and the flowers are awesome to look at. The price is a bit overpriced. I like the way they look and feel like original flowers. I have at least 5 stars.

👤The petals fell off as they were pulled a part. Not worth the money. We were able to remove some of the flowers from the strands.

8. Bouquet Holder Arrangement Wedding Supplies

Bouquet Holder Arrangement Wedding Supplies

The bouquet holder can be used to hold flowers at special events. The flowers will stay until you're done. The green foam blends in with the flower stems to make your flowers shine. You don't need to hire a florist to make your own bouquets. DIMENSIONS The bouquet is about 7 x 7 and the handle is about 3 inches. DIMENSIONS The bouquet is about 7 x 7 and the handle is about 3 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤When you touch the foam it will break into smaller pieces so you get a green material all over your hands. We are making wedding bouquets with foam flowers. It was a disaster trying to put the flowers in the holder. The wire stems slip out. We are trying to glue flowers into the foam. Let's see how it goes. Not worth buying.

👤I used these to make my bridesmaids bouquets. I would have liked them to be as strong as possible. The foam would pull out in chunks if I needed to move a flower. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I bought these for a couple of wedding bouquets that I made for my daughter's wedding, and they were mixed in some good and some bad. I took a chance and got them because of the price. I don't have a problem with them not being study enough. I added hot glue to the handle to give it some weight, but the foam inside fell apart when I added flowers. After spraying them with water, I added hot glue to the pieces of flowers. Seemed to help a little.

👤Good for making bouquets. Hot glue was used to keep flowers in place and secure the loose foam and plastic.

👤The holder had to be fastened on some of them. It was not standard to have foam.

👤This bridal shower money bouquet was created perfectly. The foam held the u-pins in place.

👤The foam is cheap. I had to glue the flowers in the foam because they kept falling out, but now the foam is so messed up that the flowers won't stay. I'm going to be embarrassed at my wedding because the flowers are going to fall out. I don't recommend this product.

9. Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

The package includes a lace bouquet holder, which you can use at the wedding. Artificial flowers are made of silk, Stems are plastic, and the skeleton is wrapped in plastic. The best shape of flowers can be kept from being trimmed. The color won't fade over time. Artificial roses come in a pack, not included in the package. There are 8 roses buds in each bunch. The length is 32 inch. The large bud is 4 inches and the small bud is 2.2 inches. Artificial roses bouquets are made from Silk cloth and have a flower shape that is very full and look like real roses. The green leaf is made of silk and has thorns on the long stem. It's just like a fresh rose from the garden. Artificial flowers are great for house and office decoration, party, wedding bouquet, scene-layout, altar, church,corsages, pew bows, reception centerpiece. The petals are made by high quality fabric, it would be squashed during its transit or dirty, try to tidy the flowers by hair dryer, or put flowers aside for hours, then the flowers will be more vivid.

Brand: Diancom

👤At first glance, they are pretty. The roses are not put together well. There is dirt and glue. The dirt inside the two layers is either coming off or being glued on. The flower looks like it has mold. I would return the favor. I think I can clean them up enough to use them for what I intended. I'm not good at returning things. I will not be ordering again soon.

👤I bought these for my sister's grave because they can last a long time. They look and feel amazing. It would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves flowers.

👤I make a fall wreath. I like the colors of the flowers. They go with anything. There is an easy way to shape how I need them. It was made strong. These are worth the money and make a nice gift. I will use more of it on my wreath.

👤I am enamoraron me and se tienen perfecta para la sala de tu hogar.

👤The thorns make them look realistic. Good quality for a good price.

👤There are beautiful decorations. It was easy to arrange and didn't come smashed.

10. N Brand NOCEANRISE Romantic Bridesmaid Artificial

N Brand NOCEANRISE Romantic Bridesmaid Artificial

After unpacking, stretch out the bouquet to get the best looking. There are handmade silk flowers, plastic green leaf, linen rope and lace decor. The diameter is 7.5 inch and the height is 8.8 inch. There are applications for weddings, anniversaries, festivals, and daily home desktop decorations. When you open the parcel, please adjust the sort of the petals and bud first because the bouquet might be squeezed during handling, storing and transportation. They hope the artificial bouquets can bless your wedding. It can also be disassembled and inserted into the bottle according to your preference. This is a nice home decoration. The desktop is the type of mounting.

Brand: Nocean Rise

👤I'm not someone who leaves reviews but I've been looking for a bouquet that's not over the top full on bridal but has a romantic feel to it, because my husband and I are doing a vow renewal. After many failed attempts and returns looking for the perfect one, I finally found the one I was looking for and I can't wait to carry it as I walk to my husband.

👤I carried a bouquet at my wedding. I imagined it from a picture online. It was shipped and received within a few days. Very happy with the purchase.

