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1. Pioneer Photo 24 Pocket 7 Inch Prints

Pioneer Photo 24 Pocket 7 Inch Prints

There are 24 photos in this hold. Black mesh. Acid, Lignin and PVC free are included in the photo safe.

Brand: Pioneer Photo Albums

👤I have two of these. Good quality. It was well made. I like the cover. It makes a nice gift. The sleeves are large. Maybe, too much. It can hold a 5x7 print, which means there's a half inch of black above it. I'd like a tighter look, like a wedding album or a printed book. The opening and sleeve of the cover are not symmetrical, so I have had to make custom prints of my photos. If you think you'll use an existing photo, you'll have to trim it or lose some of it. You can fit a wide print into the sleeve, but only a small portion of it is visible. The left, right and bottom of the picture are hidden by the opening. You'd probably have to trim some length off of a 4x6 to make the sleeve hold a wide print. I'll show you crude photo examples. Too much information? Maybe, sorry. The albums were the best I could find at a reasonable price for a smaller number of prints, and I would buy another one.

👤I've bought Pioneer albums before and have never been disappointed. The album was the same. The cover was very nice, but the pages were what you would expect from a cheaper album in the Dollar Store or Walmart. The price was in line with the quality and value. This was a perfect mini-scrapbook for a friend who had worked with me. Would buy again.

👤It's a budget friendly, black 5x7 photo album with a slot in the front for a cover photo. The photo sleeves are glossy, but that's normal. The cover is cheap, but it works, and there's nothing special about it.

👤The photo album I ordered has a black cloth cover and 24 pockets to hold pictures. It looks like it will be good for occasional use and will be attractive to give as a gift. It can be used for either portrait or landscape orientation. The inside pockets are very clear and allow the photographs to be true to color. I used the album to hold my art work that I was giving as a birthday gift. I could put two pieces of 60 lbs card stock into each pocket. Photos are usually smaller. The front had an opening so that it could be personalized. I found that 5x7 photo albums are not available in the smaller pocket size. I didn't want an album for 100 pictures, so this one was perfect for me. I would recommend this to someone. The photo holder pockets are made of a thin material, so it would be easy to tear if used too often or handled roughly, so I wouldn't recommend this for a child. The product is good for a good price.

👤The albums are perfect for Santa photos. I bought another one to fill with my children's photos as they grow up, and already have filled one with my children's photos. I love the red color, it is a true Christmas red, so it is a great addition to my coffee table during the holidays. My 2 year old granddaughter loves looking through it to see her mom and uncle.

2. ZOVIEW Leather Dust Free Air Free Waterproof

ZOVIEW Leather Dust Free Air Free Waterproof

Fast-Stick magnetic pages feature a clear plastic cover that self-adhes to the page, securely holding photos. The leather cover is waterproof and durable. Dust-free, air-free, glue-free acid and PVC emission free. The album size of the product is about 12 inches wide and 20 inches long. The photo album is able to hold different sizes of photos, and any tickets or stamps which are important to you. It's a high-quality and elegant leather cover, which can show and share photos. It is a good gift for family, friends, colleagues and classmates on special days such as birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding, baby shower, Christmas, graduation ceremony, etc.

Brand: Zoview

👤I didn't notice the front cover was so strong until I added pictures, and it's hard to remove pictures after putting them in.

👤This is a nice photo album with bigger pictures. The size pictures don't fit in most photo albums. It was nice to find an album that held bigger pictures.

👤There are a lot of old photos in my collection. This album is perfect for a variety of things.

👤If you look at the product picture on the Amazon sales page, you will see that one of the words on the front is crooked. Poor craftsmanship by the printer. It seems like it was made fairly well.

👤It's good for new pictures. I tried to use the album for vintage pictures, but it was not sticking very well. It's great for gift and for storing pictures.

👤It's possible to put pictures with different dimensions, and rearrange them if necessary. The leather cover looks impressive.

👤I'll be getting many more during the winter to fit all my photos in highly recommended, because it's easy to use beautifully fit on my shelf.

