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1. LimoStudio Ft Triple Adjustable Background Photography

LimoStudio Ft Triple Adjustable Background Photography

The kit includes 5 crossbar parts, 2 tripod brackets, and 3 spring brackets. Backdrop Elastic String Clip. The Sand Bag is 2 pieces. Carry bag There are 10 ft. Crossbars, 9.4 ft. Backdrop Support Stand, and 4 inch Spring Clamps. The height and width can be adjusted by one person. Crossbar mounting hardware can be placed on the top of support stands to be used in 3 different settings at the same time. The Professional Background Support System has a lightweight background support stand kit. Multi functional and portable construction of aluminum alloy. There are various events such as family gatherings, weddings, professional photography as well as celebration party.

Brand: Ls Limo Studio Limostudio

👤This is the worst backdrop stand I have ever used. It is not strong and not safe. It sways back and forth. The stands will slide back down if they are locked up. It is too heavy with 3 rolls of papers on it. I would buy it again if it was just one paper roll. Will be returning it. Don't waste your money.

👤2 of these were bought and used to stay up. It was a big birthday event. Not surprised that one broke after the first use.

👤I use para cortinas.

👤The one that was submitted was missing a base and top accessory. Want to change parts.

👤It doesn't hold up well and is not sturdy.

👤Exactly what we needed. It's easy to put together. Love it.

👤It was the first time that I had opened it after having it for 8 months, and I was very upset because one of the stands didn't open. I have a 1 year warrant and have sent them emails.

2. Backdrop Adjustable Photography Background Support

Backdrop Adjustable Photography Background Support

The backdrop stand kit can be used for many things, such as professional photography, photo studios, various parties, weddings, party decoration, zoom conference background and other real-time streaming media. A portable photo backdrop stand with a carrying case is a simple set-up. The background support system is lightweight and can be filled. Before you install the bar, please remove the top knob. The height of the aluminum alloy support stand can be adjusted. The background stand is where the Spring clamps and Backdrop clip holder are kept. The kit includes: Support Sand, Cross Bar, Spring Clamps, Backdrop Clipholder, and a Carrying Case.

Brand: Emart

👤I was so impressed with this product. I was hesitant about buying a back drop stand because most of the ones I found on Amazon had mixed reviews, but this one had the best reviews and the company seemed to be the best, so I decided to go with it. I'm glad I did. It was very easy to put together, it comes with a carrying case and bags to hold sand, and clips to hold the curtain in place. This was a good price. I didn't have to use sand to hold the stand down, even though the Garland, sign, and curtain were hanging from it. Highly recommended!

👤Everything was received. I looked at my order with a low star-ratings/reviews in mind. My stands were good. They adjusted well. People have complained that the bars are not easy to adjust. I have not experienced any of those issues. Some complain of rough edges. At least they are not sharp. That is good. There is a The weight limit is stated in the manual. I don't have any issues with how much weight it can hold because I have only used vinyl or muslin. The carrying bag is advertised as a case, which is why I gave it 4 stars. The one I received is different. It's like a roll with three long pockets, two for each stand and one for the bar. There is a flap on the open end. You roll it or bring it together and hold it together with a piece of fabric. It has a carrying handle. The flap on my bag has been ripped. It was torn because of the cross bars. I fixed the small tear with duct tape and am okay with it. I am mostly okay with that part being damaged because the stand is in working order. The bag wasn't as advertised, but I like that it had different slots for the stands and bars, so they weren't banging against each other when transporting or storing. The bag was torn and not as advertised, so only 4 stars, although the real product is good so far. I will update my review if there are any issues in the future.

👤This arrived Saturday and was shipped quickly. I put it together to see how difficult it would be. It was very easy to set up. The tripod legs don't come to a snap stop when you open it, which was a bit confusing. You need to think about how wide you open the legs and hope you get them both. The legs can be narrow. I don't know how strong it will be. The bag it came in is a flimsy type of bag, has three pockets for each tripod stand, and the middle one is for the two extending top piece, and it has a velcro closure on it. Some of the material on the bag was already getting caught. I don't think this will hold up well. I put a twin sheet up to see how the clamps would hold up. It would be great if it came with three clamps for more distribution. I am excited to use my event in April. It looks promising. Will update after my event!

