Best Etched Sand Ceremony Unity Wedding Set

Sets 15 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Sandsational Pewter Sand 1 5 Colored Weddings

Sandsational Pewter Sand 1 5 Colored Weddings

The subtle sparkle adds elegance to your centerpiece design, wedding reception decorations, terrarium, floral designs, event décor, colored sand art, and zen garden. DESIGNER SAND COLORS are made to compliment any wedding décor for the best color match for your wedding sand ceremony and reception centerpiece. 95 colors are available. David's Bridal Pewter is more expensive. All organic ingredients are used in the production of NON-TOXIC. The sand won't fade in light. This fine sand will flow beautifully into your unity sand ceremony set, even in humid environments. Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water. Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water.

Brand: Sandsational Sparkle

👤We mixed the sand we already have with the one we already have in a vase to get a very attractive colour. Suggest that the sands are more attractive and that they sell better here. We have a wealth of coloured flowers that are easy to meet the needs of the local florists.

👤The sand was perfect for the unity portion of the ceremony. It is true to picture that color is true to picture.

👤The sand is good. I bought three different colors. The box was damaged when the grey one came partially open. The sand was shipped in the same box as our flower baskets, ring pillow and robe. After saving as much as possible, I had to clean all the sand out of everything and lose 1/3 of the bag of sand.

👤It's not close enough to image on the screen. The color is grey. There is a very small amount of this, 1.5 cups, and 2 cups total. Don't recommend.

👤The color is true to the picture. During a wedding sand ceremony, a large mason jar was used to fill. When the first bags showed up, they were a lot smaller than we anticipated, so we bought two of each color for the bride and groom. The look of these bags is collapsing because only one of the colors was enough. The extra bags were kept in case. I would advise you to wait to see if you need more sand, there's a lot more sand in that bag than you think.

👤The sand worked great for the ceremony at the wedding.

2. AGOD Bottle Stopper Assorted Message

AGOD Bottle Stopper Assorted Message

The leader in wedding supplies for more than 60 years is Hortense B. Hewitt. The internal opening of the heart jar is 1.0 inches wide and the height is 3 inches. The jar is cute. The small jar can be placed on the central table in the living room or next to the office machine. It can be used as a decoration. Place the jars on the windowsill or on the bathroom counter to let the smell of the oils spread around the house. Each bottle has a cork stopper. A variety of bottles can be used for various purposes. You can put colored sand in a bottle and use your imagination. These cute mini-shaped heart-shaped glass jars are a great gift for friends or family. Each glass jar has a different look and style, providing you with a variety of shapes and styles. Each glass jar has a different look and style, providing you with a variety of shapes and styles.

Brand: Agod

👤I bought this to hold a very valuable memory and I couldn't be happier. It's not very big. It's great as a souvenir or a gift. The bottle has a heart shaped shape. I hope these help you.

👤I kept some of the sand from the beach for my wedding. It looks amazing. The price is affordable and the quality is excellent. I have it on my shelf.

👤No estoy conforme con el arena, pero estoy pequeo segn.

👤The jar is small. It holds a lot. Don't let the size fool you. It's good quality. I will not show the work I did with it. I would buy again.

👤I ordered a jar. This was sent to the pudding jar. I paid more for a jar that won't work for the purpose I bought it for and it's too small. The packaging was not secure. I was surprised that it arrived undamaged. Terrible experience.

👤I thought it was small, but it was just a tad smaller.

👤They are pretty, but a little too expensive.

👤I didn't know how small it was. Not worth the money.

3. Cylinder Planter Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces

Cylinder Planter Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces

The vase is carefully packaged and not included. The width is 3.15", the height is 10", and the thickness is 0.2". There are glass pieces that may contain air bubbles as well as have slight variations and imperfections due to the handcrafting process. Use: flowers, candles, storage, aquariums, and centerpiece filled with decorative accents or lights for decoration. Contact them for any issues and they will give you a bulk discount.

