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1. Veryhome Artificial Garland Decorative Ceremony

Veryhome Artificial Garland Decorative Ceremony

3 PCS flower garland is included in the package. Each floral Garland contains 13 flowers with 126 leaves, flower buds approx 3 inches in diameter, each approx 7.9ft in length. A fake flower bouquet with two-colored flower head, dark violet and pale lavender roses, fresh and elegant, add a splash of color to your room. These silk flower garlands are made of high quality silk material and plastic wrapped vines with vivid realistic leaves, which will keep them fresh for years. This floral Garland can be used for decorating tents, wedding decor, first communion decorations, enchanted forest decorations, birthday party decoration, baby party decorations. They can be used to decorate your corners or chandelier decorations. It is a good idea to apply a romantic wreath to the wedding arch. If flowers have a little bit of squash after long transport, you can use a hair dryer or steam iron to restore the shape. If you have a question, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Veryhome

👤I gagged when I opened the package. There was a strong smell. I was afraid to touch it. I was upset. I was going to send it back. I looked at the roses first. They looked like real roses if they were dead. I almost cried. I didn't want to send it back, so I thought about what to do. I live off the beaten path in the country. It would cost me $6 to send back the product. I thought about trying to wash them. I thought I should try it. I'm glad I did. I soaked the roses in a bucket of clean water and softer laundry after rinsing them off, and then I put them in a container of soapy water. I put them on the line outside. They came to life when they fluffed up. They smelled great, like clean laundry. It worked. I have put them up in my room and would like to order more in the future. I recommend. Try what I did. I hope this helps.

👤We made a dining room table centerpiece for our neighbor's 75th birthday using this garland. She likes the color red. The fake roses had red dye on their hands. The flowers were crushed. Good for one use, then throw it away.

👤I was surprised by the beauty of the rose garland. The flower petals are made of flannel and look real. The garland is 69 inches in length. If you want them to be full, you will need to twist a few garlands together. They were used to decorate an arch for our party.

👤These worked well for what I wanted. I twisted the vines together so the pink and purple blooms alternated. We're going to use twisted up vines and some sheer organza during our vow renewal ceremony. After the ceremony, we'll put a photo backdrop on the back of the arch so guests can take pictures.

👤Absolutely beautiful roses. ! The roses looked real and the colors were vibrant. Several of my guests at our wedding thought they were real roses. My only regret... I wish I had bought more. I only had enough to wrap around 2 poles of a gazebo.

👤It's so realistic and beautiful. The price is a great value. The product photos have some extra glue in them, but they still look good.

👤I'm not sure if it's 6 feet like it says, but it was used to match my bathroom. This is the most realistic fake Rose I have ever seen.

👤On the thinner side. It worked for me. There were 3 garlands that came with mine. The purple color is nice, I was expecting it.

2. Lings Moment Arrangement Ceremony Decorations

Lings Moment Arrangement Ceremony Decorations

It's perfect for weddings, showers, parties and home decor. It's suitable like a wedding backdrop, curtain, room divider. The "deluxe arch flower set" is designed for a larger wedding arch, altar, arbor, gazebo, etc. They are made of foam and silk artificial flowers and look very realistic. The large corner flower is 6ft L x 1ft W, the flower part is 35" L x 17 W, and the tie-back flower is 3ft L x 1ft W. The package includes a large corner flower swag, burgundy sheer drape, navy blue drape, and green cable zip tie. The package does not include arch stand, candles, candleholders, rose petals, lanterns, and lantern flowers.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤I wanted to make sure the colors would match the wedding. The online photos look different in different light. The first arrived in a well packaged box with tissue around the flowers and a seal around it. The Ling box was where the second arrived. It wasn't sealed in any way. The tissue paper had already been opened when I opened the lid. I was too tired to take everything out to check the quality last night after I returned home. I don't have time to do it this morning as I'm going out of town. I hope that everything will be in brand new condition when I do so. The colors are striking. I hope it isn't someone else's used item. If I get these out and find that is the case, I hope I won't have a problem with a return. The colors are very similar to what is shown on the website from the manufacturer. I was not sure what I would get from the reviews. These are flowers that are attached to greenery with green wire or tape. The roses look real. When you open the box, you feel like you got something from a florist. The traditional fabric flowers are the other flowers. You could find it in big box stores. I think they are average. One of these would work well for someone who doesn't have time to make their own. They could pass for flowers. Adding more variety to the types and sizes of flowers would make this more beautiful.

