Best Wedding Arch Stand Wood

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1. Doingart Decoration Decorative Bouquets Balloons

Doingart Decoration Decorative Bouquets Balloons

2 by 2-Inch posts with arbor top. The diameter of the circus ballOON ARCH is 82inch. It is made of high quality metal and can be used for a long time. The double bar stand is sturdy and easy to fall over. The exterior is painted. The circle arch bow is easy to disassemble. PerfECT decline is defined. The metal balloon arch is a popular party decoration. You can decorate the circle arch with balloons, flowers, fake plants, or other elements to create a personalized backdrop. MULTIPURPOSE: The round arch for balloons can be used for many occasions. If you have a question, please contact them. They will help you solve the problem.

Brand: Doingart

👤The seller reached out and sent me a new arch with all of the screws. The arch is big and fulfilling its purpose! It leans a little bit, without anything added on. My arch did not have wing nuts. We tried to put the pieces of the circle together without them, but it was not possible. Without the wing nuts, the pieces fall out when they slide into each other. I was trying to put the last piece in when it came crashing down. A piece almost hit our tv and a few pieces bounced on the ground and almost hit my kid who was sitting across the room It isn't usable.

👤If my fiancé was not too tall, this arch would have been great for our wedding ceremony. He is about 6 feet 3 inches. I thought this would be taller than him. It is simply not. The quality is okay, but I wish it was a little stronger. I am sure it would be strong with weights. It seems a little expensive for what you get, but it is probably about what I expected. I decided to go for a larger one that came with weights and was only a few bucks more. This is too short for a ceremony where one of you is around 6 feet. I think this would make a great back drop for a balloon. It would be great for a shower.

👤The top part of the circle was missing for my sister-in-law's wedding. It's really bad. So disappointed. The structure will need bricks or something heavy to hold it up.

👤It's difficult to judge how tall this will be. It should be taller than the average person to use for a backdrop. It was large enough. Stores is a small space and is a good value for the money. My family and friends host a lot of events. We'll get a lot of use out of this.

👤It was perfect, arrived on time, stable and perfect.

👤You should put it together before the date. Some of the tubes had to be rounded out. The paint was yellow. The paint job was bad. Assembly was hard because of the burrs inside. Thankfully my husband was able to fix it. Plan how to steady it. It was easy to topple. Stand needs to be fixed.

👤It is easy to assemble and transport but not sturdy outside. Adding weights to the stand will make it stronger. I used stakes to the sides of the stand and weights to the back of the photo.

👤I put it together so I could find a circle for my wedding. The pieces are not the same. Some have a bigger curve and some have an extra curved end. When you order a replacement, you will be picking the most similar pieces from the two. I hope so.

2. Wedding Outdoor Climbing Backdrop Decoration

Wedding Outdoor Climbing Backdrop Decoration

Feel free to contact them if you have any issues. The Circle BallOON ARCH is a depiction of the ballOON. The size is 6.5 Ft. It is made of high quality metal and can be used for a long time. It's easy to collapse. The iron arch bow is easy to disassemble. The wedding arch decay is a delicacy. The metal round balloon arch is a popular party decoration. You can use balloons, flowers, greenery and other elements to create a special backdrop for the party arch. There is a garden ballOON. The metal wedding arch stand is suitable for indoor and outdoor weddings. Dress up the wedding frame with your imagination. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The round arch for balloons can be used for many things. If you receive any quality problems of the products, please contact them, they will provide the best solution.

Brand: Wokire

👤I loved the finish result, it was very easy to assembly. I like the price.

👤The pieces for the arch were not received. I received some metal for an arch. This is very disappointing.

👤A nice circle stand. It was what I needed. It stood up indoors and had stakes for the outdoors. Thank you!

