Best Wedding Bands Sets for Him and Her Silicone Matching

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1. ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Gunmetal 18 9mm

ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Gunmetal 18 9mm

A must for an active lifestyle is a workout, lifting, climbing or any other physical activity. Silicone wedding bands are great for replacing your formal wedding band to keep it safe from being scratched or damaged. It's safe to work with heavy machinery and other manual labor if you have a maximum safety at work. Their rings are made to keep your finger safe. The top grade, hypoALLERGENIC, is flexible anddurable. When too much pressure is applied, it's designed to break away. The flexibility of this ring makes it perfect for people with large hands. The perfect gift idea is their silicone wedding ring. Usually given for anniversary, her or his birthday, Father's Day, Labor Day and more... You can get your money back even if the thing won't match your expectations with this 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Brand: Thunderfit

👤Silicone rings are great. They are very comfortable. You only get one ring because you got seven rings at a price point well below the cost of similar rings. The grooves on the inside of the ring allow for breathe-ability. I wear a size 9 for my titanium wedding band. The silicone rings were too tight. I got the size that I returned. I ordered the perfect size for these type rings, the 10.5-11, because they fit better but were still a little tight. Since Silicone is rubbery, it will stay on your finger if you go with a larger size. The silicone rings were the right size for me because they were two sizes larger than my metal ring.

👤This was my first ring made of silicone. I bought it for archery because my metal ring could scratch my bow riser. Here's what I've learned. The metallic look doesn't look as metallic after a few days, so I won't buy one that tries to mimic metal next time. A) A small part of the ring is probably from manufacturing and would not have been noticeable if the ring was a solid color. Another reason to buy a solid ring. One edge of the ring looks darker than the rest of the ring. The ring looks cheap because of the dark color, and I don't like it. The darker color stands out more because of the beveled edges. Another reason to buy a ring with no edges. D) The grooves work. With my metal band, I have to move my ring up to dry my finger underneath where it sits, but with this ring, I don't have to. The ring was comfortable and the size was right. I have started wearing a metal band more and more. I know what to look for next time.

👤I have a lot of silicone ring brands, but these are my favorite. These are very affordable and high quality. The other brands caused my finger to turn white, but the grooves in these rings keep it dry and comfortable. I would suggest to anyone.

👤I lost my wedding ring and bought these. I put it down and forget where I left it. I'm trying to find it. It took me two weeks to find it. I lost my ring in my house, at the country club, the pool, amusement parks and so on. I told my wife I would only wear it when we go out together and I was going to buy some of the silicone rings. I couldn't tell I was wearing it because they fit perfectly. If my sausage links don't mind me wearing one of these rings, I'd put money on it and you won't be disappointed.

👤The scar tissue from my finger injury made it to where my titanium band wouldn't fit anymore. I bought these because they were cheap. I like them. There are options for colors and designs. They look nice and are comfortable. The metallic ones look cheap, so I would recommend sticking with the solid colors. The black and grey are my favorites. The product was very nice. Make sure you buy a bigger size than your regular one.

2. King Will Tungsten Carbide Comfort

King Will Tungsten Carbide Comfort

There is an empirical on-line #1 mens wedding band brand. Millions of customers will choose a king. The design is classy. A 5mm black Celtic Dragon with a green carbon fiber background is inlay. QUALITY AND BEAUTY. The ring is very comfortable and gives you a cozy feeling. The gift of an exclusive jewelry box of King Will will save you giftwrap service fee and help you store the ring much safer and longer. Lifetime warranty. King Will has a lifetime warranty service. All manufacturing defects and sizes should be included. The most comprehensive warranty in the industry.


👤When I saw these rings, I fell in love with them, but over 30% of complaints were about the size of the rings and the fading of the color. I wrote a note to the seller asking if any of the issues had been addressed, but I did not get feedback. I have been wearing the red ring for the past three weeks and I bought it. The size was correct when it arrived and it still looks the same. The photo is very misleading and I didn't give them five stars. My ring is not like the photo. When the light hits just right, my ring is almost all black with a red hue. A red band is clearly shown in their photo. I bought the same ring last week. It is a glitter fest rather than being too dark.

👤Some of the reviews are correct. I bought this ring because I am losing weight and my wedding band is starting to fall off. It has been on my finger for over two weeks. It holds up well so far. My original wedding band has nice lines cut into it and it picks up a lot of dirt. I clean it constantly. I paid 350 bucks for a real wedding band. I would like to get one of these. Over time, black bands fade and start to look dull. The band won't be able to catch the stuff that comes from your hands. Buy it if you like how it looks. You will not be disappointed.