Brand: Wgvi

👤I wanted to replace my vase. I decided to keep both. The clear glass vase is elegant and delicate, and it would look good anywhere, even if you didn't have a color scheme. It would look very cute with a string of waterproof lights suspended inside.

👤I noticed a small cut on the glass when I put the flowers into the vase. I was worried that it would break in the future. I was sent a replacement and return label from Amazon after I contacted them. I got the new one yesterday. It is perfect. I love the vase. Thanks!

👤This is a large vase. I thought it would be a cheap vase, but it is not. The vase is thick and heavy. The weight of the flowers won't cause it to fall over. I'm very happy.

👤I'm a floral designer in Georgia. I needed more vases for the wedding. The vases were well packed. They were broken. Good quality glass with little to no flaws. They are not 14 inches tall. They are about 13 inches tall. I will make them work.

👤I used them for my wedding center pieces in different sizes. They looked great!

👤I ordered a pack of vases. They arrived undamaged and were well packaged. These are vases that are light duty. They are not very heavy. The bottoms are not as thin as other vases. If you don't add a quart of water to the vase, the vase could tip over with heavy flowers. The quality is not consistent. The thickness of the glass varies from 3.5mm to 6.5mm. There are flaws in the glass. The vase is old. It seems that it was shipped from the factory. Attached are photos.

👤It's a vase from Amazon. It holds my flowers. There are no cracks in my house. The material is lightweight. It looks nice. I had tall flowers and needed a tall vase so I have no issues with this product. I like it. Drop it on a hard surface. That won't end well.

👤A few days ago, I posted a review thinking it was glass. I had purchased black ones and they felt light in weight. I ordered another one from a different vender and it was glass. This one is glass. It looked like wine bottles cut down, because of the cut edge. Anyway, keeping them all. Quite beautiful! Clear Museum Gel is available on Amazon. It works like a charm. Enjoy!

👤It arrived quickly. In one piece. Lots of air bubbles see pictures of the worst ones. I ordered a new one. Will update if replacement is better than this. One star was added because replacement is better. It doesn't have a cut mark. The dollar store version of the 12” is much better quality with a thicker wall and no bubbles. I don't think this is borosilicate. I need to cut off the bottom of it because I am afraid it will shatter because of the air bubbles. The pictures with the blue mark are replacements.

4. LINGMAI Composite Decorative Centerpieces Arranging

LINGMAI Composite Decorative Centerpieces Arranging

Contact them for any issues and they will give you a bulk discount. dishwasher cleaning is not allowed. A set of vases. The design is unique. The elegant design of these 3 plastic vases can give your interior space a fresh and clean feel. The owner's elegance can be improved. Plants are not included. * High quality vases are manufactured with appropriate synergy between traditional handmade technologies and ergonomics. The items display a beautiful and natural line. The vases are made from plastic that has a good ability of resistance tocorrosion. The white vase is 8.8”H, 2.3”D. Expending uses: You can fill these vases with dried or silk flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles and etc. It's perfect for weddings and other special occasions. The plastic vases are packaged beautifully so that they are the best gift for your family or friends who like to decorate their house.

Brand: Lingmai

👤My 1.5yo is obsessed with flowers and I bought these for her. These are not something I would use as decoration around my house. They are made of plastic. I don't think they will crack. The plastic colors are not the same as in my set. One is pink, one is yellow, and the other is white. It is not a big deal for me, but if you intend to have these side by side, the colors could be slightly off.

👤Don't get it. At least a decent vase was what I was expecting. This looks like it should be a dollar. Walmart has better quality plastic cups than I have. It was so small that it looked bad. I got glass vases from the lobby for 7 and 6 dollars. The quality is better in this price. If you want to buy from there than you should get this one.

👤These are nice. Cheap feeling, but not cheap looking. Does the job.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. My kids want a vase to keep their flowers. I didn't want glass vases, so I found these and they are exactly what I was hoping for. They are lightweight and plain white, perfect for decorating. They are not large enough to fit a large bouquet, but they are perfect for 6 stems.