3. COMEHAPPY Wedding Birthday Background Decorations

COMEHAPPY Wedding Birthday Background Decorations

The balloon arch floor stand kit is perfect for a variety of applications. There is aIDE application. The circle wedding arch can be used as a backdrop for any wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, anniversary, or any other event. You can decorate it with flowers, greenery, curtains, lights, macrame, fabric or anything you want. The metal is strong and not easy to rust. The modern circular wedding arch makes your events beautiful and gorgeous. Evolutionary design. The flower is not included. The wedding arch creates a classic feeling. You can decorate them with a variety of items. The style of the venue will make it rich in visual effects. It's easy to install, and it makes it easy to enjoy your new decoration. The bouquet frame is easy to install and maintain. The double bar stand is sturdy and won't fall over. Quality Assurance. After rigorous testing, their products are put into the market. Friendly customer services are provided by them. Please contact them if you have any questions or quality issues.

Brand: Comehappy

👤The pieces were not the same color. It took 4 people to put it together because you needed someone to hold in the connected pieces. It took a lot of bending to get us to the top from the bottom. It was more of a pointed ellipse. Everything kept coming apart after we started attaching the decorations. It was terrible. They had to use duct tape to keep it connected and make sure they were all covered. I can't even return the money.

👤I was surprised at how small the package was. I thought I could assemble it on the first try, except for connecting the last piece. The box has very little instructions, but I found it easy to assemble the legs and 3 pieces on the left and right. I needed a chair to connect the left and right, but once they were together, I had no issues. The frame is light-weight and the movement tipped it over. We used a cement block to hold the weights in place, because I believe they were meant to be filled with water and placed on the stand.

👤The arch got on my nerves as I tried to put it together. I oiled the pieces so I could disassemble them. The last two pieces have to be pulled towards you. I only used it for practice before I use it for the baby shower.

👤I've built this by myself many times and never had any problems. On the day of my wedding, my bridesmaids had some issues and they said it was open. The venue gave them some tape and they were fine. You can't beat this price for a big arch.

👤The arch was perfect for what we wanted and will be used for all of our events. We staked it down instead of using bases.

👤This was used for a party. The finished product was easy to assemble.

👤The arch was everything. It was easy to take down. It made my daughter's birthday more fun. Great value will buy again. The base was cheap. The water bags that came with the stand popped after being moved. If you have bricks, that will do the job.

👤My first one was this one. The first one I sent back was missing a pole and some of the poles were bent. I got the new one in June but unboxed it on Saturday and several of the poles are bent. I am outside my window and it can't be used. Very disappointing.

4. VUDECO Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

VUDECO Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

All products are delivered by Amazon and follow the exchange/return policy. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any questions. The symbol of love and commitment is suitable for wedding arches. White roses represent young love and eternal loyalty. The package includes a centerpiece floral suck, a decorative floral suck, and a fabric drape. The White Rose with Green Leaves is a great quality and safe material that will last a long time. It's perfect for wedding arch decorations, wall hanging arrangement, door wreath, school, festival, and house warming. The Ready to Hang Wedding Decor - VUDECO Floral Swag Wedding Decor Kit are well designed and arranged with great handcraft quality. Their Zip Ties make it easy to hang on anything. Artificial flowers with green leaves are arranged in a realistic way for natural looking. Love and warmth are brought to the wedding and festival.

Brand: Vudeco

👤It was easy to put up, but needed larger wire ties. When we put it up, it was beautiful.

5. DASHAN Photography Background Conference Performance

DASHAN Photography Background Conference Performance

The balloon arch kit is a perfect decoration for a photo booth, weddings, bridal events, graduation, birthday decoration, candy buffets, dessert tables, boy & girl baby showers, Christmas decoration, new years decoration and more. You can reuse it on different occasions. The package is 7.5 feet in diameter and 2.3 feet in height. Please contact them before making a request if you need it. Stand or clips are not included. The material is 100% polyester, not easy towrinkle. Light weight, easy to fold and handling, durable, easy to clean, no reflection. Use and odorless. It makes the shooting effect more realistic and colorful, eye-catching, and not easy to fade, high fidelity, three-dimensional effect of artistic effect, thanks to high-resolution digital printing. This background can be used for many things, such as party supplies, baby shower,bridal shower, wedding,birthday,holiday,baptism,graduation,retirement,festivals, videos, live TV, YouTube, studios, clubs, events or family photography. Service: Their sole purpose is your satisfaction. You will get a reply in a short time if you contact them. Best wishes!