👤When I ordered this ring, I thought it was going to be too small or too big, as a previous ring I purchased on Amazon had run a bit too big. They had a 12.5 for this ring because my Fiance is a 12.5. I was eagerly awaiting because Red is his favorite color. The box the ring came in was beautiful. The ring was so vibrant when I opened it. It fit perfectly when I gave it to him. The color is beautiful and he loves the way it fits. I was very happy with the purchase. Highly recommended. The quality is amazing for the price. It looks like a $100 ring, but I thought it was going to be cheap. Everyone is shocked when I tell them how much it cost.

👤Since I received it, I have been wearing it. It fits snug and vert is worth the price. Not even washing the dishes. A quality ring. The picture was in line with what I received.

👤This band is perfect, just beware and order a 1/2 size bigger that what you normally wear. It was very easy to exchange our original order for a bigger ring. People think the ring is very expensive, and it has gotten many praise. My husband is a mechanic so he does a lot of work on this ring. I like the detail.

👤I don't like wearing jewelry that is too flashy, but I also don't like wearing jewelry that is boring. I decided to get a tungsten band for my wedding because of its affordability. I chose the Celtic Dragon style because it stood out to me and those who saw the ring up close. At my reception, I received a lot of praise. I can wear the ring all day if I find the right size. Before ordering, make sure to find your ring size. I tried string and size charts, but they were off by 2 sizes. Get your size figured out and then order from King Will. They have a lot of cool colors. In case I ever go up a size, I bought a backup that was half a size larger.

3. Cabepow Silicone Wedding Singles Rubber

Cabepow Silicone Wedding Singles Rubber

The Fort fit is. Silicone rings are light and comfortable. They are comfortable around your fingers and have enough stretch to accompany you throughout the day. They promise that you wouldn't notice them on your fingers. Premium Sicily. Silicone is the material of their CABEPOW rings. They are durable and flexible, which makes them good for strenuous exercise and an active lifestyle. Style and sheath. Their rings are stylish yet discreet. It's perfect for social gathering and work. AthlisURE. Their rings are the perfect accessory. It works well with blazers, sweats, and exercise clothing.

Brand: Cabepow

4. Rinfit Designed Silicone Stackable Comfortable

Rinfit Designed Silicone Stackable Comfortable

The Rinfit Quality Stars Collection features clean lines and modern style to match any outfit. Silicone wedding band for women. The U.S. has a design patent. THIN &STACKABLE mix and match your favorite colors for a unique look every day. Silicone rings are safe and durable. 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee is part of the LIFETIME WARRANTY. The perfect gift for her is the Rinfit's Silicone Ring. Rinfit Silicone Rings are specially engineered to fit each and every one's unique lifestyle, whether you have an active lifestyle or a day job that requires you to work with your hands, this is the right wedding band for you.

Brand: Rinfit

👤Absolutely love my ring. I had to buy two ring sets because the colors I wanted didn't match in a single set. That did not bother me. If you measure your finger correctly, they are true to size and fit great. They may feel a bit funny on your finger at first, but as you continue to wear it they feel fine. Measure your finger so it won't be tight or loose. It is also true to color. I love them because I am turquoise. Do recommend!

👤The little plastic envelope to hold these rings was torn and covered in a black smudge. The rings were not evenly rounded and didn't lay flat against my skin. I think they look like Play-Doh. I had better luck with the rings I bought. I'm sending my rings back for a full refund. I think someone in the quality control department should see this shabby product that was sent to me, because it's a lot of hassle to go through the return for a $10 refund.

👤A family runs with people. I received an email regarding my contentment and the customer service was amazing. They sent me a new set of rings after I told them that I accidentally ordered a ring too big. I love the colors that I chose for them. I have tried them out in the gym and they have proved to be durable and comfortable. I'm glad I got these.

👤The colors stack together nicely. I bought a 6. They are closer to the smaller size. My ring finger is between 6 and 6 and a quarter in length. I threw the packaging away because of the corona virus. I want a bigger size. I am afraid that they will be too large for my hand. I am not sure what to do, if I still have the packaging, I would send it back for the bigger size, but I am unsure. They don't sell a 6.5, so a 7 would be too big.

