Best Wedding Backdrop Curtains with Lights

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1. 16 Color Changing Backdrop Lighting Christmas

16 Color Changing Backdrop Lighting Christmas

The latest color changing design has 16 colors and 4 modes to meet your needs. Press DIM- or DIM+ on remote control to adjust the brightness of the lights. You can use a mobile power bank to operate the curtain lights. High-quality copper wire is easy to shape. You can change the shape of wire for different themes. Hanging lights are ideal for bedrooms, window and wall decorations, for Christmas, Weddings, and as Curtain Backdrop for holidays such as Valentine's Day. Hanging lights are ideal for bedrooms, window and wall decorations, for Christmas, Weddings, and as Curtain Backdrop for holidays such as Valentine's Day.

Brand: Kproe

👤They work well with frequent use. Awesome lights for a good price. The remote is nice, it gives you the option to do a slow color fade, which is my favorite, and they seem pretty high quality. They are great for the price and give the room a nice glow. Would buy again.

👤The lights don't flicker if you choose a pretty color. It stays on the solid color. Only one of the fading effects where it changes color can give you a flicker or movement. I wish I had known that before. I wanted the colors to shimmer and flicker.

👤I just put these up the other night so I can't say for sure, but my expectations are low. As you can see in my photos, they are beautiful. I put them behind the sheer window panels to add to the glowing effect, because there is a nice frame in which the lights cast an awesome glow. The setting where they slowly change from color to color is my favorite. I put them up because I have not experienced any of the colors or settings not working, but for now, I love these lights.

👤My son wanted to talk during the video. The video shows the different modes and solid color modes. I liked the timers on the remote and the length of the lights. There was a lot for our toddler son. The cats are going to love the dangling wires, that's the only disappointment I can see. I thought the lights were encased in plastic.

👤I like the settings and colors. I took the advice of others who hung before unraveling each loop. Every time I change the channel or volume on my TV, it turns them off.

👤I bought these on December 1st and by January 17 one set is no longer working and the plug is very warm. I am so disappointed that these were only used for a couple of hours per day, a couple of days per week, and only when I was working late. I'm not going to risk another set after finding the plug overheated. I don't see any external causes for the failure because it was plugged into a properly rated power strip and out of the sun. I think it was poorly made. The reviewers suggest not unraveling the individual strands until the main part is secured. That made the installation of the lights behind my window sheers very easy. Within 30 minutes, both sets were turned on. One remote controls both units. The fade option transitions through all the different colors. The two windows start in sync, but then lose their sync over time. I don't mind. These are wonderful on gloomy winter days. They add a bit of light, color, and fun to my home office where I work for 8+ hours per day. We are never too old to have fun.

👤These were easy to install and came with zip ties to hang from the curtain rod. A cell phone charging station can fit in a wall accessory. It doesn't matter if the lights are hung behind a curtain or not because they will come untangled with time. The remote is easy to use, and the colors can be adjusted. The lights can be turned off on a timer with the remote.

2. Hanging Curtain Christmas Waterproof Decoration

Hanging Curtain Christmas Waterproof Decoration

It's perfect for indoor lights decorations. There are many holidays such as Christmas, Party, Valentine's Day, Home, Window, Wall, Bedroom, Livingroom. Use a remote controller to switch combination in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/ flash, slow fade, twinkle/ flash, and steady on. There are 8 flashing modes. You can have a different mood with every mode. You can adjust the timer and brightness by remote. The timer is on and off. The curtain string lights are easy to use and can be hung from the window or wall. Long time use of high quality copper wire will not cause overheating. The hanging wall string lights is waterproof and great for outdoor lighting. The wire parts of the string lights are fully sealed, making them waterproof, but theusb is not, so please keep it away from water. The hanging wall string lights is waterproof and great for outdoor lighting. The wire parts of the string lights are fully sealed, making them waterproof, but theusb is not, so please keep it away from water.

Brand: Chu&white

👤The end result looks great but the lights are poorly made. Once we untangled the lights and plugged them into the port, only two strings worked. My boyfriend had to twist the wires to make it work after removing the plastic hook from the third string. The string of lights stopped working when I tried to adjust the length on the wall. My boyfriend used electrical tape to fix it. We had to put metal hooks in the wall to hang them. The jimmy rig situation worked out well for him. I wouldn't recommend this product or buy it again.