👤These were bought to catalogue old school photos. Good-sized pages, good glue, so that the picture won't slip. Sturdy covers. It was perfect for our needs.

3. Capacity Multiple Acid Free Scrapbook Anniversary

Capacity Multiple Acid Free Scrapbook Anniversary

The album is large and can hold hundreds of photos, tickets, certificates and more. If you purchase 60 photos, you will receive a free 120 corner stickers and more can be purchased from the store. Their Dry Mount album gives you more control by allowing you to write notes, store photos, tickets, certificates, and other items in open space, 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 and 8x10 If you like a more modern feel, you can glue the items in place without the stickers, or you can use the corner stickers to secure the photos to the page. If you want to show off your memories, these albums are perfect. These albums are made to last and acid-free so your photos are looked after for a long time. This is a great gift for family and friends for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or any other special occasion. It is a beautiful way to show off your precious memories and is made to a high quality with a gold stamped logo and textured cover. If you are not happy with your purchase, please reach out to them via email and they will do their best to solve your problem.

Brand: La Lente

👤I have an honest opinion. If you want a pretty album, this isn't it. It is a simple album. This is the way to go if you have a precious, one of a kind photo. I wanted something to protect the photos. As we lose more and more of the family, the old photos become even more precious. Our daughter will inherit these albums after we pass, so it's nice to put them together. I think this is more insurance than flash. You have to make a decision. The album looked a bit battered when I got it.

👤It takes a lot of time to add photos. The corner sticker fell apart and ran through the corners. The layout of each page made it difficult to move stickers. I wouldn't buy another one.

👤The photos won't stick to the pages if you don't use the little corner things. I decided not to use corner things in my photos since I knew they wouldn't work and glue wouldn't work. I feel like I wasted my money. Is it really the worst idea to include more corner pieces?

👤I wanted the album to work. It was acid free, big in size, and seemed to be the right size for my family photos. The first thing I noticed when I opened the album was the pages that weren't attached to the spine of the book, I thought it was supposed to be that way, but that would make it fragile. I rearranged it after sending it back. The second one came and it was the same, except that the fabric cover was wrinkled and part of the spine was attached to the pages. So sad. It is a good looking album. I liked the look and the acid free pages.

👤What a beautiful album. I can be used to make an album and a book. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I wanted to put all the pictures in one album and not buy different albums. It takes a lot of time as you have to put self-adhesive corners on the pictures and stick them on the pages. The finished project looks amazing. The box did not come in a box of its own. It should be in its own box for storage. I had to buy a different box.

👤It's easy to put together a great photo book. I had to buy more booklets. Lots of photos are held by this person. My cover was turned into a wedding album book. It seems sturdy and well made. I would prefer it to be brown rather than black because the paper sheets in between the pages can get bent and crease easily when closed.

👤This is a good book. There are 100 pages of nice card stock paper to use with and protectant sheets in between the pages which is more than enough for a memory book or photo album.

👤I wanted to keep the old family pictures. The quality of the paper and the fact that they have protectors between the pages makes me nostalgic for the old photo albums. The product is very good. Also packaged.

4. Zoview Self Adhesive Dust Free Air Free Waterproof

Zoview Self Adhesive Dust Free Air Free Waterproof

Can hold all size photos of 3”X5”, 4”X6”, 5”X7” and 6”X8” and any tickets you want to keep. The inside pages have a length of 12.4 and a width of 12.8. Acid free, and photo safe. The cover is high quality. The album dimensions are 13 x 13 inches and 20 sheets. Dust-free, air-free, glue free and waterproof for a long time and high-quality preservation of your memories. If you need to add more photo album sheets, please search B07LG1X99H.

Brand: Zoview

👤I like this album. The manufacturer is not selling refill sheets. The product is designed to open and add more sheets. The seller says that they claim otherwise. I wouldn't purchase this product for that reason alone. Purchase a product that the manufacturer is willing to sell refill sheets for. The album is nice, but it's disappointing that the customer service and refill pages aren't better.