👤No fuera lo, pero no, lleg, pero no! Le aad unas colorvinos. A la par con la decoracin.

👤I ordered 7 bouquets for my bridesmaids, but only 6 arrived in the box. I'm very happy with the product but I'm very disappointed to not have one. The review would have been 5 stars otherwise.

👤I was hesitant to get a bouquet for our wedding, but I saw this and fell in love with it. I didn't throw the bouquet because I wanted to keep the dinner table center piece.

👤When we renewed our vows, we used these flowers. I was worried they would be hit in transit. They arrived perfect. They are pretty. I keep them in a vase. I would definitely recommend them.

👤A bouquet that looks realistic. You need to fluff the glue that I cleaned up. They are beautiful.

👤These are gorgeous!

👤These bouquets were for my bridesmaids. This company did not let me down. The bouquets are simple and elegant. Couldn't be happier! I did not need to fluff the box.

👤Whether you plan on holding it or putting it in a vase is up to you. The flowers look real, and it's relatively small to hold for a small person. The flowers are bendable and you can adjust the bouquet once you get it. The product is shipped in a plastic bag. I was able to expand it back out to be more full since the flowers move easily. You have to be careful opening the bag because it is full of white particles. You don't dump it everywhere. It should have been shipped inside its own box.

👤The bouquet is cheap. There were particles that were supposed to decorate the stems that were scattered all over the bag. The flowers look worse than Dollarama. This product is below-average. Quality control is what kind of business invest in design and manufacturing? I wonder why someone would want to sell something that is already useless. The amount of garbage-bin-worthy products on the market is depressing.

👤The flower bouquet is a good size for bridesmaids or just as decor. The flowers look realistic. It was pretty and elegant. It came in a bag and was not perfect. The flowers can be bent back in place, but many of the small flower crumbles fell off.

👤A bouquet for a wedding. This can be used to replace real flowers. Good for the bride and her bridesmaids. It was very nicely made. Comes in a plastic bag. It would be great to have a variety of colors. This one is white.

11. Winlyn Bouquet Arrangement Supplies Decoration

Winlyn Bouquet Arrangement Supplies Decoration

When you receive your bridal bouquet, please tidy it because it may become compressed in transit. 6 Pcs wedding flower foam bouquet holder. Green flower mud, white handle, and green grid are the colors. The length is 7.1" Approx. The handle has a length. It is 3.15" across the foam. The manual measurement will allow the differences to be 1-5mm. It is easy to carry. The float handle should be free until the foam is completely saturated. The holder should not be forced into the water. This item is made of plastic. Are you looking for the perfect floral foam base or floral supplies? You will find what you need in their large selection. It can match any bouquet of flowers. floral foam can be used to create stunning centerpiece, bouquets, topiaries and more. This water absorbent foam acts as a support to hold the flowers in place and as aPreservative to prolong the life of the flowers.

Brand: Winlyn

👤They were used to make a centerpiece. I painted them white so that the green part wouldn't show. The green is in one of my photos. Affirmative. I had to change the feathers and that made the portion of it holder less sturdy. If I need them in the future, I would buy them again.

👤I tried to use them for my bridesmaids bouquets. I am a new person. The results may be different with water and real flowers. The foam was very messy. The top portion of the cage wasn't locked into the bottom, and parts of the cage broke as I arranged the flowers. I decided not to.

👤That green thing is a waste of money. They fall apart. Try not to put anything in it and take it back out because a chunk will follow. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Bug the white ball foam and they would hold up better.

👤I never got to use these because someone else made the flowers for my mom's wedding, but they were nice and I sent them back because it was a good deal.

👤I bought two packages of holders. One package is new and the other is brown and dried out, it's been in a warehouse for years. I am nervous about using it because it may not hold the water for the length of time I need, and I am making the bouquets the day before the event, and if the flowers are not in water, they will die. Since my event is at the end of February, I would like a replacement package.

👤This doesn't work for artistic flowers. I didn't try it on live flowers.

👤It's a great value and easy to use.

👤Don't buy! It was terrible. I would give it a negative 10 if I could. During my daughter's wedding, the flowers kept falling out because the foam dried out. The bouquets were made the same day as the wedding. I have used other bouquets holders before, but never like this one. If I could, I would give it a 10


What is the best product for wedding bouquet holder for artificial flowers?

Wedding bouquet holder for artificial flowers products from Seek4comfortable. In this article about wedding bouquet holder for artificial flowers you can see why people choose the product. Hawesome and Ausogo are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding bouquet holder for artificial flowers.

What are the best brands for wedding bouquet holder for artificial flowers?

Seek4comfortable, Hawesome and Ausogo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding bouquet holder for artificial flowers. Find the detail in this article. Ling's Moment, Slanc and Boao are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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