👤Some of the light settings are lovely, but they refuse to stay on the pattern you set them on. I like them to be solid most of the time. After a little while, they start to flash for a few seconds and then resume their previous performance until the next episode. All the numbered buttons seem to randomize it for me, despite the fact that 8 is the corresponding button for solid lights. I will have to press 8 times to get it to register. Even then, it still has constant moments of rebellion. I think they are cheap.

👤I turned it on and it was lovely. If you have any sensitivity to flashing lights, do not order this product. When you turn it on, it starts over at function one, and the steady on setting is #8, so you have to click through every single setting one at a time, and trust me, they are unpleasant. The remote doesn't seem to correlate with the lights at all, so I don't know what it is. There is no guide for the remote and no steady-on setting. I would have tried to return the lights if it wasn't for the fact that it took me over an hour to install the damn thing. You can save yourself and find another set.

👤The lights look great when they are put up. The living room has a fun vibe. They can get tangled easily, but that was a minor hitch. The little remote works well, but we have to use the button on the plug to move the light setting because it works well with our TV's sound bar. Overall, pleased with the purchase!

👤The strings are difficult to untangle and hang from. I spent 15 minutes on each string. I decided to plug them in to see how they looked. There is complete waste of money and labor.

👤I had to plug these in begging a drawer and wouldn't have been able to manually control them. My kids like them as a reading light. The remote suggests that it might be possible to dim. The twinkle settings are too rapid and intense to be used in the kids bedroom at night, so we just stick to the steady on setting.

👤I will try it but it is not what I expected.

👤These are not the same as advertised. Both ways are about 4 ft long. Will not drape the room.

3. TORCHSTAR Curtain Christmas Extendable Festival

TORCHSTAR Curtain Christmas Extendable Festival

You can connect up to 5 sets of string lights on one circuit. You will have no problem lighting up any atmosphere and/or furnishing instantly with the 320 bright quality icicle shaped LEDs. The twinlight has 8 different lighting modes that are easy to control by the controller. It is easy to set up and plug in directly for power on and off. It's great for most interior styles. The curtain light is listed as a power plug for safe standards. The light will last for 40,000 hours with a 12-month warranty. Also, note: Only sturdy lights, not a wounded one. Also, note: Only sturdy lights, not a wounded one.

Brand: Torchstar

👤I bought this to hang in my classroom. I only have a limited amount of time to hang it because it was so tangled up. It's not a big deal. Imagine my disappointment when I see that one of the lights is covered with tape and the other lights are not working. The piece of tape tells me that they knew it was broken and sent it to me. I had to take down the lights. My students are disappointed.

👤Every other string of lights does not work. So disappointed! If they all worked, the lights would be amazing. I would love to have a replacement. I plugged them in to make a demo video for Torchstar, but they shorted out and the switch box was burnt. The lights are awesome after a replacement. Thank you, Torchstar, for making it right. After spending about an hour untangling these lights, I went to plug them in and they shorted out again. These lights are dangerous and garbage. The same thing happened when I received the second set. The switch box is very soft. When it inevitably moves, I wear T-shirts. Our. After almost two months of emails and a thorough explanation of what happened, the company finally gave a replacement set that was just as garbage as the first. I never write negative reviews, but you should be aware that these could cause a serious fire hazard.

👤The lights behind my entertainment center look very atmospheric at night. You can change the light setting on the control box, which will remember the setting the next time you plug it in. The product picture is a little misleading. The curtain is about a foot and a half between the strands of lights.

👤The light curtain was used as a backdrop for the wedding vows at a small indoor wedding. It made the atmosphere pretty. The strands were wrapped separately to avoid tangles. There are several different modes. The steady effect was chosen because we wanted them on all the time and not to distract us with a flashing effect.

👤I love these! We put them up on the door for the party. The different settings are great value for money. I would recommend it.

👤I like strobbing lights. They're good for decorating. They are spread so far apart that I didn't like. It would be better if the strands were closer together. You could buy several sets of them and arrange them so that the lights are over the top of each other and aligned so that they hang closer together. We hung it over the window. I love all the settings. This set of lights had no remote. I'm thinking of putting them on my bushes next year.