👤I am disappointed in this album because it was advertised as having a leather cover, but it is not. The construction appears to be solid, and the pages are bound in--you cannot add to the album, so make sure it's large enough for your needs. If you want a genuine leather cover, look elsewhere.

👤I was surprised by this album when I got it. The cover cortex is very high quality. You can put different sizes of photos in this album. It's fun to design your own album. I bought this product for my friends for their wedding anniversary and they love it. This album is a great choice for a gift.

👤I have old photos in different sizes and I can put them on the same page.

👤This was purchased to hold family photos. It's the right size. The pages are large and the photos stick well.

👤The photo album is made of leather. This isn't real leather. The cover pages are not sticks. The photos come from the album. I don't think $40.00 is a good price for this phot album. Disappointed.

👤The pages of this album are terrible. It's nearly impossible to lay the cellophane back in place because it's so thin. Old photos and other items that have a small warp orcurl don't stick and fall out. New, flat photos don't stay in place and don't have anything thicker than a photo. The only thing that stuck was the words written on the back of the photos. The outside of the album is very nice and it's too bad. They cheaped out on the pages.

👤This is a beautiful album that will look great in a library or as a coffee table book. This photo album is just as nice as a professional wedding album or senior picture portfolio you would get from a photographer, and I have owned many photo albums over my lifetime. I purchased this photo album to honor my Grandmother who passed away from Breast Cancer. I was able to fit pictures from her wallet to her birth certificate, as well as her obituary, funeral program, and a few letters from the 70's! I bought 2 more copies of the book. I am very happy with the purchase and the quality of the album.

5. Iconikal 24 Photo Clear Cover 4 Pack

Iconikal 24 Photo Clear Cover 4 Pack

Each album holds up to 24 photos. You can make your own cover with front and back cover pockets. Photos can be shared with family and friends of vacations. This pack includes albums.

Brand: Iconikal

👤The product looks good. The package was wrapped nicely. When a photo is inserted into a sleeve, it's difficult. The photo won't go in easily because the sleeve is too snug. The edges are too tight and the photo does not lie flat even if you gently flex it. The photo would be ruined if it was forced into the sleeve. The majority of the sleeves were too tight, but one or two allowed a photo to slip in. I tried at least two of the five albums. The product is not worth the money paid. I paid for an album that was not made for the smaller size photo, but I will keep it for smaller photos. Very disappointing. These simple albums were needed for a project.

👤They had to trim the photos to make them into albums. That's not how it's supposed to work.

👤The did "warmth" was a choice to describe this item. The plastic photo books are perfect for what I wanted. I made Halloween books for my children. If you are rough with them, they are fine and a good value for the price. I would buy them again.

👤The photo album's description is not accurate. There are 24 photos that can be placed in this album. The white backing obscures a second photo placed in the sleeve. Only 12 photos can be seen in this album.

👤I like the value and it's nice. I use the photo albums for gifts. The quality is lightweight. I needed more sleeves in most of the other photo albums. These are perfect for me and I want to use them.

👤I create albums for the grandkids after visiting them. There is no chance of the photos falling out by mistake. The fit is tight so make sure you put the photos in straight. I'll order them again.

👤I've purchased these many times to make picture albums for my kids. I am happy that they have stood up for the little kids. They are a good choice for anyone who is looking for a small photo book.

👤I use these to keep my 2yr old from destroying flashcards, he thinks it's a book. The little guy saved my flashcards. It's great for car rides. The pages are thin, so I don't know how they'd protect a photo, but they do great with my flashcards.

👤These came out of someone's junk drawer. They were damaged and covered in random debris. Disgusting. They look nothing like the description.

👤I was looking for a small book to share pictures with an elderly resident. It was a good purchase. Excellent quality. Simple design.

👤C'est exactement, je voulais.

👤It was nice for my use.