3. Doingart Decoration Decorative Bouquets Balloons

Doingart Decoration Decorative Bouquets Balloons

2 by 2-Inch posts with arbor top. The diameter of the circus ballOON ARCH is 82inch. It is made of high quality metal and can be used for a long time. The double bar stand is sturdy and easy to fall over. The exterior is painted. The circle arch bow is easy to disassemble. PerfECT decline is defined. The metal balloon arch is a popular party decoration. You can decorate the circle arch with balloons, flowers, fake plants, or other elements to create a personalized backdrop. MULTIPURPOSE: The round arch for balloons can be used for many occasions. If you have a question, please contact them. They will help you solve the problem.

Brand: Doingart

👤The seller reached out and sent me a new arch with all of the screws. The arch is big and fulfilling its purpose! It leans a little bit, without anything added on. My arch did not have wing nuts. We tried to put the pieces of the circle together without them, but it was not possible. Without the wing nuts, the pieces fall out when they slide into each other. I was trying to put the last piece in when it came crashing down. A piece almost hit our tv and a few pieces bounced on the ground and almost hit my kid who was sitting across the room It isn't usable.

👤If my fiancĂ© was not too tall, this arch would have been great for our wedding ceremony. He is about 6 feet 3 inches. I thought this would be taller than him. It is simply not. The quality is okay, but I wish it was a little stronger. I am sure it would be strong with weights. It seems a little expensive for what you get, but it is probably about what I expected. I decided to go for a larger one that came with weights and was only a few bucks more. This is too short for a ceremony where one of you is around 6 feet. I think this would make a great back drop for a balloon. It would be great for a shower.

👤The top part of the circle was missing for my sister-in-law's wedding. It's really bad. So disappointed. The structure will need bricks or something heavy to hold it up.

👤It's difficult to judge how tall this will be. It should be taller than the average person to use for a backdrop. It was large enough. Stores is a small space and is a good value for the money. My family and friends host a lot of events. We'll get a lot of use out of this.

👤It was perfect, arrived on time, stable and perfect.

👤You should put it together before the date. Some of the tubes had to be rounded out. The paint was yellow. The paint job was bad. Assembly was hard because of the burrs inside. Thankfully my husband was able to fix it. Plan how to steady it. It was easy to topple. Stand needs to be fixed.

👤It is easy to assemble and transport but not sturdy outside. Adding weights to the stand will make it stronger. I used stakes to the sides of the stand and weights to the back of the photo.

👤I put it together so I could find a circle for my wedding. The pieces are not the same. Some have a bigger curve and some have an extra curved end. When you order a replacement, you will be picking the most similar pieces from the two. I hope so.

4. LimoStudio Adjustable Background Backdrop Support

LimoStudio Adjustable Background Backdrop Support

The backdrop support system is easy to set up and take down, no need for a tool, and comes with two heavy duty spring clamps to hold your canvas, Muslin, or Paper Backdrops. Please search ASIN: B01G0AAEOK for more clamps. Light weight photo studio background support equipment is used in mainly photo/video studio or photo booths for filming The stand can hold up to 30 lbs. The width and height can be up to 10 and 9.6 feet. The width of a single top bar can be adjusted to 5 ft and the width can be extended up to 10 ft. The height of the stands can be adjusted using the knobs on each stand. There are four Super Clamps, four Backdrop Holders, two Sandbags, and a carrying case bag. The set-up includes a portable carry bag where all disassembled components can be easily stored.

Brand: Ls Limo Studio Limostudio

👤I would rate their customer service and price point a 5 stars, but I was disappointed in the item itself. The stand arrived on time. It wasn't stable. It wouldn't stay extended once adjusted to it's tallest height. The legs were sliding down. I'm not sure if it's a defected piece. One of the rubber grips was missing from the foot of the stand. I appreciate their Rep for her prompt and courteous reply. This didn't work for me.

👤I am very disappointed. I was behind on my photoshoot and had to open the box and only have the two bottom feet. False advertising to the full extent of the truth. The picture shows everything that is missing with a red X. The buyer should be careful.

👤I ordered this to add a higher quality background to my classes after working in virtual summer school. It works well and is included on the green screen. Which is a bit long. It's fine. I wish there was a smaller one. I have learned to use it. It works perfectly and is easy to adjust, the carrying bag is helpful, and I recommend it to all my coworkers who are doing distance learning.