👤I was contacted by the seller to see if everything was okay. I told them that the strand stopped lighting up after barely using it. They told me they're going to mail me another one for free. So happy. My lights are working. They work well. They are used over my closet with my curtains. So pretty. The seller was nice.

4. MAGGIFT Curtain Christmas Backdrop Decoration

MAGGIFT Curtain Christmas Backdrop Decoration

You can add a wonderful wall backdrop with the 9.8x9.8ft Magnolia 304 led warm white curtain fairy lights. They can be hung on doors and windows to create a magical look. You can connect up to 3 sets. The twinkle curtain lights have an end to end connection. There are 3 sets for a larger light display. It's great for weddings, holiday parties or just to light up your bedroom. Powerful remote control. Control the power on/off, 8 lighting modes and set the timer with a remote. The fairy curtain light has a memory function. There is a controller box that can be used to control the mode. fairy waterfall lights with low output transformer are safe to use indoors and outdoors. There are many styles of decor for girls bedroom, dorm room, college apartment. It's perfect for birthday decoration. fairy waterfall lights with low output transformer are safe to use indoors and outdoors. There are many styles of decor for girls bedroom, dorm room, college apartment. It's perfect for birthday decoration.

Brand: Maggift

👤These lights are great. Some people have complained about the remote. I would like to address those. You have to point the remote at the control box to work. Make sure to remove the plastic insert. 2. The feature does not work. 3. The steady on is set at setting 8. When you get the lights, they are well packaged. I suggest hanging them up first and undoing the light bundles once the main strand is hung.

👤The remote control gives you the option to change the mode of the lights.

👤My review would have been 5 stars. If the company gave you a contact option on your purchase order, I would call them to complain. There isn't. They are beautiful. They are lovely. The remotes work well. I have 2 strands of lights that I use at my dance studio for the past year and I just ordered 2 more strands to use outside, like the product claims. It is not. This is not an outdoor friendly light set. I had them up for a short time and they are all soaked with water and rust. They won't turn on soon. I have no money or lights. I am beyond annoyed. I would have left 5 stars if this was strictly indoor. If you plan to put anywhere near any water, you should not buy. They are alllll yellow and rusted, but still going strong. It's pretty ugly during the day because of the rust, but gorgeous at night. They are still worth the money, but I wish they would have been waterproof as advertised. I enjoy swinging under them.

👤The product came broken and without a remote. If that is possible, I would love to receive a new one.

👤Leaving all the lights on would be one of the 8 lighting modes. Many modes are so similar that they seem the same, and some modes are so annoying that they are blinking. If you want all the lights on at the same time, you're out of luck.

👤The lights are good but the remote doesn't have an option to change to warm white. I bought this feature and am still trying to figure it out. I would have given 5 out of 5. They don't have a customer support crew to help. Taking the light down is the biggest pain. I posted a question about changing to warm white in the Q&A section and am waiting for someone to help me. The main problem with these lights is that the remote of another product controls all other led producs, and these lights are not exclusion for that.

👤It was very stinky. A strong plastic smell lingered even after several days out of the box. Had to come back.

👤We put the lights behind the curtain for my daughter's room. I bought these because they came with a remote, but I can't figure out how to set the timers. The 8 settings work and the dimming option is great. We had previously bought other lights that didn't have a remote, and we didn't like having to leave my daughter's bathroom every night. I wish they had shorter lights in the bedroom. They had to overlap at the top and fold at the bottom so they wouldn't drag the floor. If your outlet is behind furniture, I wouldn't recommend these lights.

5. Honche Curtain String Bedroom Wedding

Honche Curtain String Bedroom Wedding

Honche led curtain light is a perfect background light for weddings, festivals, celebrations, and many other events. It can be hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, Christmas trees, etc. White curtain lights make you feel warm. 8 functions andtimer The led curtain lights have 8 flash functions, which include combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing, slow fade, flash, and steady on. You can have a different mood with every mode. You can adjust the timer and brightness by remote. The timer is on and off. [. The hanging wall string lights are waterproof and are great for indoor or outdoor wall lighting. It's surprisingly useful in many ways. The wire parts of the string lights are fully sealed, making them waterproof, but theusb is not, so please keep it away from water. The curtain copper string light is made of 300pcs high efficient and eco-friendly led, it is safe to touch and never get overheated after a long time of usage. Control 8 functions, dimmable and timer with a remote. There is a window curtain string light. The lead wire is over 10 feet. All window and wall decorations should be in a suit. If you have a question about led curtain light, Honche offers toll-free customer service, they offer a worry-free warranty, and they would try their best to solve your problem. They're here to help you all the time. If you have a question about led curtain light, Honche offers toll-free customer service, they offer a worry-free warranty, and they would try their best to solve your problem. They're here to help you all the time.