Brand: Dashan

👤It's pretty opaque. It is on a stand. It feels like a sheet. I will steam it before use. It might need more clips to be flatter. The perimeter will be covered by balloons. Not angry at it. An affordable alternative.

👤I wanted to give this item 5 stars because I loved how simple it was to use, but it had 2 tears in it. I don't have time to send back a replacement. I'm not happy.

6. Lmeison Artificial Decorations Semi Sheer Reception

Lmeison Artificial Decorations Semi Sheer Reception

A screwdriver is needed for the assembly of different types of rods and screws. The bases can be pushed. The curved rod and vertical straight rod can work together. The horizontal rod needs to be put into the vertical assembly. The corner swag is 25*65 cm/ 10*28.6in and the back flower is 20*45 cm/7*17.7in. Set of 3 includes a large corner piece, tie back and fabric drape. It doesn't come with a wood stand. The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals or blow the cold air with a hair dryer to help recover the shape. It is a budget friendly alternative to expensive fresh flowers and greeneries, they will stay and look beautiful all day, not turning brown, while its budget is just 30% or less of the fresh flower. One is larger than the other. The base is flexible and can be curved for your circle arch or hexagonal arch display. Beautiful wedding arch decorations are perfect for weddings, stage, party, ceiling, engagement, reception, buffets table runner, backdrop, curtains, baby and bridal showers, outdoor, photography, photo booths, home events and so on.

Brand: Lmeison

👤The flowers look fake in person. I don't think they would look good from a long way away. The drapes are great. I love them and can't wait to use them.

7. LANGXUN Balloon Decoration Birthday Background

LANGXUN Balloon Decoration Birthday Background

This will be a shopping trip without worry. If the product you receive has any quality problems, please contact them and they will give you a 100% refunds. The material is high quality. The size is 6 x 6.2 ft and the brand name is Lanxun. The material of the arch is iron and can be recycled several times. Arch decoration is one of the most popular party decorations. You can decorate the arches with balloons, flowers, fake plants or other elements to create a personalized backdrop for the arch. It can be used outdoors. Birthday party, bachelor party, boy & girl baby showers, school opening ceremonies, graduation party decoration, candy buffets, dessert tables, christmas decoration, New Years decoration, Commercial celebration decoration and Party Photo Booth are examples of votive altars. You can reuse it on many occasions. It is easy to assemble. They have balloon ring, dot glue, and balloon tape strip accessories that you can use to build your own arch decoration. The best customer service. This will be a shopping trip without worry. If the product you receive has any quality problems, please contact them and they will give you a 100% refunds. If you want to use plastic rings to build a balloon arch, they recommend using 5 inch balloons.

Brand: Langxun

👤This was the only seller that was fast and had a baby shower. The ring parts were easy to assemble. I took it down in about the same time as I put it together. Excited to use it this weekend and will try to get more pictures with the balloons on it. The ring is close to the ceiling at 9 ft high. The structure is light enough for transportation. You will need something to weigh the ring down. Excellent purchase!

👤The material is a little flimsy and the look of the ring is beautiful. It cracked when it was taken down. I only give it 4 stars because it looked nice.

👤The arch was easy to build but not easy to disassemble like other reviewers said. It would not separate when time was up. The product is cheap. The pictures are attached. A bad paint coating was used. It won't last long if you decide to keep. The event I ordered for was not usable because it was delivered on time. Returning!