👤I received my new Rinfit rings and I love them. I've been shopping for a set. I wanted something that I could wear to the gym and around the house that didn't look like a ring. I don't like the standard white/purple/teal colors that are only offered by other vendors. The texture and color of these rings are gorgeous. I could wear gold, olive, or silver on my own. I like them stacked. The olive color sold me on the set. This product is a steal.

👤I have other Rinfit rings, and they're all great; the quality, designs, prices, and colors are some of the best in terms of silicone rings for women. These bands are very cute. The texture of the design was more noticeable to me than other Rinfit rings, so I didn't give them 5 stars. I have very sensitive skin on my fingers, so it probably wouldn't bother others, but just something to note.

👤My engagement/ wedding rings were getting cleaned. I wanted something to wear all the time. I was positive that I would be able to wear them to exercise, sleep, and shower. After a week they lost their shimmer and became dull, almost matt looking. I suggest another brand if you want to wear a metallic-looking silicone ring more often.

5. Rinfit Silicone Wedding Designed Rubber

Rinfit Silicone Wedding Designed Rubber

100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Rinfit Quality since 2015 has been the high-quality Silicone Wedding Rings for Men. 9mm wide and 2.2mm deep. It was thick. Sizes 7 to 14. The U.S. design patent is a uniquely designed wedding band. Silicone Rings with clean lines and modern style. There is a wide range of colors for Rinfit rings. Silicone Rings are soft and flexible, and more Suited for movement than a metal ring. This ring is specially designed to fit everyone's unique lifestyle, whether you have an active lifestyle or a day job that requires you to work with your hands. If your first ring fails to perform, you can get another one free of charge. A unique gift for him is Rinfit Rings.

Brand: Rinfit

👤Weighted scorecard shows presentation, comfort, Durability, performance, value, and total score. The set of three rings come in a small zip lock bag. The rings you don't wear that day can be easily stored in this bag. The bag is high quality and should last. This ring is not as dense as the Enso ring. It seems to be made of a harder material. The Enso ring is very soft to the touch. The Rinfit feels a little bit less firm than a real ring. You forget about it. It should feel that way. The surface of the ring dowa became softer as you washed your hands. I have used this ring to do chores around the house, lifting weights and general exercise, and it keeps its size better than the enso that feels like it expanded a little. The ring has never fallen off or shown signs of wear. When it's on, it works well with my finger. This is a better value than the Enso rings. I don't wear my enso because it slips off and is a special gift. It cost $25. The Rinfit was a great deal at $12 for 3. If you liked this review, click "helpful".

👤This is a great ring for the price. I lost a Qalo ring, my 3rd, and didn't want to pay another $30 + dollars, so I tried this one for 6 bucks, but I don't feel much difference aside from saving money. I bought this one a half size smaller than my regular ring size for a snugger fit because my last two Qalo rings would slide off my finger when I was wet. The fit feels great, comfortable, and doesn't feel like it will slip off. The ring size is noted inside the ring and I like the small brand design on the ring and edge which give it a little bit of distinction. I didn't give it 5 stars because I used it for only 2 weeks, but I feel like it will serve it's purpose and last if it doesn't, I won't feel too

👤My husband stopped wearing his gold wedding band due to various safety issues at his place of employment and the likelihood he would damage his ring, so I purchased the Rinfit Bronze Silicone Ring for him. I have seen the ring, even though he has not. I ordered three bronze-colored silicone bands from different manufacturers. The band is less expensive than the other two, but it is still the most handsome and has the best quality. My twelve year old son took a look at this band and exclaimed that it was the best of the lot. It looks like a real ring compared to the flimsy ones next to it. I did not wear the ring for a long time. I wore the Rinfit ring for a limited amount of time, and it was comfortable to me. If my husband disagrees with me after he wears it, I will update my review. It looks nice.

6. ROQ Silicone Affordable Black Blue Platinum

ROQ Silicone Affordable Black Blue Platinum

Premium material is medical grade. The dimensions are 8mm thick and 2mm wide. Each ring has a perfect combination. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Roq

👤They don't shine like the picture shows. It fits. It will do the job it was suppose to do.

👤What do I get for not reading the reviews? I didn't realize the huge difference between the shiny metallic rings in the picture and the rubbery ones I received. I paid a little more for these than for the silicone rings because they looked more shiny and like a ring. You should be careful that you know what you are buying. I will keep these for trips and the gym and other places I don't want to wear my expensive ring, but I am somewhat disappointed.