Brand: Honche

👤I put them across my ceiling. The remote works. You need a wall adapter if you have ausb plug.

👤These lights were loved by a loved one. They came packaged well and it was easy to put them up. It is so easy and hassle free. The settings on the lights were really nice and I would definitely recommend them.

👤I have only used these lights for one evening and they are bright and warm and make my balcony look very cozy and nice. It took a long time to install them, so I hope they last over a week. They are attached to the same string. They don't attach a plug but ausb cord.

👤These are perfect. They are easy to untangle. I absolutely adore them.

👤I want to hang these lights. They look like a wire mess hanging. I've tried everything to make these look good, but nothing has worked. I wish there was a mode setting for a softer twinkle. The only one she can tolerate is the constant on because the others move too fast. I might have got a bad set. Who knows? I wouldn't buy again.

👤When I read string lights, I thought of Christmas Tree lights. I bought these 2x before a different seller so I had to individually unwrap each one. It was so annoying that it kept getting tangled. It came out what I wanted, but I will never buy this kind again.

👤These were exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to install the many lighting options. It makes the prayer corner in my room look better. I will be ordering more for my patio.

👤I stuck them inside the window frame using duct tape because they are very easy to install. The tape held them up through Christmas. They look great inside and out.

👤I goosed it and it came with the leaves in the sane box because the lights didn't work on two different areas.

👤Is it possible to use mes de Nol?

👤One of the string connections was out on opening.

6. JMEXSUSS Decorative Linkable Christmas Birthday

JMEXSUSS Decorative Linkable Christmas Birthday

The outdoor Christmas curtain lights have 8 Impressive Lighting Modes: combination, in wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. The Hanging Christmas curtain lights can be adjusted to create a more relaxing atmosphere. These Christmas curtain string lights are safe and easy to use because they are certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It is safe to touch and won't get overheated. The outdoor curtain lights are waterproof and ideal for indoor or outdoor wall lighting. It can be used as Christmas decor, party wedding backdrop, holiday, but also very suitable for daily use, such as hanging it on tapestries, gauze, curtains, glass sliding doors, walls, windows, Hanging, pergola, Halloween. The Christmas curtain lights come with 10 light strands and each string contains 30 lights. It is enough to cover most windows and walls. They want to provide better products and meet more needs. If there are any issues with their Christmas curtain lights, please contact them, they will return or refund the cost of the 888-666-1846

Brand: Jmexsuss

👤Absolutely junk. I hung these when I realized the remote doesn't work. I went to buy a new specialty battery to make up for my previous purchase. When that didn't work, I contacted the seller who suggested that I didn't remove the plastic battery tab, and that I didn't understand the sequence for the buttons. 0 stars for product and 0 stars for service.

👤When someone enters my room, their eyes are drawn to my lights. The lights are in my bedroom. It is a perfect backdrop for photos, it sets the mood, and it provides plenty of light. I am very happy with my purchase. The remote seems to be working. You can point it in the direction of the plug.

👤Exactly what I wanted for my daughter's room. Perfect lightening without being blinding. The night light is great. The mood is set for relaxing. She loves the remote and can change it. The twinkle setting is our favorite. Make sure the remote can signal it wherever you plug it up. The remote wouldn't do anything after it was plugged behind the bed. The remote could operate it if the plug was moved to under the window.

👤I used the lights to illuminate the tapestry. The product is exactly what it is, warm white. The placement of the remote sensor was something I didn't like. The remote is useless if you want to plug it in behind something. I have to move my table to the side to turn it off. It's impossible to use a remote across the room.