👤This is stunning. Can't wait to see it on the big day, but definitely needs some fluffing. The reason for 4 stars was that my packaging was crushed and a few flowers came off, nothing a little glue won't fix.

👤I knew what I wanted at my daughter's wedding because I practiced arranging this in my home. My daughter loves this. I am very happy that it arrived quickly.

👤These are perfect for a fall wedding. It was easy to put these up on an arch because they come with lots of zip ties. Definitely recommend these!

👤This was amazing. It was absolutely beautiful. Bobby pins were used to hold everything.

👤We were amazed by the beauty of this product. I was worried that the fake flowers would look fake, but they were gorgeous and could be used for many events.

👤My package is missing the drapes and wires.

👤I am very happy with the flowers, they are beautiful and very good quality.

3. Lings Moment Handcrafted Artificial Centerpieces

Lings Moment Handcrafted Artificial Centerpieces

Artificial roses and artificial greeneries are made from high-quality material. Pre-made. Ready to use. It's the best alternative to expensive flowers. You can order these days in advance and they will look great at your wedding, they can be put out days before and not turn brown, as fresh flowers are known to do during the day. The rose runner is 5 feet long. The flower runners have large roses, regular roses, small roses, some rose buds, and greenery leaves. It is large enough to be used as a table arrangement. The flower runner can be used to create a natural look for your wedding, sweet 16 party, holiday dinner party, bridal shower, or just bring a bit of green to your home. The ports on the garlands are designed to attach additional flowers, but they are not the missing part. The flowers can be easily recovered by softly kneading the flower head or releasing it from the box for a few days.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤The garland is beautiful. I will be ordering more. The cake and flower are from Lings moments. They made everything look beautiful. I had a wedding in the back yard.

👤The item didn't work for my wedding decor. I was told I would get a full refund, so I am only giving 2 stars. I have been checking my credit card, where I made the purchase. I tracked it. I was given a store credit. Is that really true? I should credit the $ back to my credit card. Where in your return policy does it say this wouldn't happen? I want my money back.

👤There are fake flowers. You can tell the difference between fake flowers and high quality ones. I like how they package everything with care. Ling's is a good place to look for fake flowers.

👤I ordered one wreath to make sure it was good quality and visually appealing. The wreath was neatly folded in its own box and the packing was excellent. The entire garland is beautiful. The flowers look real and are soft to touch. Lings does an excellent job of making their products look and feel life like, even though I didn't want them to look fake, because I am using artificial flowers for my wedding. I think the price is worth it. The colors were vibrant and beautiful. The flower colors and imagine are very accurate. I will decorate my wedding reception with these, and I will not regret buying them.

👤I am very happy with this product. The desert tables have extra flowers for decor. Everyone was impressed by them. The colors are perfect, so much better than real flowers.

👤I loved this. We added 2 strands of greenery to make it look bigger and better for my daughter's wedding. Also purchased coordinating fabric.

👤I can't stress how beautiful these flowers are. They are not made of plastic. I went to the hobby lobby and bought $200 worth of flowers to make my own arrangements and saw these online and decided to check them out. I took the $200 worth of plastic back to the hobby lobby and will only buy it from this company. I love them so much! I'm going to see the bride bouquet I have coming from here.

👤These are very high quality, you get what you pay for, and they are pretty. Many fake flowers smell toxic. Just a little. But it doesn't stay in the air. The package was very nice for gift giving.

4. SERRAFLORA Artificial Flowers Centerpieces Arrangements

SERRAFLORA Artificial Flowers Centerpieces Arrangements

There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. They look very realistic. The long wire stem of the flowers and greeneries makes them very easy to work with. They are the best flowers. The artificial flowers and greenery combo pack can be used for a variety of purposes. Daisy x7 is a set of artificial flowers that include a 2.50 inch rose and a 1.96 inch peony. The branch is 6.29 inches in diameter and has a orchid on it. There are berries Stems, flower rod wire, and hot melt accessories. The flower box is long and wide. The stem is long. You can trim the flower stems to fit your needs, they are perfect for flower decorations at home. The soft iron wire can be used to make a variety of flower arrangements, such as bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, and any other flower decorations which you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home.