👤I read all the reviews and bought the one I had been borrowing for the last 5 years. We used the one I returned to my friend for parties, but I don't know much about them outside of what we do. I buy banners for every occasion and hang them outside as part of our party set up. The frame won't work outside for a party like we've been doing. It is very light. I think it is since it is used for photography and comes with a carrying case. The seat breeze will blow this over. It tips easily if pulled on or pushed up high. It is awesome for a specific use. It is not designed to hold banners on grass with wind and people around it. Some of the banners are heavy. Overall design and construction are nice. This would be perfect if I was a photographer or shooting on a green screen. Remember the price and how cheap it is. It is not like the $450 one I just gave back.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the components. I've seen cheap clips thrown into kits like this. The poles in this kit are easy to double as a light stand and the uprights are secure. It is easy to assemble and it accommodates my backdrop fabric. It breaks down quickly and stores in the included tote. I would definitely buy this product.

👤This was ordered for a baby shower. I didn't want to open it before I was done using it to make sure I didn't have any missing parts. Huge mistake! I opened it the night before the shower so I could assemble it. What do you know? I was given duplicate parts and didn't have a pole. As soon as it arrives, please check all of your parts. I am angry and not sure what I am going to do when the shower is tomorrow.

5. MOUNTDOG Backdrop 8 5x10Ft Adjustable Photography

MOUNTDOG Backdrop 8 5x10Ft Adjustable Photography

The set-up includes a portable carry bag where all disassembled components can be easily stored. The kit includes a tripod stand, a cross bar, a heavy duty spring, a backdrop clip, and a carrying bag. Sturdy & Stable professional backdrop stand is made of aluminum alloy for its strength and stability. It is perfect for use indoors or outdoors. The tripod backdrop is flexible to meet different shooting needs. It is great for weddings, as well as for professional photography. The Cross Bar is 2 x. The backdrop has a telescopic top with a width that can be adjusted. It can be hung with green screen, canvas, muslin and backdrop paper. 6 x Spring Clamps and 12 x Backdrop Clips. The strong holders on the background stand give a comfortable grip to prevent backdrop slip-out.

Brand: Mountdog

👤I picked this product after a lot of research. Just received it and put it together. It took me less than 3 minutes to assemble it. I was concerned about how sturdy it felt after reading some negative reviews. I extended it to its fullest height and width. I don't think I need the bags since it feels stable without them. I don't think I'll need the backdrop clamps since all of my backdrops have stitching on both ends. The clips seem to work well to stretch the backdrop fabric. I can't comment on its longevity since I only had it for one day. The review will be updated in the next few weeks. Since I have no way to take half a star off, I have to reduce my rating from 5 stars to 4 stars. This has nothing to do with the support itself, which is working well, even without the sandbags, and is stable even at its maximum height. The backdrop from the top rod was hung from the spring clamps. I used the backdrop clips since I could insert the top rod through the stitching on the top of the backdrop. I need to use the spring clamps because of my new background cloth. Two of the 6 clamps broke at the point where the orange part meets the rest of the clamps, and both of them are useless. They seem to have good grips, but poor process. The backdrop support and the clips are still recommended by me.

👤We ordered this product and several other items to setup some photo booths. The Mountdogs stand was tested. It was lightweight and easy to setup. The 6-clips were one of the reasons we went with this model. We took several photos of three of our dogs with them bouncing around and the stand never moved. Everything worked out in the box. Highly recommended.

👤I use this to take family photos. I'm an amateur photographer. I have been wanting a family-sized backdrop for a while now and take family portraits and events every few months. I finally got one. Everything I needed is in this package. It is easy to setup and take down for a large family. The metal frame is light and should last a long time. I like it that way. I don't have to deal with heavy frames. I don't need the legs to be held down. I use one of the bags to hold all the accessories. I like the side-loaded clips for stretching the backdrop. They were strong enough to hold up a heavy blanket. I like the slim carrying case because I can put everything in it quickly and then put it in my closet.

👤It was easy to set up. The bars slide well for me. The tripod stands stay put, but the tighteners are plastic and I worry about their longevity. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the clips work. The clamps are cheap. I expect one or two to break, but they are easy to replace. I don't know how well it works outside or if I ever need the sandbags, but I use this in a small home studio. I have a backdrop stand from Julius Studio, and while it feels better, it doesn't work as well as the other.