👤I swore they were defects when I received them, but I also read that many remotes did not work. I tried to find a customer service number with no luck, and left my first ever bad review after tinkering with these for 10 minutes. I was not willing to give up and I tried a few times to flip the battery, but finally it started to work after I looked at the remote directly at the plug. The settings are not changed without the use of the remote. It will scroll randomly through them all. This is not a high tech remote. If it is plugged behind a wall and not in a clear view where you have a direct connection, it won't work. I was going to leave this as a 3-4 star review, but I was waiting to see if the mode stayed consistent, as I swore it was still changing at a much slower interval. The entire strand stopped working and won't come back on. There are some issues with this product and I would recommend buying elsewhere. I think I will go for a solar set next time.

👤I love these lights. When I put them into my curtain rod, it looks magical and when I turn them off at night, the lights look like icicles and sparkle.

👤I used these for my poetry event and they were amazing. They set the mood for poetry. If you get them tangled up, it can take some time to untangle them, so I advise you to keep everything separate until you want it to hang. You will have to plug in the adapter if you want the remote to reach the sensor.

7. Curtain 19 7x9 8ft Twinkle Decorative Backdrop

Curtain 19 7x9 8ft Twinkle Decorative Backdrop

You will get 12* 1.48" X 1.6" Flameless LED tea lights. Friendly customer service and a worry-free warranty. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them. The Super Bright Icicle lights are 2 or 3 times the width of others. It is wide enough to be used as a birthday party backdrop, a wedding reception backdrop, or a head table backdrop, and can be wrapped around a canopy bed or pergola in the backyard. It cannot be connected with another set. There are 7 changing Modes and 1 Steady On Mode, and you can choose from 8 different light effects. It's safe and heat free to come with a transformer that's been certified by the UL. It is cool to touch and won't get hot. Only the provided one, or one from a reliable manufacturer, is recommended. The light effect settings can be remembered in the memory function. Every time you turn them on, you don't need to manually select your preferred setting. It can be used as Christmas decor, party weddings backdrop, as a plain wall, as a lighted divider of 2 rooms, or even hung down across a tapestry.

Brand: Lighting Ever

👤After less than 2 months, the lights almost caught on fire, but they were plugged in a few times. The issue was that half of them blinked off like the setting had changed, but that wasn't the problem. It caught our attention and I am glad it happened. We noticed one of the lights was smoking. If we had walked away with them, we might not have been so lucky. The product is not safe even though Amazon Customer service was amazing and they did their best to correct the situation. Try a different brand. Since we hung them up, I've gotten a lot of praise. Everyone loves them. We leave them on the regular setting so they are always on. I was surprised at how many lights there are. We hung them on the backside of our patio. The ceilings are very high. They are holding up well and many of their friends are asking for the link to purchase the same ones.

👤They are beautiful. I would definitely recommend it. Everything looked amazing!

👤When we decided to add some lights to my daughter's room, it was because we were doing a canopy bed ourselves. I am happy that we chose these because they are perfect. We could go all the way around and back. The highest point of the canopy is in her room and they touched the ground there. These lights make her bed look like a fairy tale place. It was easy to put them up because they were packaged neatly. These lights are very pretty. They are great for big events such as a wedding. They're perfect for adding that little extra magic to a bedroom.

👤We put five sets of these in our trees. We live in a neighborhood that is Christmas light crazy and all of the light viewing tours, so we received a lot of praise. One of the trees overhangs the sidewalk, and the curtain lights were an obvious draw for kids to "twirl" within them. I was terrified that this would damage the lights and that I'd have to sit out on the lawn and yell at people to get off my lawn. The Christmas spirit isn't necessarily the Christmas spirit. The lights are built to last, and the light bulbs are integrated into the plastic housing, so they're really durable. A few of the lower bulbs were broken, but that didn't cause the strand to go dark. My wife is going to decorate our son's upcoming wedding venue with the lights, because these make a stunning decoration. I'm sure they'll be great for that.

👤I was excited for them to come after I ordered them for the back drop. Less than a week away from the wedding and reception. When we plugged them in, they didn't turn on. After trying multiple outlets we were done and ready to go, but we noticed a section earlier while untangling the mess where the wire were disconnected, so we decided to see if that was the problem. We tied the wires together. I'm glad they work, but I'm mad that they didn't check their product before shipping it out. I was more frustrated when it didn't work than when I knew it had problems. I'll keep this product for the wedding, but I would suggest ordering earlier and making sure they work so you don't get the scare I did.