Brand: Serra Flora

👤Most flowers are missing from my box. I received a pair of scissors and a tissue. The second box was perfect and met all my expectations. I don't want to touch the open box again because it has grease and oil on it. How does this happen? I need to have that second box like yesterday.

👤I bought this prop for book staging. It was easy to work with. If you want a larger item with more flowers, you should order 2.

👤So beautiful! I love them! They are even more beautiful than the pictures. I bought them for my friend who is getting married and she will be doing the bridesmaids bouquets.

👤I was not sure what I was getting since there were no reviews, but I am so glad I took the risk. These are what I was looking for. The kit is easy to put together, the colors are vibrant, and the flowers and greenery are good quality. The majority of the flowers pictured are from the bouquet kit. I would recommend any bride that is doing this.

👤The flowers were beautiful. I was surprised that it was more beautiful than I anticipated. I wore them for part of my costume. I received a lot of praise. I can not throw it away because it is too pretty. I will buy these flowers in other colors. Excellent quality and many uses.

👤Silk flowers are almost like dried flowers with muted colors. Soft to touch and come packaged in a box that is not crushed or shaped. You have to assemble, but I prefer that over crushed flowers. There is a small amount of plastic greenery. The flowers look real, but these do not. There is oneouquet stem with 3 branches and several nubs to attach flowers. Great buy!

👤So pretty. There is a nice variety of flowers. Two boxes was enough for two full table arrangements. The value is great.

👤I bought this for my baby's dedication. I got about 8 mini arrangements from them. They will be hanging from the tree. Excellent quality and colors. There were only 2 small flowers that came with a weird flourecent orange. The flourecent orange worked out to create a little pop in two of the arrangements. Will be buying again.

👤I have never purchased from the US and found the flower heads disappointing. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

👤Muy bonito, el material, e de excelente calidad.

5. Lings Moment Artificial Ceremony Decoration

Lings Moment Artificial Ceremony Decoration

The large flower swag design has a length of 20 x 7 and a width of 7. There is a package of flower swags. + The metal clip is not included with the cable zip tie. There is a beautiful and real-looking purple, lilac and cream silk rose and foam rose, gardenia flower, hybrid tea rose dotted with purple,lilac and ivory spray flower, gold leaves, and greeneries. You can come with metal clips. It is ready to use and has a flexible base with iron wires inside the plastic stems for bending a model easily, and green releasable cable zip ties and metal clip attached for easy tieing to any type of wedding sign, chair back, etc. The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤It was smaller than expected. In my pictures, the shot without drapery is just one set. I ordered 2 sets because my gut told me they wouldn't be big. I think they are overpriced. If I could get 2 sets for a total of $100, that would be more reasonable, but at $70 for one set these are small for that price. I think they are put together nicely, sturdy, and nice that the packaging includes zip ties and clips to hang them with.

👤The leaves and flowers were packed tightly in the box. They look beautiful, other than that. Zip ties were used to secure flowers to where you need them to be. I also bought matching drapery from Ling's Moment. I was on a time crunch and stuck at planning, but her website has more options. Amazon saved the day!

👤I am in love with the flowers. The guests commented on how beautiful my wedding was and how real it was, even though they were not there. Being able to do my table arrangements weeks before was very convenient. I loved this set for the sign. I highly recommend.

👤We used these to decorate the fireplace mantle after we had our wedding indoors. They added color to our greenery. These weren't worth it for the price. The bunches were smaller than I thought, and even after spending some time fluffing, they still weren't as full as I wanted.

👤I used other Lings flowers for a variety of wedding projects. I loved the look and convenience of these, but they were more expensive than what you get. I would definitely recommend any of the Ling's floral products. The 25 pc Burgundy roses are on sale for 14 dollars.

👤Wow! They look real! They were perfect. I swapped out the maroon flower I had in the other loose flowers I purchased from Lings for a mauve flower that was made with styrofoam so I could pop it on and pop it off. All my guests were impressed by it. Definitely worth it! The packaging makes you feel special just opening it.

👤I got mine today! They look pretty and will hold up at my wedding. The color is white and beige. I was expecting white, brown, and a faint pink. I was expecting a lot of pink, but it was not what I wanted, so I was upset. Some of the white flowers looked like packing material. Don't know how to explain it. I was disappointed that they are not the right color and that they spent almost $200 on the flowers.