👤These vases are cheap and can't stand on their own. There is a vase with plastic connected. tacky plastic is not worth the money. It's not worth the money for a product that can't stand.

👤I wish they were bigger and had more weight to them. I had to come back because my sunflowers were too big for them.

👤I'm not sure what I expected, but everything about these is off. The actual size is not like the pictures and feels like cheap tubing. If your flowers are a bit heavy, they will tip over even if there is no water inside. If you have small children or cats, buy only.

5. Sandsational Sparkle Chiffon Colored Weddings

Sandsational Sparkle Chiffon Colored Weddings

Different monitors may have different color samples. Color reproduction on the Internet is not precise and computer monitors are not all equal. The subtle sparkle adds elegance to your centerpiece design, wedding reception decorations, terrarium, floral designs, event décor, colored sand art, and zen garden. DESIGNER SAND COLORS are made to compliment any wedding décor for the best color match for your wedding sand ceremony and reception centerpiece. 95 colors are available. David's Bridal Pink Chiffon is more expensive. All organic ingredients are used in the production of NON-TOXIC. The sand won't fade in light. This fine sand will flow beautifully into your unity sand ceremony set, even in humid environments. Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water.

Brand: Sandsational Sparkle

👤The color sand that was delivered on August 3rd was pink. I didn't get around to ordering right away because I was so busy. The second color sand delivered on September 25th was a warm beige. I assumed there would be better quality control with the color batches sent to me. There was no time to return it. I was spending that amount of money on Sand because of the Pink Color. The vision for my project was not "WARM BEIGE".

👤The sand is very fine and elegant. The bag is small for the price and I wish I had more sand. I don't know how much goes into making this product. I wish there was more. You will definitely need to double up on it. It fits in the palm of my hand.

👤I was making small votives for breast cancer awareness and purchased this product to put in them. The texture of the product is very fine and similar to powdered sugar. The color was disappointing. The Pink Chiffon color was ordered by me. It looked like a soft pink or blush on my monitor. It is more of a pink color. I needed something that was pinker. I will use this in another project and would order again.

👤I'm either getting colored blind or the sand is a very light beige.

👤This is not pink. Disappointed! Can't fine a pink color. The sand will now be grey and peach.

👤The decorative sand was used in the decorations at the wedding.

👤Excellent quality for sand ceremony.

6. Lillian Rose White Ceremony Shadow

Lillian Rose White Ceremony Shadow

The sand frame has a paper funnel for filling and a hinge lid that opens completely. The sand frame can be used as a souvenir after the wedding. It is not a good idea to hang it on a table or shelf. The box is made of wood. The frame is made of glass. The sand frame box has a magnetic catch under the lid to keep it shut. The sand frame is 7 by 7 inches and 1 by 5 inches in depth.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤Absolutely adore this! The right size seems sturdy. I will be using it on my wedding day.

👤This came broken and I was so upset. I didn't have time to get another one for my wedding. I had to glue the top down to keep the sand out and it still leaks if it is barely moved.

👤I and he did the same thing. The cones did a good job, but now they want compensation. Other good bosses did what I did. I trashed them after the job was done.

👤I bought this to make a memorial keepsake for my two miscarriages, one of which I am having right now. I don't have any pictures of my baby. The sand is leaking after my husband and I added it. It has ruined my day because I wanted this to help me feel better about my losses. I'm not happy.

👤The corner was completely destroyed. Not well returned items.

👤Love it. I made a sticker for it. It's perfect for our family.

👤The box was closed after the tiny nails popped out of the lid and too much sand was put in it. The quality is not the best. The box was protected and the packaging was great. It was a nice looking shadow box.

👤It will definitely work even though it is a little small.