8. Curtain 600 LED Twinkle Backdrop Decoration

Curtain 600 LED Twinkle Backdrop Decoration

Follow the instructions in the manual to untangle the lights. Customers can contact them if they have any problems. This is a unique and creative curtain string lights set, which is the perfect decoration for bedrooms, weddings, gardens, indoors and outdoors. The majority of users love the warm white light design because it doesn't hurt the eyes. Not possible. The 600 led curtain lights set has 8 flashing light modes that can be used to decorate your room or wedding party. The curtain lights for bedroom can be turned on for 6 hours and closed for 18 hours with a remote control. Four levels of brightness can be adjusted to meet your needs and facilitate the creation of atmosphere. The led decorative lights with plug for wedding party are easy to use and install. The American standard sockets have a voltage of 120 volts. The lighting section is 20 feet tall. A double layer will make the lights look better. 14.74 feet from plug to main line. The curtain hanging lights are waterproof and can be touched without getting hot. It's waterproof design is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. It's great for Christmas, party, window, bathroom, commercial building, shopping mall. The curtain hanging lights are waterproof and can be touched without getting hot. It's waterproof design is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. It's great for Christmas, party, window, bathroom, commercial building, shopping mall.

Brand: Brightown

👤It's out of the water. The price is amazing. They were absolutely gorgeous when I used them for a holiday party. Many people liked it and said good things about it. A nice warm color but not yellow-y. They were very close to reaching the whole way across because the room size was 26'. The cords are very thin and easy to wrap around hooks so they don't leave a mess on your hands like traditional lights do. We're still in love, so now we have them hanging out in our TV room all the time. The remote saves a lot of plugging-unplugging hassle.

👤I put these up over the weekend on a 80 ft fence and they look amazing. My kids think that they should be kept up all year long as they add an incredible aura to the area. If you don't place the plugs correctly, it will be a problem with extension cords. They don't string into one another. If you press the mode you want, the timer should do the trick. The best function is on the timer. I didn't post a photo or video because it doesn't do justice. I put the length in place first and then undoing each strand. I didn't give it 5 stars because I think it would be a lot easier if everyone could string into each other.

👤I was eager to make sure the lights worked. I was surprised when I opened the box. It is not compatible with ac/dc. The plug is not usable in the US. I was going to use these as a background for my husband's 50th birthday. I don't know if it was a mix up or not. If I had been able to plug them in, my rating would have been higher. They're being returned.

👤After a new paint job, put this up in my girls' bedroom. The lights make the room look like a movie. We're going to buy more for other rooms because we think the girls are lucky. There are two 20-ft strings on our deck and overhead string lights with 11 wat bulbs. The deck is filled with light. The curtain lights were on all winter and mostly survived. I replaced them with new this spring and plan to keep them out of strong winds during the winter.

👤My original review was amended due to the seller's responsiveness. I was sent a replacement product when I explained my situation, and I will be re-installing this and testing waterproof/ outdoor status when I am healed from surgery. In good faith because of great customer service. When this set is weather-tested, I will return to update review. I like lights. They make me happy. I find them cheerful during gloomy months. I was excited to dress up a tree outside my window so that I would have something to look at while I was on the couch. I bought this because it was listed as a commercial quality product with a lifespan of 50000 hours. Maybe my first clue was the less than stellar language. I thought I would try to be less of a language snob. I only had a limited amount of time to prepare for surgery. I prioritized the light and ambiance of the project. I wrapped the strands around the individual tree limbs for more than two hours. I used it to support the main line at the base of the tree. I circled the tree a few times. The effect was amazing. It is beautiful. Exactly what I was going for. I was satisfied for a week. The first rain of the season left a few strands burnt out. The last strands of the rain fell. I am very sad. I am within the return window, but not mobile enough to unwrap the lights and send them back. I am out money, time, and frustrated. This was a treat for me, I was out of work for a while, but I watched my finances closely. It was a bad investment. It is referred to as theDR: If you are going to use your lights outside, you should skip this product. They are not waterproof or outdoor worthy. If possible, I would issue negative stars. If you want to improve your product or change your description, please do so.