6. Neewer Background Umbrellas Continuous Photography

Neewer Background Umbrellas Continuous Photography

The background frame can be split and folded to make it easy to carry. The carry bag makes it easy to carry the tripod. The kit includes a light stand, a single head light holder, and a umbrella. Light Stand: Solid safety 3 legs stages, capable for stable, heavy duty work. The single head light holder allows you to attach a bulb to a light stand and add an umbrella. The 33"/84 cm white translucent umbrella can diffuse the light output of any studio flash source. It's best for lighting. Softbox diffuses the light and gives you perfect lighting when you need it the most. Light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or slave flash can be connected to the E 27 sockets. The background kit is ideal for television, video production and digital photography. It's great for carrying light stands, umbrellas, and other accessories.

Brand: Neewer

👤I was very pleased with my green screen and lighting kit. The light bulbs should be just a little bit brighter. I was more interested in the green one of the three cloths. There are 4 sets of lights and a huge stand. Everything was in the black bag. When opening a delivery box with a knife, be careful. The carry bag for the kit was damaged when the knife went through the box. I did my first green screen videos and pictures with my kit and was able to place any background I wanted behind my pictures and videos. I did a project with a photo using and a Chroma Key. Very pleased with how it turned out. The kit for my videos is really useful.

👤I expected this setup to be flimsy and cheap but I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. There are a couple notes. If you use a knife to cut the edges of the packaging, there is a good chance that you will cut the carry bag that comes with it. The backdrop stand is flimsy and doesn't hold the weight of the backdrop that I was able to slide through the backdrop and hang on the wall using wall hooks. This costs $10 or more. I would recommend buying this setup. The 3 backdrops need to be steamed or ironing because they will come out of the box with wrinkling. This review might help!

👤It's hard to keep track of the different kits. This is a review of the studio support system, which includes two soft-box lights, two umbrella lights, three backdrop with clips, and a carrying case. The quality of the included items was not as good as the completeness of the kit would suggest. It was easy to set up. Quality issues are obvious, but you get what you pay for. Thin posts on the support system mean the top ones get very thin. It can't support the backdrop without leaning. The clips are useless if the backdrops are too wide for the cross member to reach the sides. When I need the full size of the support system, I bought a larger backdrop. > Two bulbs won't stay on for more than a few seconds. I couldn't tell if it was the bulb or the sockets. I think it's both. Pick up a few extras. > The umbrellas are not very effective. It's almost impossible to direct any light because there's no silver on the inside. I will keep this kit because I have a client shoot, but after a little more time with the equipment, I think it might be worth investing a little more in each item from a better brand. I am still a novice, but having basic equipment is a great thing, and it's hard to beat the price. I would suggest a few additions to maximize the quality of this kit. The Softbox lights are not as bright as they could be. Maybe you should consider a light sockets accessory.

7. Auihiay Backdrop Ceremony Birthday Decoration

Auihiay Backdrop Ceremony Birthday Decoration

The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape. The package includes a metal arch stand, a black carrying bag, and installation instructions. The circle arch is close to the ground. The diameter is 6.5 ft. Classic round shape and minimalist style go with all occasions. Firm Construction is made of premium metal with fine details, sturdy and durable, not easy to rust, can be recycled. The double bar standing base looks elegant and different. Their balloon arch pipes have upgraded buckle designs that make it easier and faster to set up or disassemble by yourself. No worries about taking up space with their stylish carry bag. The balloon stand is a perfect backdrop. It can be adorned with balloons, plants, greenery, flower garlands, and other items to create a stunning and personalized background for your event. The circle backdrop stand is widely used for wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, engagement party, anniversary celebration, balloon decorations and etc. You can apply it to your garden, photo booth, and any other activities.

Brand: Auihiay

👤Purchase this for my daughter's baby gender party and you will love it! I was surprised how easy it was to assemble, I can't wait to use it again for a baby shower and birthday parties.

👤I think I will have to return the frame because there are some holes missing.

👤Not as strong as I would like. It is a yellow mustard.

👤The balloons were good quality.

👤It was fun to put it together. I took about an hour. For reference, the banner is 1/3 the size of the picture.

👤It looked great. I couldn't blow them because I couldn't use the smalls one.

8. Decoration Backdrop Birthday Decorations Background

Decoration Backdrop Birthday Decorations Background

Service: Their sole purpose is your satisfaction. You will get a reply in a short time if you contact them. Best wishes! It is easy to install. Ready in minutes. It has accessories to help you build better. Installation in minutes when in use and disassemble in minutes when not in use. The metal circle is 6.56 feet in diameter and can be reused several times. The round backdrop stand is made of high-quality metal material and can be used for a long time. The round wedding arch can be used indoors or outdoors and it has some green leaves. The order does not include flowers. The gold circle backdrop stand is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, and other special events. You can create a romantic and beautiful party atmosphere by meeting your party's decorative needs. If you have a question, please contact them. They will help you solve the problem.