👤This was used at a drive through birthday. Make sure all the parts are present at home for February 14th. The ring is so tall that I couldn't close it. I was able to set it up on my own. It is lightweight and yellow gold. The pieces had flaws but I knew they wouldn't be noticed by the camera or the public. It is great for use indoors but needs more support outdoors. The extras help create balloon garlands. The arch will be used in all my future party decor.

👤This Langxun Circular/Ring is wonderful. You will love it. It is worth buying. It can be used with or without decorations. Once you set the lock-in piece in, it's easy to assemble. Before you put the plastic loops in the balloons, make sure to put the piece in the balloon. I suggest you fill your balloons with as much loop as possible. Love it! Love it.

👤I ordered this size first, it is large and not gold. It is a funky yellow. spray paint can fix that It will fit in your car if it breaks apart. I kept the smaller 7.5ft one I ordered. The picture is small. It is the same yellow color as gold. The balloons cover the color.

👤Very flimsy. Pieces are hard to assemble without scratching the surface and using tools and hammer to insert and remove. If you're looking for something cheap to use once or twice, you must have some sort of protection. I would not recommend outdoor use because it fell a few times with the air conditioner blowing on it. Spending more money will get you a sturdy product.

👤We bought this a couple months ago for our daughter shower and it is missing a post and two of the ends are crimped. We didn't return it because we thought it would be fine.

👤I bought this for my wife's birthday party and it was easy to put together and excellent quality. It comes with a balloon arch kit. We used cloth and leaves to decorate it. We'll definitely use it for future events. The base needs weights on it to hold it together.

8. Lings Moment Artificial Reception Arrangement

Lings Moment Artificial Reception Arrangement

The package includes 1x top flower garland. 2x Tieback flower is approx. A Semi-sheer drape is approx. 21 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. The pre-made Flower swal made from artificial roses, dahlias, peonies, avalanche rose flowers and assorted greenery was designed. It's ready to use and can be hung onto anything, it's a flexible base and allows for a straight, curved for your circle arch or hexagonal arch display. They will look beautiful all day, not turning brown, and are the best alternative to expensive fresh flowers. The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤I immediately opened it and it was pretty, but a little squishy from the packing. It was perfect for my mom's wedding because I got it out of the package and worked on the flowers. I used the side flowers in the middle of the cake table and the sign in the table was perfect.

👤The product was worth the price. The flower quality was amazing.

👤They look realistic. The day before our wedding, my husband and his dad were able to decorate this arch in under an hour. It would cost hundreds of dollars to look the same with real flowers. I didn't know the kit came with a sheer fabric. I bought one at walmart and used both. My wallet is happy with my purchase and I am very happy with my backyard wedding.

👤I am amazed at how realistic they are. The garden looks natural with it. The leaves above the flowers are all natural. I bought this as a last resort and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.

👤It is difficult to find a flower arch that is not cheap and fits a budget at a wedding. This is the best that I have found and it looks great. The colors of the flowers are perfect for my wedding theme. I was surprised to see that it came with ties to help keep it in place. Excited to use this!

👤I was unsure about buying flowers off Amazon, but they were perfect for our wedding. They look real and we got a lot of praise. They had large zip ties to help with the placement. They are flexible in their placement. It's simply beautiful!

👤I got my arch flower set today and everything is pictured here. It is even more beautiful in person. I have bought flowers from lings moment and have not been disappointed yet. I took the mesh bag out to make sure the drapes were okay. They look a mess now.

👤I didn't want to waste money on real flowers so I bought this. The garland is easy to set up. The arch that I rented was large, and the garland was strong enough to drape it. There are three pieces, one large piece and two side pieces. It also includes a silky drape and zip ties to attach the garland to the arch. I gave the box to my wedding planner, who was able to attach the drape and the garlands to the arch on her own before the ceremony started. Great purchase!