9. Curtain Christmas Wedding Decoration Operated

Curtain Christmas Wedding Decoration Operated

The 8 Twinkle modes can be realized by both the remote controller and the blue button in theusb port. There are 8 light modes, including combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. It is perfect for decorations in various places, such as bedroom, parties, windows Christmas, and so on. There are 10 strings and 30 lights per string. The plug-in is waterproof and does not include ausb adaptor. Their fairy string curtains lights are easy to install. They have hooks on the top of the strings so they don't get tangled. Don't take the twist ties off before you hang them up. This light will make your life better. Also, note: Only sturdy lights, not a cripple, are used for ache. This light will make your life better. Also, note: Only sturdy lights, not a cripple, are used for ache.

Brand: Jmtgnsep

👤I was disappointed! I have to pay for the return of the item after it quit working. If I had to pay shipping to return it, I would understand, but I would not like it. It is a faulty item. Why put a customer through this when they are already disappointed?

👤These lights are wonderful. They are in my daughter's room. One of the settings dances to music. They are cool.

👤Ours are stapled into place using plastic clips that go along the curtain rod, which is very versatile. I wish I had bought them for our wedding in the beginning of the year.

👤They lied. It's not a curtain light. It is just a sting of lights. curtain lights are so deceiving.

👤They didn't realize they had to have an electrical plug. Does not have lights.

👤We had to use a ribbon because our curtain rod did not have a rope, but I think they look great. They seem a bit more amber than I thought, but still add a charm to the room.

👤I was excited to use the package after receiving it. I was getting ready to set it up when everything was normal. I was going to plug it in, but theusb disconnected from the wire. It wouldn't turn on when I tried to connect it. I was disappointed that I didn't get to try it out, but I had high hopes for this item.

👤An excellent accent to use for hanging pictures. It was easy to put up. Looking forward to using it during the holidays. Very nice.

10. Twinkle Star Curtain Christmas Decorations

Twinkle Star Curtain Christmas Decorations

If necessary, please remove the crease and iron the back surface with steam iron. The main picture of the product is to show the effect, the backdrop stand is not included. When there's no stand, tape sticks on the wall. Warm white curtain lights have 200 warm white individual bulbs, which can be used to create comfortable atmospheres for various occasions. The plug has a safety rating for the human body. The size is suitable for most home curtain or wall decorations. The curtain lights can be connected up to 3 light chains with a male and female safe plug. If strings are connected, keep the mode controller on the first set so that you can control the lights with one controller. Their Christmas decorativeLED lights have 8 lighting modes: wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing/ flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on. The mode controller has a round button. Follow the instructions to install. Don't untie the individual string of lights until the main string is installed. You can make the lights look wonderful by adjusting the distance between the light strings. Even if it rains or snows, the Twinkle Star curtain string lights can be used indoors or outdoors. The transformer is waterproof, so it can be used outside, but not enough to put it under water.

Brand: Twinkle Star

👤The product is far from what the reviewers said about it. I bought these a few days ago and noticed that there was a button on the plug to change the settings on the lights. The settings don't change if you leave them on. That is pointless and annoying.

👤The lights are my favorite part of Christmas. I was so excited to get these lights and have them up in time for Thanksgiving as we all gather out front of my house after dinner and light our Christmas lights. They looked great! I didn't realize there was a strand missing. Got out the ladder, took it down, and sent it back. I got out the ladder again and climbed back up to get them. The lights worked again. For about two hours. An entire portion of my house was dark after an entire string went out. Guess what? A bit later? The string went out again. I've been putting up the lights for years, but to have them die before Christmas is crazy. I am devastated. They looked at the work for a long time. These are not quality lights. My kids are not happy. If I could, I wouldn't give stars.

👤There is false advertising. The diagram shows the cord that plugs into the wall to be 5 feet long and it is impossible because someone has an outlet 9 feet up the wall. Nobody!

👤I have to write bad reviews. I bought 10 sets of Christmas lights and they are the worst I've ever had, but I was so busy that I was only able to return 5 of them. In the picture, you can see that water can easily enter and cause the little bulbs to turn brown in a few days.

👤I have been buying products on Amazon for years and never wrote reviews. I feel like I'm being misled by this purchase. I thought I was buying lights that would fit our window perfectly. Our window is close to the same size. The lights stretched from the cord to the cord. The curtain of lights is only a little over 6 feet. I thought I read everything correctly. It looked like it was going to be a full curtain of lights.

👤My son's cloud lamp looked like thunder when the lights went inside the cloud. They are perfect. Love them.