Brand: Kmxun

👤I gust, fcil de armar, un poco difcil de quitar.

👤The item is advertised as a new item, but when I received it, it was already used, and the packaging was not in good condition.

9. Yesker Adjustable Backdrop Background Photography

Yesker Adjustable Backdrop Background Photography

Professional lightweight and portable photography background stand backdrop, suitable for family gatherings, video shooting, weddings, as well as for professional photography or parties. The support stand has good flexibility to meet different shooting needs. 4 x Crossbar. The width of the telescopic top bar is variable. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the bar. Background clips. A comfortable and firm grip is provided by the Clamps to prevent the background from slipping out. The background frame can be split and folded to make it easy to carry. The carry bag makes it easy to carry the tripod.

Brand: Yesker

👤The background stand is solid. It was easy to put together and it is very sturdy. It was constructed of high quality parts and I expect it to last a long time. I ordered a 6 ft wide backdrop, but will be ordering some wider ones as this stand can accommodate it. I only used 3 of the bars, but will use all of them when I get a wider backdrop. It was easy to disassemble, and comes with a convenient carry bag, which is light with all the pieces in it.

👤It was easy to set up. There's a lot of things. The quick tabs would have been more convenient. It comes with three to hold the backdrop, but could use two more for the bottom corner to keep it from swinging. Not bad. It's much better than being forced to tape it to the wall.

👤First of all... I have a lot of different stands. I ordered this because it matched the dimensions I needed. This is the cheapest backdrop stand I have ever received, and it's the best quality. 1. The rods at the top don't fit together. The holes were not drilled at the correct distances. I put it together according to the instructions, I have experience with these types of backdrop stands. 2. The pole aluminum is so thin that it bends as soon as you put any sort of weight on it - including just the weight of backdrop fabric -_- these 2 issues in combination means that with the backdrop on and poles bowed downward under the very light weight of the backdrop I had to tape my rods together. I would have returned it. I needed it immediately for a project. How in the world does this have 5 stars? 0_o Maybe paid reviews? The people giving 5 stars have never used another stand. Maybe it's that 5-star reviews were of an older version and now they're selling a cheaper version? I'm not sure. I give this 1 star since it doesn't work without me having to ducktape it together and it bends under the weight of a backdrop. You can get a better backdrop stand for the same price. I advise not to look there.

👤The backdrop stand was perfect for what I needed. The stand worked perfectly at my birthday party. It was strong enough to hold up the curtains and balloons. Make sure it is sturdy, make sure the legs are balanced, and make sure the poles are aligned so that the legs on the poles are on the floor. The legs on the pole should be as wide as possible so that everything is leveled and aligned. I used it for what I had on it, and it did the job perfectly.

👤It's not tall enough to hang a backdrop and take a photo. Don't be fooled by the length of the backdrop bar, it's not the height of the stand. It's only 6.5 feet, so it doesn't work for a fashion shoot where someone is not right against the backdrop. It is less than half the weight of similar backdrop holders. I wouldn't trust it to hold a sheet with a full roll of seamless.

10. Round Metal Arch Backdrop Stand

Round Metal Arch Backdrop Stand

If there is a quality issue with their balloon arch kit, please feel free to reach them, they are all ready to help. The best customer service. This will be a shopping trip without worry. If the product you receive has any quality problems, please contact them and they will give you a 100% refunds. It's a tip. The circular background gear decoration needs to be upgraded in order to achieve better results, they join the pressing to set the buckle setting, which will be more compact and not easy to fall off. Gloves will be more convenient since the arch kit is made of metal. The metal circle balloon arch is high quality and can be reused several times. The party's election is happening. Ballon arch holder is a popular party decoration. The arch can be decorated with balloons, flowers, fake plants, or other elements to create a personalized background. It can be used outdoors. There are noxious emissions. Birthday party, wedding, bachelor party, baby showers, graduation party decoration, dessert tables, Christmas decoration, New Year's decoration are all unimportant. You can reuse it on a variety of occasions.

Brand: Lattua

👤Will be returning it. It is bent right out of the box, as you can see from my pictures. Can't hold any weight. Poor quality tubing.

👤The water/sand bag is not strong enough for outside. The bags make it look cheap. The bags are hard to cover. I think there are better options for being $100.