👤Just received them. Don't expect the almost-metal looking rings you see in the pic, it's a good value to receive 4, in 4 different colors for the price. It's a basic ring with a small valley cut out in the center that doesn't really stand out like it appears in the graphic. Overall, it will serve it's purpose and be good value.

👤This set is a Christmas gift. My wife ordered a large size. She contacted ROQ with the order number and size she needed and they replied within 24 hours and said it would be sent out asap. She received the new ones on Saturday and then sent them on Sunday and Monday. Customer service is great. The new size is perfect.

👤My husband's job doesn't allow him to wear metal around heavy machinery so I got this ring for him. I tried to find a rubber ring that would fit. During a gathering, I spoke with my girlfriend about her husband's ring and she said that he got it from ROQ. Her husband only wears one of the rubber rings that he has. Over time, no tears, no dents, and no stretched from wearing it. The price was great, I got the 4 pack for my husband. My husband loves the rings and doesn't feel like he's wearing one. Great purchase!

👤I guess they are fine. There are two black rings in the set that I bought because I needed a cheap ace ring. I don't wear them. They were lying when they said they could stretch enough to buy a half size smaller. You will like them better if you buy the next bigger size. They're just a standard silicone ring.

👤Silicone rings are a safer alternative to a metal ring. I am very happy with the purchase. The quality of the ring is very good. I did not purchase a silicone ring for aesthetic reasons. You can find all the reasons you need by searching for "ring avulsion". If you have a question, the sell is very responsive. The ring I ordered was the wrong size. They gave an email address to use. I received the correct size replacements quickly.

👤I bought this ring because my FC ring is a little large on me. I'll keep that one on my drawer and wear the silicone one. I got all 4 of them for a little more. I was very happy with the purchase. I don't have to worry about taking it off when I put hair gel in my hair because it comes clean easily when I wash my hands. It fits. I used an online size chart to figure out what size I should choose after I measured my old ring and subtracted the extra room. I'm very pleased that the ring is almost the same as my wedding ring. The old one has me holding the steering wheel and really bad ones when doing yard work. This one does not. I can see myself wearing these for a long time.

7. Egnaro Silicone Particularly Breathable Athletes

Egnaro Silicone Particularly Breathable Athletes

BREATHABLE DESIGN -Internal quadrilateral pattern design prevent trapping. Don't worry if you don't get a ring mark for a long time. Their rings are made of pure medical grade silicone. They are comfortable, smooth, non-conductive and safe for sensitive skin, they are flexible anddurable, and it won't out of shape even being strong pulled compared to other silicone rings. Silicone rings can replace your traditional wedding ring if it is damaged from heavy work or strenuous exercise. There are rings in different colors. They are confident that you will love them. You can choose which one to wear. There is a lifetime warranty. If you don't like their rings, you can get a full money-back refund.

Brand: Egnaro

👤We found these here and thought, "Why not?" my husband has never been into jewelry and his $600 wedding ring was never comfortable to him. ... He doesn't take it off. He doesn't know it's there. The ring has held up well because he works with his hands all the time. He has been asked a few times at work if its metal, but from the picture he can see it doesn't look cheap. If you have an anti jewellery honey of your own, I recommend them.

👤It was a great fit and very comfortable. I have seen attempts at silver/white gold, but they are not as good as this one. If you are like me, you would want a silicone ring for safety reasons in a white gold color like my wedding band. Silicone rings will never look like a precious metal and some sellers will make their images look more metallic than they are. Period. The best thing you can do is order the metal finish. It seems like this one is the best.

👤So far, so good. I picked up a rubber ring from Walmart, but it was too big for me and I had to downsize it. I like the idea of the grooves inside the band and this ring is more comfortable. There is a shimmer to the outer edge. I am not trying to impress anyone. You can't go wrong with the price.

👤I've been enamored with these since learning about ring avulsion. A few months ago, I honestly never knew that a simple idea was a solution to a problem. The multi pack is a great value. The cross pattern on the inside of the ring was what sold me on these. I think it's there to prevent the build up of water between the ring and your skin. It doesn't fail. I'd like to see the gold colored one in a multi pack as well. I had to pay more for it. If you don't care about that color, it's not a big deal. The fit is perfect for me. The rating is 5 stars. Time will tell how these guys stand up over time.