👤I looked cool. I was happy for about 4 nights. They malfunctioned despite changing the setting back to normal and then stopped working. It is only good for a night or two. Not long term use.

👤Doesn't look like the pictures or the chort of plug-in chord. Akward looking.

11. Backdrop Birthday Decorative Dangling Vertical

Backdrop Birthday Decorative Dangling Vertical

The soft white waterfall fairy lights come with 18 light strands and each string contains 17 lights. It is wide and long enough to cover most windows, walls, and even a canopy bed in the backyard, and it is 118 inches in width and height. Stay On and 7 blinking modes have 8 different lightIing effects: combination, in waves, sequential, slo-glo, Chasing/Flash, slow fade, and flash. It is safe and heat free to come with an ETL Certified transformer. It is safe to touch and won't get overheated. Only the provided one, or one from a reliable manufacturer, is recommended. Remember the settings for the light effect. You don't have to manually select your preferred setting every time you turn them on. It can be used as Christmas decor, party weddings backdrop, but also perfect for everyday use such as hanging it down across tapestry, sheers, drapes, glass slide door, plain wall or even installed as lighted divider of 2 rooms, and you can keep. It can be used as Christmas decor, party weddings backdrop, but also perfect for everyday use such as hanging it down across tapestry, sheers, drapes, glass slide door, plain wall or even installed as lighted divider of 2 rooms, and you can keep.

Brand: Lighting Ever

👤It was bought last year and used for an event. Only half of the lights worked this year because it was plugged in. It's a pity.

👤They turned into a mess when I hung them. The money was wasted.

👤I love these! It's perfect lighting for summer nights on our porch.

👤The look gave our party a nice vibe. The backdrop was pretty. You have to be careful when hanging, not too tangle it up.

👤They were used for my daughter's wedding. I loved how it turned out.

👤I'm not sure what Satan did to wrap these lights up and put them in a box, but I know it was to cause harm to me. The lights were bright. They have different modes so you can have a solid light or blink speeds. We mounted these behind a curtain. We ended up mounting them behind the bed in our room because we liked them so much. These came tangled. It's one strand with multiple strands hanging from it. It took 4 people 45 minutes to get these straightened out. I had to thank the people that helped me because otherwise I would have died and been buried with the wires.

👤This is a hard review, I absolutely love this product, I have purchased 20 or more boxes and have them hanging in my bar business. They go out so fast. I bought another 5 boxes to replace the lights after I realized it was the plug. I am not sure if you should sell the plug end separately or work on adjusting the problem. It hurts. If you sold the plug separately, I would buy a new one to fix the lights I have now. If you want to use this for more than 2 weeks, you should look for something else. Sorry.

👤It was beautiful for what I planned. It's easy to use. Follow the instructions and hang lights first. Absolutely love it. I strung the lights over the bed. They are longer than shown here. I folded them in half to fit in the bed.

👤I assume they mean the button on the outlet part to change the light settings, and it works great. I have a timer that plugs into the outlet and they are a nice warm light, perfect for when it's dark and you don't feel like the sun is shining on you. I put them on the balcony. I love them so much. The process of unwrapping was the only thing I could complain about. I was very nervous that I was going to cut the light string because of the tiny zip ties on the curtain parts. That was a lot of work. I am very happy with them. Would recommend.

👤The twinkle lights are pretty. They fit our window perfectly. If my husband let me, I would put them in every room.

👤The product is pretty. I use it as a room decor instead of a party decor. It covers most of my wall and the color is a soft yellow which makes my room feel cozy. I believe this can be used to cover the ceiling of your room. It's like a sky light. It is pretty. It was very easy to work with. Only problem is that it is a curtain. You can not change it into a string of lights. You can not make designs out of them. The different stages of lights are not normal. Some of them were very intense in the dark. The original light stage is just a solid light. There is no remote control that I like. The light can only be changed from the plug. It is a great decor for rooms, parties and dorms.


What is the best product for wedding backdrop curtains with lights?

Wedding backdrop curtains with lights products from Kproe. In this article about wedding backdrop curtains with lights you can see why people choose the product. Chu&white and Torchstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding backdrop curtains with lights.

What are the best brands for wedding backdrop curtains with lights?

Kproe, Chu&white and Torchstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding backdrop curtains with lights. Find the detail in this article. Maggift, Honche and Jmexsuss are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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