👤I ordered this product for my vow renewal ceremony, which was supposed to take place at the beginning of our wedding reception, but was delayed because of the Pandemic. We wanted to include a unity sand ceremony so my daughter could be part of it. I was happy to find the unity sand box here, it was the perfect size and aesthetic we were looking for. I couldn't find a similar product in any of the big box stores. We are going to have the box engraved with our original wedding date because it arrived a lot sooner than I had expected. The box arrived with a small scratch in the top right corner. I don't mind the small dent.

👤Ich ist diesen Rahmen. Leider is kaputt bei. The war is a bitch. Im Lieferung/Zustellung ist natrlich. Aber besser verpacken, ist der Hersteller knnte.

👤War leider defekt. Rcksenden ist da Zoll. Habe ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das

7. Malden International Designs Metal Silver

Malden International Designs Metal Silver

Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water. The consecration design. The frame has a quote, "From this day forward" and a picture of Mr and Mrs on it. The picture frame is built in an easel, so it can be displayed on a table, shelf or mantle. Premium quality materials. It is made of die cast metal with bells around the photo opening. The frame holds a photo. During look The frame has the phrase, "From this day forward" and the words "Mr and Mrs" written in cursive. The picture frame is built in an easel and can be displayed on a table, shelf or mantle. (D) It's perfect for every application. A perfect gift for a wedding. The Mr. and Mrs. Die Cast Metal Waves Frame is a great accessory for a happy couple. This frame is a great way to display your wedding photo. This Mr. and Mrs. Die Cast 4x6 is a great way to relive your memories. The metal waves frame is made of metal. Securing the package is done with padded packaging with corner-to-corner protection.

Brand: Malden International Designs

👤The frame is of the highest quality. I am very happy with this item. The picture is not as pretty as it is. I was not happy with the packing. The box was too big to hold it. There was bubble wrap over the glass and a piece of bubble wrap that was torn around the back, which was like having a piece of plastic taped around it. When my husband shook the package, he said, "What in the world is this?" because it was hitting around the inside of the box. It was a wonder it arrived undamaged.

👤Trying to get clothes, shoes, and gifts together for my son's outdoor wedding has been a total disaster so far. This metal Mr and Mrs photo frame is the only thing I have ordered from Amaz., that has been junk, broken or missing parts and pieces. Approx. The frame is the only item that looks and feels solid. Thank goodness! I recommend the frame as a wedding gift.

👤I received a picture frame today. I was looking for a gift for my brother's wedding. This is perfect. The frame is amazing. It is metal with a lot of weight. I bought a quality frame. The new Mr and Mrs will love it. A great gift.

👤I bought a picture frame for a wedding gift but it is not suitable to give due to the box the frame is in being torn in several places and pulled in other places.

👤I bought this frame for a wedding gift. The frame is beautiful. The details on the frame are raised 3D, which makes it stand out more. The couple that received it loved it. I might buy one for myself to put one of my wedding photos in. This may be my go to gift for weddings.

👤Looks pretty. I just bought it for a wedding and I think they will love it.

👤When my cousin got married, I bought this for him. He and his wife love it. Very pretty and well made.

👤I have not seen this frame before. It was in perfect condition and very simple. Our wedding picture looks great in the frame. I highly recommend this to anyone who is planning on getting married.

👤My friend is getting a gift. She liked it.

👤Good last minute gift, decent quality.

8. Heart Shaped Unity Ceremony 8534

Heart Shaped Unity Ceremony 8534

The engraving is not included. The large heart vases are 9 3/4" H. The small heart vase is 8 1/2 H. The metal stand is 4 1/2 inches high. The central bottle can hold up to 3 lbs of sand.

Brand: Weddingstar

👤I could tell it was made for what it is when I opened the set. The glass is thick. The stand is stable. It comes with everything you need. The paper example script was used for the ceremony. They included a paper funnel for pouring sand. You can put a piece on top of the sand to hold it in place while you transport it after the ceremony. After the ceremony, we will give one of the larger vases to each of our mothers and the smaller one to our pastor. I think this was a good buy. I will keep this as a memory of our special day.