👤The rings fit my size well. So far there have been no slip-offs. It's great to work out with these and not worry about bending my gold band. The colors I chose are in a range. The lighter two have a slight sheen to them and I wear them to work while I wear the darker two on the weekend or to the gym. The grooves on the inside allow the finger to breathe. These guys sell silicone rings.

👤I ordered this to wear while I was working offshore. I can say that it's comfortable and a good stand-in for my wedding ring, from the pattern down to the seamless rounded edges that allow it to slip on easily even with a snug fit. I will update my review if it falls apart, but for the time being I recommend this product.

8. PAVOI Sterling Zirconia Twisted Eternity

PAVOI Sterling Zirconia Twisted Eternity

Their twisted eternity band has a unique interwoven design that shimmers. The elegant eternity ring is available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. A 14K Gold plated long lasting finish that is nickel free, lead free, and hypoallergenic is a Premium quality. The special woman in your life is made with love. The product is ready for gift giving. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day or wedding celebrations are great occasions for their jewelry. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. All of their metals are free of lead, nickel, and allergens. Excellent customer service. 100% of the time, PAVOI guarantees your satisfaction. They are an American-owned and operated company. At a very affordable price, they offer high-quality jewelry. You can find more of their designs on Amazon.

Brand: Pavoi

👤I love this ring. It fits perfectly and is of great quality. This is the second ring I have gotten from this company and it is just as amazing. I have had the first one for over six months and it still looks the same as when I got it. I wash my hand. I highly recommend this company. I can't wait to stack them together because this one is so cute.

👤There is an update on 8/8-20. I have worn this ring for 4 days. I got a reaction from the metal. I have developed a rash on my finger and down part of my hand has turned red. I've never had this happen with any ring. There is a I have many rings in my life. The ring is beautiful, but the pain from my reaction isn't worth it. . The review was about sparkle sparkle! There is a The ring size is large. I ordered a size 6 but it's a little too big for me. The ring is not comfortable to wear. The $13 ring is not real gold and it doesn't have real diamonds. It isn't going to be great. That's right. The ring does sparkle! I'll let it go. It is very pretty. The diamonds go around the entire ring, not just the top. I wouldn't wear this if I was doing a lot of work with my hands. People are talking about the gold wearing off. Again it's a fake ring. You want to cover the outside and inside of the ring with clear nail polish to keep it in good shape. Just apply two coats. As needed, repeat the inner coat. This well helps keep the ring from getting dirty. It should help keep the ring in good shape. You can see the sparkle in my pictures, but you can't tell because the ring is covered in clear nail polish. It's a good idea to use clear nail polish on cheap jewelry to help it last. It's a beautiful ring and I suggest getting it.

👤I love the PAVOI's Twisted Rope Eternity Band. I've worn it for about 3 weeks and have not experienced any issues. The design is beautiful and the stones are secure. You're not supposed to wear the ring while swimming, that's the downfall. The ring is great and exceeds my expectations.

👤I ordered this ring on May 1 and it took a couple days for me to receive it, however it is very pretty and I have worn it for a while, however I noticed a stone fell off and it is missing. I have had Silver rings in the past that last me years without any stones falling off, and it looks like a lot better material than this one. I will not re-order anything from here since it is not durable. I can't return it because he has been there for over a month.

👤The Rose Gold color is great, but the pics I took don't do it justice. I lost my rose gold wedding ring as a temporary solution and purchased these to replace it. I saw a review where a woman bought to stack and so I bought 2 to do the same. If there are any changes to the color, I will update you in the next few months. So far, so good!

9. Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring Rings

Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring Rings

Rinfit Quality since 2015 has been the high-quality Silicone Wedding Rings for Men. There is a set of black, blue and gray. The width is 9mm and the thickness is 2mm. The size is 7 to 14. The sizes are 7 to 14. The U.S. design patent is a uniquely designed wedding band. Silicone Rings with clean lines and modern style. Silicone Rings are soft and flexible, and more Suited for movement than a metal ring. This ring is specially designed to fit everyone's unique lifestyle, whether you have an active lifestyle or a day job that requires you to work with your hands. If your first ring fails to perform, you can get another one free of charge. A unique gift for him is Rinfit Rings, a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or more.

Brand: Rinfit

👤These rings are comfortable. I used to take my old one off at night. I've had this new one for a couple weeks now and it's very comfortable. 3 rings for this price is amazing. 5 stars for sure.