👤The arch won't stand upright. The instructions show a picture of how the stand portion should work. They say it should be straight. There is no way to make the pieces fit together. The item won't fit in a suitcase. Adding weights to the bottom will hopefully prevent the stand from falling over. It is another cost to try to make this work because this did not come with weights.

👤I couldn't return the smaller size that I paid for because I needed to use it in two days. It is difficult to put it together. If the wind brings the circle down, it must have a sand bag to hold it up. The piece I received had the legs inwards, which I think is not right. I don't think I would buy it again.

👤I bought this for $71 to use as a back drop. There is a The directions are in bad English and the metal pole base is hard to keep flat. We couldn't finish the circle because one of the poles didn't have a hole punched out or a metal circle on the other end. The whole thing was not stable.

👤Zero stars. I get the same issues again. Poles scratched and one bent. This is ridiculous. Don't waste time or money.

👤It was bigger than expected. There is a piece behind my alter.

11. Neewer Adjustable Background Backdrop Photography

Neewer Adjustable Background Backdrop Photography

If you want to use plastic rings to build a balloon arch, they recommend using 5 inch balloons. The Backdrop Support System comes with 2 backdrop stands, 4 crossbars, and other accessories. It's ideal for photo studio, parties, weddings, and other events. The height and width can be adjusted. The backdrop support system holds your backdrop in place and helps you create different background for photography work. The backdrop stand has a load capacity of up to 8.8lb. Two nylon bags are included for added stability. Keep your backdrop fixed to the backdrop support system with a secure mounting. The package includes a backdrop stand, four crossbars, three backdrop spring Clamps, two sandbags, and a user manual.

Brand: Neewer

👤I ordered this to hold the backdrop and green screen. It gets the job done. I'm not moving it much, it's not in an environment where a lot of things can affect it, so it's good. I've worked trade shows, handled photography for weddings and studios, and handled promotional events where banners and backdrops are being used, but this will not hold up. If this stand isn't going to have a lot of questionable factors around it, you can probably make due with it. It won't work for everything else. The poles are cheap. They feel like a weird blend of plastic and aluminum, and if you hold them in place you will have to be careful or they will break. The clips are the strongest part of this product, but they also have cheap foot pads at the end. It's flimsy even with excessive tightening, so it's 3 out of 5 for stability. I think a decent accidental hit could topple this thing over. I've tested the tripods at various settings and I'm guessing it's something more to do with the weight distribution or the legs being to thin. It's definitely not the most stable. If you're using this in a container, you should read this. Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and given them an order and they messed it up? You order a Medium Coffee, Cream, 2 Sugars, and a shot of Espresso, and they show you a Vanilla Strawberry Chai, and you sit there and think "Holy shit." How did you manage that? How stupid do you have to be to make a mistake? That's who made the carry case. There's no zip, just two strips of velcro, and a cheap fabric handle. There was no zip up. There was nothing that could be done to keep the bags from falling out. Nothing to make sure you don't lose clips. This looks like a tent bag you'd find at a dollar store. I hope the manufacturer sees this because it's a straight up abomination and I'm 98% sure it doesn't even qualify as a bag. Purchase at your own discretion. If nothing is within 5 feet of bumping into it, it's awful and cheap.

👤I'm completely satisfied. They keep the black paper and the white canvas using the clips. Since the frame is very light, hitting it is always at risk of bending or falling, so make sure that the people are familiar with the spatial proximity and durability.

👤Wow. I have been with this company for a long time, but I just opened this kit and it is HOLY JEEZ. Even at half price, a TERRIBLY CHEAP, FLIMSY, and NOT WORTH IT. The price of gasoline! I trust this brand and have a shoot today and felt comfortable opening it the same day, which is why I'm angry. This is a garage. Don't buy.

👤I use a hair dryer sometimes. The backdrop would flutter with my hair. The solution was to use the two sandbags to flatten the backdrop on the ground. This framework is very valuable and I like the affordable four-piece set.


What is the best product for wedding backdrop stand?

Wedding backdrop stand products from Ls Limo Studio Limostudio. In this article about wedding backdrop stand you can see why people choose the product. Emart and Doingart are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding backdrop stand.

What are the best brands for wedding backdrop stand?

Ls Limo Studio Limostudio, Emart and Doingart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding backdrop stand. Find the detail in this article. Ls Limo Studio Limostudio, Mountdog and Neewer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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