👤We were careful to bend the bent leg back in place because we were aware that the other reviews about it being fragile. The glass vase set is very nice and we are very happy with it. It would be nice if the stand they sent was more sturdy.

👤This worked well at the ceremony. The flimsy stand broke when I opened it. The stand was replaced with a candle holder. The three legged stand didn't stand a chance because of the heavy heart glass. The glass was made well and survived the impact.

👤It's less than two weeks away. I didn't check the metal stand for sturdiness after inspecting the vases. When I took the vases out for cleaning, I put the heart on the stand and one of the legs broke. I am thankful that I was able to catch the heart before it hit the floor. It's a beautiful set and would be worth the cost if it weren't for the stand. I couldn't find a replacement stand after hours of searching. I don't want to have to buy a new set just for a stand.

👤The product appeared as expected. I didn't expect much for the money. It doesn't seem to be high enough to last a long time. The base is easy to bend. The engraving was nice.

👤We loved it. It held up well in transportation and during the ceremony. We accidentally cracked a chip out of one of the vases that was brought home from the wedding, but it was so thick and sturdy that it didn't crack any more than it did. It's in our living room. Yeah.

👤The stand is flimsy and ours broke. On our wedding day, we had to use a larger vase stand. There is a back up stand. The vases and hearts are sturdy and beautiful.

👤I'm not sure why the packaging comes the way it does, but when it arrives the cheap stand is broken and bent. When we tried to fix it, it broke. It worked for the second time, but broke when we stood it up. Why not get something that is better? We can't even hold the heart of sand up after our wedding because the glass containers that come in this are worthless.

👤Very pleased with the item. It was arrived in time and of great quality.

9. Three Strands Wedding Bible Ceremony

Three Strands Wedding Bible Ceremony

The set includes a wine box with a lock and exclusive stationery for the bride and groom. The dimensions are 16 H x 12 W. The sign has a laser engraved Ecclesiastes 4:12 Bible verse and rope cords. The rope can be easily untied when you receive it. A beautiful wood sign can be used during your wedding ceremony to signify unity or as a gift. It can be used as a substitute for the unity candle. The package contains a metal stand and a unity ceremony sign. The God's Knot Cord is a great addition to a wedding ceremony. Friends and family will remember it for its unique element to your ceremony.

Brand: Siyoriot

👤The item looks similar to the picture. The person who made me receive it put a lot of care into the packaging, even down to the sweet note. Thank you so much! I can't wait to display it at my wedding.

👤If it came with something to hang it on the wall, I would give it 5 stars. The stand is needed to have it on a table. We had to come up with a way to hang it up. It was great, but only if it was nice. The box it came in was very nice.

👤The item is beautiful. The box is the only negative thing I have to say. The box had shipping labels on it. It would have been perfect if I had given it to my friend. The gift box is torn away if I peel off the labels. All the labels mess up the gift box.

👤The picture does not do justice to the beauty of this.

👤The braid was easily untied to be re-tied for the ceremony.

👤The little note in the box made us feel like it was made for us, and we love the packaging. It will be one of the highlights of our wedding, thanks to the creator of this item.

👤Not disappointed. The size was acceptable.

10. Weddingstar Love Letter Ceremony Box

Weddingstar Love Letter Ceremony Box

New improved packaging has a money back guarantee. The product will be delivered. In case of any problem with the items, there is a guarantee of replacement or refund. The box is 14.93 x 11.93 x 4. The included glasses have a loving touch of 'I do' on them. The inscriptions on glass are not engraved. The wording and instructions were included in the example ceremony. The set includes a wine box with a lock and exclusive stationery for the bride and groom.