👤I love my Ling's moment. They can be used for many occasions. I'm glad I bought these, and you will too. One happy customer. It's a good thing.

6. Lings Moment Arrangement Ceremony Decoration

Lings Moment Arrangement Ceremony Decoration

The purple gardenia flower, silk cream rose, and spray flower are all made from the same material. Finished with burnt white and lavender ribbons. The pew flower is approximately 5 feet in diameter, the vines drape is 13 feet in length, and the drapes are 30 feet in length. The value is great. There is a set of 8 pre-made wedding aisle decoration flower pieces. The pew flowers are attached to a long ribbon so they can be tied around any chair you need. You can order these items months in advance since they are all artificial flowers.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤We put these on each chair at our wedding. They were gorgeous. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on flowers for our ceremony because it only lasted 15 minutes. I don't think anyone noticed, these were a perfect stand-in for the real deal. We used a steamer to dewrinkle the ribbon after we received them in the mail. There was minimal effort, minimal cost, and big impact.

👤Lings flowers are not worth much. I watched the video and thought it would hold up. The clip wouldn't hold the flowers upright. The ribbon is cheap and ugly. The cheap alternative arrived better packaged and the flowers were not squeezed or flattened on arrival, which I thought was worth the money. After waiting a week for the product to arrive, I was very disappointed with the packaging and quality.

👤The flowers are beautiful. It's packaged beautiful and looks real. I bought them for my wedding and they are perfect for white chairs. Simple yet elegant!

👤I ordered these for my daughter's wedding in 2019. Since we're on a budget, I wanted to get a jump on things. I was excited when they arrived, but after opening them, I discovered they sent us the wrong color. The replacement items were delivered the next day after I statred a return. They are worth every penny. If you're on the fence and you purchase these, you won't be sorry. They match her wedding colors blush, navy, champagne, and rose gold perfectly.

👤These were some of my favorites from our wedding. They looked amazing when we ordered them for our aisle. They weren't noticed unless they looked closer. One guest tried to smell them. I used some twig branches to add to the look we were going for. They are being used as decoration on our canopy bed, and they look great there too! Win!

👤I would give 5 stars to the flowers themselves. The greenery they add in is perfect. I have an issue with Amazon, not Ling's. The package that I ordered was missing the ribbon that was in the description. I contacted Ling's directly and they offered to send me the terra-cotta ribbon because they were out of burnt orange ribbon, or I could contact Amazon for a replacement because their products come straight from an Amazon shipping center. I contacted Amazon because I wanted the burnt orange ribbon. The ribbon is missing again, but Amazon replaced my order quickly. Ling's originally offered to send me the terra-cotta ribbon, but I am now contacting them to go with their original offer. The product is beautiful, but missing part of the order is disappointing.

👤The box was beautiful. There are pieces of threading that need to be cut but they look fine on their own. I didn't cut it. I'm sure nobody noticed either. The colors matched the real flowers my florist provided so everyone thought it was part of our package; I just couldn't justify the outrageous price of real chair clusters so these were the perfect substitution. Everyone thought it was cute. The flowers are really good. It's straight from the box.

7. JoyBHole Artificial Eucalyptus Ceremony Reception

JoyBHole Artificial Eucalyptus Ceremony Reception

The artificial material makes sure it can be kept for a long time. The floral arrangement is a wonderful gift to give to the bride and bridesmaid at their wedding reception. The wedding arch flower kit consists of two bouquets, one large and one small, with different colors of roses and peonies, both decorated with green foliage, perfect for your wedding decor. The large bouquet is 34 inches long, 8 inches wide and 16 inches high when straightened, while the small bouquet is 30 inches long and 6 inches wide. This wedding arch decoration set is a must-have for all kinds of weddings, including indoor and outdoor weddings, as well as beach weddings and church weddings, but it can also be used to decorate reception, ceremonies, parties and the backdrop. It isdurable and long- lasting. The silk wedding arch flowers are made of fabric and will last for years, won't cause allergies, and look just as beautiful as fresh flowers. They are a great alternative to expensive flowers and greenery and will stay beautiful all day. The wedding arch decorative flowers are easy to install and can be easily secured with 2 ribbon ties, if the wedding arch floral fabric bends during shipping, please promptly straightened the petals to get a better shape.