9. Backdrop Wedding Balloon Birthday Decoration

Backdrop Wedding Balloon Birthday Decoration

It's perfect for all OCCASIONS. You can use this gold circle arch for a wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration, baby shower and other special events. Arch decoration is one of the most popular party decorations. You can get 13 pipes, 2 connect, and 2 balloon arch stands with the purchase of their balloon arch stand. The balloon glue dot is 100. A balloon knotter and a balloon tape strip. The arch is made of iron and can be used for a long time. It can be used outdoors. You can decorate them with fake flowers, greenery, balloons, and other items. You can use the arches on the social short video to decorate your party background. The stands will make your backyard look more sophisticated. Easy to carry, can be done by one person. It can be assembled quickly. The product has accessories to help you build your own arch decoration more quickly and easily. Birthday party, bachelor party, boy & girl baby showers, school opening ceremonies, graduation party decoration, candy buffets, dessert tables, christmas decoration, New Years decoration, Commercial celebration decoration and Party Photo Booth. You can reuse it on many occasions. Before purchase and installation, please watch the video installation instructions. This will be a shopping trip without worry. If the product you receive has any quality problems, please contact them. They will give you a 100% refund.

Brand: Luobu

👤We had a party to celebrate our colleague's promotion. We put this together in 20 minutes, it was easy to compare it to it's size. We had a problem with how to make the feet stable because my friend didn't want to read the introduction. The product is really good and the result is good.

👤The size is larger than I expected. I believe it needs more support. The metal is leaning. The metal doesn't have the support to stay upright. If it stays standing and hides the support issues, I will apply decor and update it.

👤My arch is leaning because the 2 stand are bent. I'm returning the product.

👤I bought it for my wedding and it wasn't very good, there was not balance, some of the poles had dents, and the screw broke off.

👤Adding a hole on the other side will make it more sturdy when adding the nut nut. I received the item with a missing leg and am returning it.

👤It was not easy to assemble.

👤The product is terrible. It was supposed to be gold tone but it is more like an orange. So angry! What a waste of money. The gold hoop is where I built my theme.

👤The colors are the same as shown in the pictures. Can't wait to use it.

10. Lings Moment Drapping Ceremony Reception

Lings Moment Drapping Ceremony Reception

Their garland can be used over and over again since it's been made to last long and made with hand. They pride ourselves on creating high-quality home decorations that add a festive atmosphere to your home. If you have any questions, please contact them. 100% cotton. 100 percent Wrinke-free. These panels are made of a fabric that shimmers and is more graceful than other fabrics. Each panel is 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. The chuppah in the images is about 6.5 feet tall. It's easy to create a beautifual look with this set. The sheer arch drapes will help to create a great eye catching detail in your wedding decor. Also, note: In cold, machine-washable separately. Do not twist. Hanging dry.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤My fiancée wanted to buy these for our upcoming wedding and she kept an eye on them to make sure they were in stock. The delivery date was pushed back by a week. They are worth the wait for them to be back in stock. Pictures don't do justice. They will add a nice touch to our wedding arch. She is happy with them. I expected them to be shorter and cheaper, but they are better than that. I am surprised they are not more than $50-$75. For a budget friendly price, they look and feel luxurious.

👤I love these drapes. I ordered a second set for my wedding. I have two different combinations of drapes. I read the reviews and saw that the buyers received a ivory/peach color, instead of blush, because it looks ivory and does not reflect the other colors. I liked the Mauve color and ordered Ling's moment Wedding Arch Drapes for Ceremony reception backdrop decorations. I received three people. I ordered the matching table runners after receiving it. I duplicated Ling's order of Wedding Arch Drapes for Ceremony reception backdrop decorations. This time, I received three people. I am docking 1 star because my 2 orders were inconsistent and did not match the description.

👤It was perfect for my wedding.

👤I am able to comedor ya, son bastante largo, sedoso, y color, lo nico.