6. CRANBURY 5x7 Small Photo Album

CRANBURY 5x7 Small Photo Album

It's 8x 5.75" and 1.3 There is a store and display of 5x7 photographs, small graphic designs, art portfolio, drawing, sketch, and tattoo design. The brag book can be used as a portable 5x7 foto album. The cover is made of sturdy yet flexible poly with an attractive textured look and feel, finished with an elegant woven black trim. When open, it is dirt resistant. The poly pockets are archival quality, non-cling, and no ink lift-off. Portfolio presentation preserves book pictures. 5x7 The album is 6x8x0.6. The display pockets are both large and small, and fit 5x7" inch photos. 24 bound plastic sheet protectors hold 48 pictures. 2 blue+black portfolio photo albums are included. Great for every day use by artists, art students, teachers, parents, grandparents to show off their art.

Brand: Cranbury

👤You can put any picture you want in the front of the photo book. For a good price, I like that they come together. I have room for more photos in my 5x7 photos. Great purchase!

👤We are not in frames because I was so overwhelmed by what to do with the dozens of 5X7 that we had. We can flip through them all the time if we put them in a Albums.

👤You get what you pay for.

👤2 pack for photos. Would definitely recommend.

👤The item is low quality. Will not hold up.

👤I got two black albums, which was suppose to be one black and one white. I am disappointed.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. These are items I need to start my new hobby.

7. KVD Albums Wedding Photos Window

KVD Albums Wedding Photos Window

A frame cover can be used to insert a favorite photo. 200 4x6 photos, horizontally, or 100 5x7 photos vertically are held. The memo area has silver designs that are suited for a wedding album. A pocket to hold CD/DVD. Acid, Lignin, and PVC free materials are present.

Brand: Kvd Albums

👤When I opened the professional photo album provided to me by the photographer, it fell apart, because I wanted to display our wedding photos. I liked this one so much that I had to buy a new one. I hold all of our wedding pictures, but now there is room for us to add our photos taken for our 50th anniversary celebration with family and friends, to pass on to our son. This will be an heirloom.

👤I loved everything about this album. I bought it because it's easy to put pictures in a landscape or portrait. The landscape and portrait pics are on the side. My son and daughter in law were given a wedding album. The cover has a frame and is beautiful. The purchase was great.

👤I loved it because I could place a wedding photo to the front, but I didn't realize that portrait photos should go in at the top and the landscape to the inner side. The plastic cover is weak and can easily be ripped if not handled with care.

👤The item was exactly what it was described as. It arrived promptly. I was able to insert my photos easily. The packaging for shipping was tight and the corners were bent. Maybe we should package it differently in the future. A very nice product.

👤There are some small holes at the top of each page that are a bit difficult to read. I probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't put so many photos in at the same time. A beautiful wedding album.

👤The first review was for a different wedding photo album. This is a nice album with lots of pictures. It is perfect for my daughter's wedding pictures.

👤I love this album. I used it for my wedding pictures and it was nice that I could choose the size of the picture. I like the look and think it is worth more than I paid for.

👤I love the album. The corners on the front cover were bent down and it was damaged in shipping.

8. Pioneer Photo Albums Embroidered Leatherette

Pioneer Photo Albums Embroidered Leatherette

Acid, Lignin and PVC free are included in the photo safe. The magnetic embroidered strap is on the leatherette cover. Holds 36x7" photos. The pockets have a black mesh background. The album is 8.25" x 6.125" Acid, Lignin and PVC-free. The cover has hook and loop material. Holds 36x7" photos.

Brand: Pioneer Photo Albums

👤We needed a photo album for a set of 5x7 photos of our daughter's wedding, and you can't usually find things like this in stores these days. There was a quick check on Amazon. The size and shape of the delivery is perfect. A great find and a great purchase.

👤I wanted this to hold larger postcards.

👤This was a great album to put small pictures in. It was bought for a friend to put before and after pictures of their house renovation. I liked it because it had a magnetic closing and it was good leather. I liked it so much that I bought another one for myself.

👤This is a nice album. Nothing fancy. I wouldn't use it for a wedding album, but it was nice enough for a 90th birthday party rememberance.

👤A nice gift for a relative who doesn't use computers. The sleeves hold the photos in place. The leather and color are very nice.