Brand: Weddingstar

👤I ordered a wine box for our wedding. We didn't want the usual unity candle or sand pouring ceremony so we were trying to decide what to do. We wanted something that could be displayed in our home without being messy. No thanks! We were both in love with the idea after I showed it to him. The shipment arrived quickly and we were very pleased with what we received. The box is beautiful. The engraved wine glasses are large. It comes with a note card that you can use in your wedding ceremony. My officiant was excited about doing a wine box for the first time and was happy with how easy it was to do. After our ceremony was over, we received a lot of praise from our guests. 5 years. We will have a glass of wine after we open it. Before buying any type of red wine, make sure you do some research. Not all of them age well. We will replace it with a new bottle, write new letters, and close it for another five years. It is an amazing product.

👤I loved this! It was perfect for our wedding. Everything arrived in a beautiful display and was well packaged.

👤There were no regrets about buying this set. It made our ceremony stand out and had a lot of people interested. The set was very thorough with regards to instructions, writing paper, keys, glasses, and even what the officiant should say during the actual love letter and wine box ceremony. The glasses were bubble wrapped to make sure they didn't break and the etching on them was done professionally and neatly. The lock wasn't working on the day, but we were too happy to be bothered. I have yet to see anything that would warrant the use of the set that I purchased. The box is sturdy and heavy, and it was designed well. The velvet lining inside the box was very nice. Unless you want a large bottle, most wine bottles can hold in there, and there are pockets inside that can be used to add other items to the time capsule. If you want to add a unique element to your wedding ceremony, I would strongly recommend this product.

👤I ordered this for my wedding and it is perfect. It is too soon for my wedding so I haven't used it yet. I can't wait. It was packaged very well. I received it with scratches on the top of the box, but it was packaged well. To cover the scratches, I will decorate the box to the top. Wine is not used as a unity celebration.

👤My partner and I were anxious to receive our final wedding item, a necessity, with our wedding on June 27th. There is a wood piece on the inside of the box that is chipping, and there is another wood piece on the outside of the box that is cracking. The lock is not working. The key gets stuck inside and the lock doesn't open. The cheap material on the key feels like it's going to bend. The wood is chipping away because one of the corners on the outside of the box is damaged. The inside of the box was sloppily installed with velvet material. There is exposed wood between the side and base of the box. After paying $80, I am very disappointed in the condition of this box.

11. AF ANDREW FAMILY Ceremony Hourglass

AF ANDREW FAMILY Ceremony Hourglass

It's a perfect way to celebrate the joining of a couple. Glass, Fine Glass Sand, and Plastic are the materials. The tube of sand has a time. Shake the plastic tube well to get the moist air. Included are 1 Hourglass, 1 White Sand, 1 Gray Sand, 1 Aqua Sand, and 1 plastic Plug.

Brand: Af Andrew Family

👤The sand wouldn't go through the hole after I ordered it. We stood there for a long time getting all the sand out of it. I wouldn't buy.

👤I sent this to my dad's house in Texas so he could host my wedding. I relocated and my return window was closed. The hole is so small that I was disappointed. We couldn't pour into that small funnel at the same time. I had to buy something else. I will put the sand in this. Maybe.

👤I bought this because my husband and I wanted to include my son in our wedding. He didn't want to have his hair done for the wedding. He was very involved in the process of pouring sand. It was a great way to start our lives together. The product is strong. I bought a different sand color than turquoise. Overall, I am very satisfied.

👤Beautiful glass. You would not be happy.

👤The box was very flimsy.

👤It will be beautiful for our ceremony.


What is the best product for etched sand ceremony unity wedding set?

Etched sand ceremony unity wedding set products from Sandsational Sparkle. In this article about etched sand ceremony unity wedding set you can see why people choose the product. Agod and Wgvi are also good brands to look for when you are finding etched sand ceremony unity wedding set.

What are the best brands for etched sand ceremony unity wedding set?

Sandsational Sparkle, Agod and Wgvi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for etched sand ceremony unity wedding set. Find the detail in this article. Lingmai, Lillian Rose and Malden International Designs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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