👤The product is lovely. The material is perfect for decorations or a wedding arch. It is also durable. I put it in the wash and air dried and it was good. The colors are pretty. The packaging was well done. This is a high quality product that is worth the money.

👤I got this for my wedding. It was a waste of time and money. I was not able to set it up like the photos. 3 other people tried to work with it as well. It looked weird and messy. We didn't use it for our special day.

👤They looked gorgeous when draped over our wedding arch for our outdoor wedding. The material is gorgeous. The colors are amazing.

👤These are very delicate. I like how long they are. I was worried I would be disappointed in size or color, but they are absolutely perfect.

👤Beautifully packaged fabric.

11. LANGXUN Decoration Graduation Decorations Background

LANGXUN Decoration Graduation Decorations Background

Also, note: In cold, machine-washable separately. Do not twist. Hanging dry. The material is material. The size is 9.5 x 8 ft and the brand name is LangXun. The product contains instructions to build a decorative arch. A balloon arch is a perfect prop for any party or holiday decoration. You can create a romantic and beautiful party atmosphere by meeting your party's decorative needs. It is easy to assemble. It has some useful accessories to help you build arches. It's not just balloon arches. Take a look at the arches on ins and use flowers and grass to create a personalized backdrop for the arch. It can be used outdoors. This gold circle arch is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, and other special events.

Brand: Langxun

👤It's a shiny mustard yellow. I was not aware that there would be 3 different ways to instal balloons on it, but it was nice. It was very large. I was thrown off by the color, but it was light and easy to put together. I had someone rent it for the first time, and they set it up outside with a veil around it. The piece clicks at the base. It was cheap, but I was so sad because I have another wedding soon. I would have liked it to last more than one event. I got a refund after returning it.

👤It's very tall and has a good size. The majority of the reviews stated that it was hard to assemble, but I didn't have that problem. I ignored the comments and went for it. I put it together myself. You need to get used to it, but once you do, it is fairly easy. You need to put some force on it to assemble, but it's not going to be extreme. I came in perfect condition.

👤The first time it was used was for a baby shower. The balloon arch was being assembled when the base broke. We had to give back the cost of the design because of the FAULTY equipment. Poorly constructed. Not for outdoor use at all. I didn't discover the faulty equipment until 30 days later, so I can't get a refund. I am very disappointed. Stressed beyond belief on an important event for my clients.

👤The arch's size was perfect for its purpose. The color is a little burnt orange and not really gold, but it worked out well in the end. If it is a windy day and you are going to use this outdoors, you may need to add some weight to the base. I could see it swaying back and forth, but it never tipped over. The balloon glue and accessories it came with were very nice.

👤The item is not strong, the pipes are thin, and it does not align. I don't recommend this arch for outdoor events because it doesn't have any weight. This is only for inside. The pipes are hard to put together. The buttons are pressed and the pipes are slid in and out of place. You don't get a perfect arch when the two sides don't align. The arch can tip over even if it's not inside. I expected a better arch of heavier materials and that it stood on its own. I don't think this arch is good for party planners.

👤I gave it a five star but it broke on the first day I used it. The wind broke the base when it blew. I used tape to fix it. It is not the nest fix. It works. I don't like the mustard yellow color which is not gold. The stand is amazing. It is a great value and I have been using it since it broke. I will eventually buy another one. The stand is strong and thick. It is not heavy or flimsy. It is very easy to assemble. You will need a chair or a step stool to assemble the middle part. It allows you to make beautiful designs. If it is used outdoors, get some sand bags to anchor it.


What is the best product for wedding arch stand wood?

Wedding arch stand wood products from Doingart. In this article about wedding arch stand wood you can see why people choose the product. Wokire and Comehappy are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding arch stand wood.

What are the best brands for wedding arch stand wood?

Doingart, Wokire and Comehappy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding arch stand wood. Find the detail in this article. Vudeco, Dashan and Lmeison are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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