👤It should not have been sold for the price it was considering the quality and workmanship. I like the color of the material.

👤This is a small album. The material feels good and the strap works well. The pictures are easy to insert. Two thumbs up!

👤This is the second album I have purchased. The best price point and quality! It's perfect for a small album. Will purchase more!

👤I put my 5 by 7 inch school pictures and class photos in the ones I bought for my kids to keep them safe and as a souvenir. We have another baby on the way and I will need to buy another one.

👤I'm glad I found this one because it's hard to find a 5x7 photo album. You can have lots of photos in the album.

👤Very happy with the purchase. Looks good. There is a lot of pictures. Thank you.

👤This is what I was looking for. It appears to be very good quality, especially for the price.

👤Wal-mart discontinued the items that were previously purchased from them.

9. Pioneer Photo Albums CLB 257 BN

Pioneer Photo Albums CLB 257 BN

There are two 5x7 photos per page. European leather cover. 200 photos can be held up to 5"x7". The pockets are clear. Acid, Lignin and PVC free are included in the photo safe.

Brand: Pioneer Photo Albums

👤I binding came undone once I completely filled all the photos. The binding material tore cannot hold the weight of all the photos. I was not happy with the work that went into putting the album together and then it fell apart.

👤Being able to make 5by7 inch photos has been great. Modern technology makes for great photo stories when placed in an album, as they come out just wonderful, and depending on the quality of the camera used, make for great photo stories. The Pioneer albums were sturdy and could fit a lot of my favorite photos. They do that well. They are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. They aren't very comfortable to fit on your lap. They fit on a table, but are so heavy that it is difficult to deal with. They can break off if you drop them. I would like a product that is lighter and easier to manipulate. The leather case looks great.

👤My in-laws gave me this album to organize our wedding photos. This is a good album. It looks more expensive than it is. The size of the photos is larger than average. This is a great option for a gift.

👤I can't even get my pictures in a picture album without ripping the thin layer of plastic that is supposed to protect them.

👤The binding on this album is very nice. That is the only positive thing about it. The pockets in this album are terrible. If I put the pictures into the pockets, they would tear 97 percent of them. I would have to tape them because they don't have any reinforcement. I don't think this will last as long as my photos. I will probably order another album that is better so that my photos are in place when I am gone.

👤I bought 2 more after the first 2.

👤I recommend that it be open for a day, but after the smell goes, it will like it.

👤We made albums for our children. They love them. I like to print 5x7 because it allows them to be horizontal and vertical.

👤I won't be able to change photos without pages coming apart, on the first attempt I pulled the plastic insert away from the background. This album was very disappointing.

👤The webpage is nothing like anything else. It is a cheap book that costs $5. Don't recommend! Can not return it or contact the sellers.

10. Pioneer Photo Albums Magnetic Self Stick

Pioneer Photo Albums Magnetic Self Stick

A beautiful scratching book is a perfect gift for your family and friends. Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, and many other special occasions can be given a good gift. Fast-Stick magnetic pages have a clear plastic cover that securely holds photos. Initially contains 100 pages (50 sheets), plus 3-ring binding. There are many size photos in the 8.25''x10.5'' pages. The leatherette cover has a gold stamp. acid and PVC emission free photo safe.

Brand: Pioneer Photo Albums

👤I don't understand the flap about page sizes. You can use protective sheet covers instead of an 8x10 photo in the supplied pages. As far as the rivet coming loose? I didn't know anyone heard of it. The album is on sale. What do people expect? I didn't want to spend money on a leather bound volume. I have family heritage photos, newspaper articles, telegrams and civil war keepsakes that I am combining into an album to be passed on to the next generation and this album fits the bill. The pag width is 8-1/8" and the length is 10-1/4". The entire length is sticky and covered with stickum and cellophane. I was able to put a number of sheet protectors with hard antique photos in the album. I just ordered two more. When the album cover is closed, the sheet protectors extend beyond it, however when it's open they are within the confines.