Brand: Joybhole

8. Wisteria Garland Artificial Flowers Vine

Wisteria Garland Artificial Flowers Vine

Semi-sheer fabric is versatile and can be used for any ceremony party theme. It's perfect for wedding stage, party stage, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, photo backdrop and more. Each wisteria contains 5 flower stems, and each flower stem is 15 inches in length. The material is Silk Fabric and Plastic. The stems and flowers are made of plastic and silk cloth, which is easy to clean. The artificial wisteria hanging vine stem is very durable and can be bent easily, and can be hung anywhere you want. Artificial wisteria vine silk flowers are suitable for outdoor wedding ceremony decor, wedding hanging flowers decoration, spaces enough for decorating items you want to adorn life. The symbol of love and happiness is wisteria. They add color to wisteria vine arrangements by creating flower arches and garlands.

Brand: Slanc

👤I bought it for my wedding. I knew it wasn't going to work when I saw it in the plastic bag and it had a horrible smell. I was going to try because I didn't have much time. It worked fine if it sat out in its group to get rid of the smell. I am an idiot. The wedding day is near. 3 hours before my wedding, stand in at the arch and try to untangle the garlands. This little piece fell into my foot. I panicked and untangled as fast as I could while trying not to cry. The strand was cut. I put it all back in the box and cried for 3 seconds, then sent someone to the hobby lobby to get the real thing. If it wasn't cut in an odd spot, it would have been ok. It wasn't cut in half. It was like a third. If my arch had not been cut, it would have been enough to cover it all. It happens and it is not a big deal. They would have replaced it if I had more time. It is pretty. If you want it to look as good as the pictures, you need to order more than one pack. I'm returning an item since I don't need it anymore.

👤Don't spend your money on this. As soon as you open the bag, leaves and flowers begin to fall, it is weak and looks cheap. It smells like death. There are five wisteria on the garlands.

👤Every 4 feet there is a string of petals. To get it to look like they have pictured, you would have to buy at least 100. Not accurately reflected. I will not purchase from this seller again.

👤You will not be happy with the price. These garlands are worth a dollar each from the dollar store.

👤Terrible, cheap, sparse, ugly, disaster.

👤It's nothing like pictured! If I saw them in person, I wouldn't buy them. I wouldn't have paid more than $7. Why are there five separate vines? I could have doubled them up to make them look a bit bigger.

👤The final product looked nothing like the pictures. It was barely covered with flowers. I bought this for my wedding decorations. I couldn't use it in a major decoration.

👤It was in strands when I received it. I was hoping it would look like the picture. All ready to hang. I tried to do it myself and it looked okay.

👤Malsimo tienes super delgado nada.

9. Lisuun Artificial Decoration Semi Sheer Ceremony

Lisuun Artificial Decoration Semi Sheer Ceremony

It is easy to hang on wooden frames, doors and windows, iron frames, flower walls, arches and so on. You can hang on a flexible base that can be curved for your circle arch or hexagonal arch display. The larger size contains more, the flower tie is 24" long x12" wide, and thesemi-sheer drape is 600*75 cm. Each of these beautiful wedding flowers has been designed by a professional florist who spends hours and hours crafting each flower. It creates a sense of completeness and romance, making a wedding holy and pure for you. The main flower is composed of pure white rose,white peony,white gerbera,white sakura, which are perfectly matched with more than ten kinds of small flowers, leaves and green vines. They are soft and beautiful. Artificial flowers are the best alternative to expensive flowers. They cost less than fresh flowers, so you don't have to care for them as much. They will never fade. In addition to being used in a wedding ceremony, you can also decorate your home with wreathes that are about 20 inches in diameter and hang them over your fireplace, front door, window or living room wall. The wedding flowers bear witness to both your wedding and your happy life.

Brand: Lisuun

👤The flowers are softer and more realistic than most I have seen. The set is worth a lot of money.

👤Bellsimo lo seguido por otra.

10. Huata Artificial Hanging Wedding Garlands

Huata Artificial Hanging Wedding Garlands

The garland is over 6 feet long. The package is made of 3PCS artificial roses and vines Garland, easy to set up and take down, bend it for hanging. There are 6 flowers and 3 buds on each rose flower vine. The greatest Rose vine flowers have been found. You can decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their Rose vine flowers come in a variety of colors. You can find your color and style. The colors are pretty and cute for a wedding. Environmental protection simulation flowers are the first choice of decoration. Environmental protection simulation flowers are the first choice of decoration.