👤I got these to complement my wife's set. I'm a size 8.25 and the size 8 was a bit tight for me. I received an email from lilcy to make sure I was happy with the rings. They immediately gave me a new size after I told them about the fit issues. They did not ask me to return the old rings. Customer service is amazing. There were no regrets. The rings themselves are an incredible value. It's nice to have multiple colors and backups in case something happens to one. They're comfortable to wear. They have enough grip to stay on your finger while you are active. I play an aggressive and abusive style of acoustic guitar and would always have to take off my metal wedding band before playing for fear of destroying my one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted instrument. I can perform with my wedding band and hit the guitar without worrying about the dents in my guitar. It's better than losing my ring. My wife and I like to travel and go on hikes. She loves hers because she can handle our baby without worrying about scratching her.

👤On our honeymoon, my husband broke 2 rings because he didn't understand the word gentle. These rings are absolutely wonderful. He wanted me to write a 5 star review because he was so impressed. These rings have held up well and don't stain, which is hard to find as my husband's knuckle is larger than his finger, so a regular ring would constantly move around and make his hand sore. I thought they might be cheap, but they are very high quality. I can't say enough good things about these rings.

👤My husband asked for one of these because he couldn't get his wedding ring on because of the swelling of his knuckles. He only had it one day, but he can't tell it's on. I ordered 11, which was the same size as his metal one, because his normal size is 10 1/2. I think the size is ok, because it did stretch and he could get it off. When I told him how much I spent, he just laughed. It's all right by me, even if it's not perfect or lasts forever, with three colors to choose from, less than $5 each, which lets the women know he's taken.

👤When I do outdoor activities, I use this ring as my wedding band. There is a risk for a ring avulsion injury if a wedding band is caught and suddenly pulled by machinery or sudden movement of your hand. This can hurt your finger. When I work with power tools or do certain activities, I need this ring to wear because I need my hands. I like the ring very much. It comes in 3 different colors so I can match it to my liking. You can buy a snug fitting ring for water sports if you stretch over your knuckle. I got a second set in a slightly larger size because I was so happy with this purchase. This has become my daily wedding band. When we go out for social events, I wear my real band. Fitment is the same as ring size charts. Highly recommended for anyone who wears rings and works with heavy machinery.

10. LerchPhi Tungsten Polished Bevelled Personalized

LerchPhi Tungsten Polished Bevelled Personalized

If you don't need engraving, you can design your own words and symbols to be engraved on the ring. Expedited shipping will deliver in 15 days to 48 states or 5 days if the order is lost. Excellent scratch resistant performance is achieved by the comfort fit. It is possible to feel solid and durable with genuine Tungsten Carbide. A fancy 8mm band is ideal for male or female. A handwritten gift card, a delicate ring box, and a luxury gift box make him/her feel beloved.

Brand: Lerchphi

👤My grandson chose this as his class ring. I bought it for him. I can't say how it will hold up, but my grandson loves it.

👤My husband cried when he saw it.

👤I rated this ring 1 star because of my reasons. Customer service made things right since then. I am giving this ring 5 stars for quality and customer service. The seller strives for customer satisfaction. The ring arrived in a week or less and it looks great. The ring says it can be personalized, but it is not. There is a ship from China that can be personalized. It says it comes with a necklace. After placing my order, I was disappointed to find that the ring was not as advertised. I tried to cancel the ring I ordered from another seller. It would not allow me to cancel. I was going to return it, but then thought about keeping it for the necklace to hold a ring. It did not have a necklace. It had a piece of foam and a box. There is no information on what the ring is made of or anything else. I will not order from this seller again because I wish I had not ordered it. I contacted the seller with my idea for personalization prior to ordering the ring. They said to just order and give the order number. Great. I sent them the order number after placing the order. They replied with a link to a more expensive ring that ships from China that is available for personalization, but they told me that it couldn't be personalized. No personalization, no necklace, and no information about the ring.

👤The ring is heavy and engraved well. Love you know He was so nervous to tell me he loved me the first time it came out that he stuck with it. He will like the personal touch. The shipping estimate is wrong. When it said it would be around 80 days to delivery, I showed up in 17 days. Don't let the shipping time frame scare you. Contact the seller if you have concerns. They were helpful and responsive. The ad had an all black ring, but it said in the description that the ring was available in 8mm width. The ring is still nice. I will have to wait and see what my boyfriend thinks. Hope he likes the showy edge.