👤I try to write positive reviews because I am not a jerk. My parents used to use these. A lot of happy memories looking at them and the product looks exactly the same as I remember. The cover is thick enough to hold pages. The reason I don't like it. After loading it up with pictures it just annoyed me and I ended up ordering a similar one that has pockets for 3 photos per page. Should have read other reviews. I have mostly 4x6 and with this album, you can only fit 2 photos per page regardless of how you play around with placement. It is a sad day. I loaded it up hoping I would feel better about it when I was done, but now I am upset and annoyed that I have to take all the pictures out. Fortunately. I think it is not. There are only two little pics on each giant page. If you are comfortable cutting your pictures down or if you have a lot of pictures, this might work for you. Everyone else wouldn't recommend.

👤This is my first review. Don't buy these albums. There is a defect, as stated by another poster. I ordered two albums, but they are not in the binder. Please look at the photos. I got around to opening them today after having them in my closet since October. I am past my return window now. The pages are small. Do not place an order.

👤The album is cheap, the glue is weak, and the clean sheets that hold the pictures down are marked with little lines from the glue.

👤For the money, I really like this. Would I like a higher quality? It's similar to getting a car that is moderately priced and comparing it to a very expensive car. Not really a fair comparison. If you're looking for a large, inexpensive, yet nice-looking album, this could serve you. The price is positive. It was nice for the price. It's a nice faux leather cover with some gold highlights, and it's three ring binder style, so you can add pages, but with 50 pages, 100 counting both sides, it's pretty roomy without paying extra for more. I can get an 8 X 10 photo in if I push it against the edges, but trimming it a touch works better. It's thin and you may have to redo a couple times to get it out, but it would be worth it. It's a great deal to get a decent album for about $13.

11. Zoview Art Leather Magnetic Self Stick

Zoview Art Leather Magnetic Self Stick

The pages are dust-free, air-free, glue-free and waterproof for a long time and high-quality preservation of your memories. The photo album has many different size photos, tickets and certificates. The album's dimensions are:13.3”x13” inches. The inside pages have a length of 12.4 x width of 12.8. Their photo album Inside pages is made of high quality leather, and you feel comfortable when you touch it. There is a transparent plastic overture that will hold photos tightly and show pictures clearly. The lines of the inside pages should be followed to reduce the bubble generation.

Brand: Zoview Art

👤The photo album is beautiful. There are large pages with a plastic sleeve. The inside page of the cover has a note on it. I sent my father's photos to him and he was on lock down. He loved it. There are a lot of big pages holding photos. It was well packaged. If you're looking for a large album, I recommend it.

👤It's perfect for my 8x10 photos as well as my other sizes. Pages are very sticky. I know they won't budge. What I was looking for!

👤We needed a photo album that would allow us to show off some of the weird snaps we have. The design of this album protects the photos and displays them well if you are careful with how you hold the book and turn the pages. It would be nice to have a design that would allow for a more stable mounting of photos such as slide-in slots, but that style of album seems to have gone the way of the passenger pigeon. Never mind. This will work.

👤The photo album does not have pockets for specific sizes of photos. I have a lot of family photos. I need this to help me preserve these photos for the future. I don't have to worry that they'll degrade due to exposure.

👤I used both of these albums for my scrapbooks, and they served the purpose. I will be ordering more.

👤I just expected something better after it was put together nicely. It's hard to get the film straight over the photos, and it's hard to get the corner pulled away from the page. It's an okay purchase, but not a 5 star one.

👤Even though there are only 20 double-sided pages in the album, the packaging says 60 pages. It looks decent.

👤The sheets inside the album are scratched up and make the pictures look damaged, so I wouldn't give this album a 5 star.


What is the best product for wedding album 5x7 photos?

Wedding album 5x7 photos products from Pioneer Photo Albums. In this article about wedding album 5x7 photos you can see why people choose the product. Zoview and La Lente are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding album 5x7 photos.

What are the best brands for wedding album 5x7 photos?

Pioneer Photo Albums, Zoview and La Lente are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding album 5x7 photos. Find the detail in this article. Iconikal, Cranbury and Kvd Albums are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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