Brand: Huata

👤The roses worked well for decorating a wedding. They were used on a table. The product image shows multiple vines together to get the full picture. If you keep that in mind, you shouldn't be disappointed with this garland. The flowers and greenery are both good quality for the price and they perk up if you hit them with a blow dryer heat. I recommend giving them time to fluff before your event because the come is packed in a plastic bag.

👤Very happy with the purchase. The photo is using only one strand. You get 3 or 4. It is a value because they are very realistic looking. Also true to color! It's not easy to find a very light pink.

👤I was excited to see how many came in because I used these for my wedding. I was surprised to see that I got 9 strands of garland. I will be able to use it in more than one way. I'm going to take the flowers off a couple of the strands and use them for centerpiece stuff. Some people are going to drape around the baptistry. Excited to see how it all comes together.

👤I wanted to give my room some color and I bought these flower garlands to drape over my windows. The greenery has a plastic look to it. They look good for what I paid and for what I am using them for. If you want something that looks realistic, you might want to buy something else. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The roses don't tip at all and thebows are mostly empty space, so this will work well for my project. It is a bow, but it is more like a HawaiianLeigh. The advertisement made it seem like the three were in one.

👤Nzot is happy that these are cheap and bright blue and that the color is brighter than he expected.

👤The base for the grapevine wreath was worked well by the garlands. I added a blue and white bow. The person who received the wreath loved it.

👤It's a vet pretty. I use them to wrap ceramic birds. The birds are very special to me and the flowers enhance their look.

👤The qualité des fleurs is very important. L'emballage is perfect. The 3 GUIrlandes ensemble donnent l'apparence in fournie de l'annonce, ne pas se méprendre. Would do it again!

11. Lings Moment Handcrafted Centerpieces Decorations

Lings Moment Handcrafted Centerpieces Decorations

The package includes a 9ft Garland. The realistic and natural flowers blend with the willow and eucalyptus leaves to create a rustic romantic wedding. The fabric of the Sweetheart Table Centerpiece Garlands is 9 feet by 14 feet, 6 feet tall, and has iron wires inside the plastic stems for bending a model easily. The size of leaves and flowers is right for harmony. Looks real but won't fade or be damaged. Excellent Head Table/Sweetheart Table is highlighted by long-enough length and hanging center. Silk leaves, foam flowers, and cream were used to fit the theme. Silk peonies as the main flower, dotted with moth orchids, anemone, create a different sense of romantic hanging decor. It's perfect for your reception. The table can be a 4ft long sweetheart table with full flowers center part and strings of peals hanging at the front and 2ft Garland hanging down on both sides. It's suitable for a head table of 8 feet or a 24 feet long guest table. The fireplace is 43" tall and 51" wide. The artificial material keeps it for a long time. The bride and bridesmaid will love the gift of the Eucalyptus Garland.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤It is a great base for our arch decor. I added a lot of extra Ling flowers in sunset terracotta. There is a Garland of eucalyptus in the back. This is the way to go if you want to be clever.

👤This is amazing. Exactly how it is pictured in the photos. It has a mixture of different flowers that give it a more realistic effect. When you buy something, it says it is a certain length. It ends up disappointing you? This is complete opposite. It was better than I anticipated. I need to buy more.

👤This was on the sweetheart table at my wedding. We ordered the white one and then ordered a box of pink flowers from Ling's Moment on Amazon to add to it. It turned out perfect. It is definitely worth the money.

👤I used this for our arbor and it was perfect. You are paying for quality. It looks realistic and is worth the money, it was perfect. It is a beautiful decoration over our bed. I just needed a little fluffing after I got it.

👤I think you could make this for less since the flowers are mostly foam.

👤I have never seen a more beautiful flower. Quality is perfect. This is the best brand out there.

👤It was perfect for my sisters baby shower. It is very well made and beautiful.


What is the best product for wedding arch flowers purple?

Wedding arch flowers purple products from Veryhome. In this article about wedding arch flowers purple you can see why people choose the product. Ling's Moment and Ling's Moment are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding arch flowers purple.

What are the best brands for wedding arch flowers purple?

Veryhome, Ling's Moment and Ling's Moment are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding arch flowers purple. Find the detail in this article. Serra Flora, Ling's Moment and Ling's Moment are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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