👤I paid a good price for something that I got. I was hoping for great quality, but I was expecting junk. I have nothing bad to say about the ring I received, it is worth more than I paid. It took a while to get it but some people say they got it in 10 days or less so I have 0 to complain about. 10/10

👤I ordered the ring and was expecting a long wait. I contacted the seller to make sure the code was picked up as a symbol and not a word to be engraved. Within an hour, they sent me a confirmation email. I have it in my hand about a week after I placed the order. The ring is of good quality. Good weight. Outside and inside it was engraved. Outstanding. I will order again from this seller. I'm telling my family and friends about them.

11. ThunderFit Breathable Grooves Silicone Wedding

ThunderFit Breathable Grooves Silicone Wedding

Any place, any time, MAXIMUM SAFETY - workout, gym, weight lifting, water sports, trekking, climbing or any other physical activity? Silicone wedding bands are great for replacing your formal wedding band to keep it safe from being scratched or damaged. It's perfect for manual labor work such as constructions, military duties, renovation, painting and more. Their Silicone flexible wedding ring have a perfect comfort fit design on the inside and an awesome smooth ergonomics design on the top. The perfect wedding ring is created by combining all of the above with a classic design. Their wedding ring is made of high quality flexible silicone. It was designed to break away at 43 lbs of pressure. The flexibility of this ring is perfect for people with large hands. Their Silicone wedding ring is the perfect gift idea for a cool and trendy gift, usually given for anniversary, for her birthday, and more. You can get your money back even if the thing won't match your expectations with this 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Brand: Thunderfit

👤I bought these along with a couple other rings from Groovelife to see if there was a difference. I can safely say that they're the same quality. It's not worth paying $30+ for another brand of ring. These felt softer to the touch than the more expensive brand Silicone rings, but have the same shape and size as the more expensive brand Silicone rings. They haven't attracted lint or fibers like the others. They have multiple colors in a pack. The colors are a bit darker in person than they are in the pictures. I've matched my clothes more than I thought I would and this is coming from someone who doesn't normally care about that sort of thing. The main surface of the ring is the same as the brands one. The ring's edge is shiny and appears to have been cut after it was formed. The main flat part of the ring almost bends or flows into the other side of the ring, keeping the same finish. The main surface abruptly turns into the bevel. I prefer the thunderfit more than the quality difference. The 6mm width looks exactly how I wanted it to. Not feminine or thick. ---COMFORT--- They've been great to wear. They're about 2mm thick. They don't stick out too much on your finger and you won't be bothered by it. My wife was against wearing a ring until I got her one to try for a vacation. She sleeps with them and never takes it off. The rubber rings are more comfortable than the metal ones. They don't bother like metal rings do. This isn't specific to a particular rubber ring. SIZING--- My experience is that they fit true to size so you should get your normal size. If you're a 9 you should get the "8" size ring. I think someone who's an 8.5 wouldn't need it to stretch at all because it's stamped "9" on the inside. It took me one wear before it was perfect. Over all. If you're on the fence about wearing a silicone ring, I recommend giving these a try. The price is right and they have been great to wear.

👤The description says to buy a smaller ring size. That is inaccurate. If you buy based on your normal size, it will be too tight. We bought two sizes for each of us. The larger size was too tight for my fiancĂ©e and mine was too small. Since one of the sets works, we requested a no-questions-asked refund. The instructions in the packet were included for a refund. It has been almost a month since I received a refund. They require a return in a labeled box, contrary to the seller's packaging, but they tried to request one through amazing.

👤I have been wearing these rings for three years. I work in construction and lift weights. I have found that the grooves are well designed, but digging destroys them. I went through two in 8 months. My wife bought me a new pack, but they were plastic-y. I lost two of them and had 6 of them. These rings are very strong. I like how stiff they are. They have the density and thickness to last. I like how they feel and how much they weigh. It is pleasant, but not a lot. Once they fall apart, I will buy them again. If they don't last or exceed my expectations, I'll change the review.


What is the best product for wedding bands sets for him and her silicone matching?

Wedding bands sets for him and her silicone matching products from Thunderfit. In this article about wedding bands sets for him and her silicone matching you can see why people choose the product. and Cabepow are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding bands sets for him and her silicone matching.

What are the best brands for wedding bands sets for him and her silicone matching?

Thunderfit, and Cabepow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding bands sets for him and her silicone matching. Find the detail in this article. Rinfit, Roq and Egnaro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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